[En] RABBITS – It’s first day at home

[En] RABBITS – It’s first day at home

Dear rabbit friends today I will talk
about the most important day of the rabbits life the first day the rabbit is with his owner
the arrival of the rabbit at home, Normally you
will get it in a type of transport box which can be wood, or also a cartoon box I love the most important is that they
must feel comfortable the best way to transport them is like
their mother has kept them in the nest with a bit of hay and also this can
help them to hide and shelter . we will have to have everything ready at home it is even more important to have the
cage ready before we get the rabbit or at the same time. The cage is already assembled now what shall we
do in first place always we will refill the
base and we will carefully pick up the
rabbits… and place them one by one in their new cage we will let them get
familiar let them smell the new house then we will make them a shelter we will fill in the cage with hay.
Always very slow and careful movements should not to stress or scare them, we will be generous since the hay will not only serve
them as feed but also the favorite hiding place they feel scared first
days and you will see that they immediately
hide underneath the hay We will fill in half of the cage. It is a good idea to show them how to hide so they feel
more comfortable they always feel like baby bunnies.
So they can hide themselves when scared ! We have made them an
artificial nest, you see ? seems like there’s no bunny Good! once we’ve done this, the next thing
to do is to fill in the drinker fresh and
clean water normally when it’s summer and it’s hot they arrived very thirsty . Then fill in the feed with baby
food as normally newpets are babies We will not fill it too much, only a small amount, and
where they can reach it easily Finally we will close the cage. you can see that this cage has two levels we will
put the top part in place, fix it well with “clips” to avoid anyone running out
and hey you are only peace and quietness. The
first days we are talking about the first two
days we must not stress them and it is better not to pick them up if
we do only for a little while…. and leave them the major part of the
time in the new cage so they get familiar with their space and
hide in corners and let them relax as they have just
arrived from the pet shop They have moved to a new house and they have to get used to the new
space and this adaptation period normally takes around two days. what is the best thing to do is
to leave them in a quiet place away from dogs, cats or any other pet
that could stress them it was and with a faint light always making sure that they eat and
drink normally a but never picking them up and we will finish with this CUNI_ADVICE hoping that will greatly enjoy your new

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  1. que raro se me hace verlo en ingles…XDD

  2. Prefiero en español??

  3. me encantan en ingles, no lo hablo muy bien pero le sera util a las personas de otros paises, la verdad hay pocos canales tan completos de animales.

  4. cuanto duran los conejos?? ntonio

  5. Disculpe me preguntaba si tienen envíos al extranjero ya que yo soy de México y no venden productos de cunipic

  6. ¿La jaula es para conejos cuanto cuesta? ¿La vendes? Saludos ^^

  7. si los castras duran 10 o 12 años

  8. Joodeer tenia que ser en ingles xD (~_~)

  9. Este mismo video puedes encontrarlo en español, se titula Conejo, el primer día en casa

  10. That looks like a bloody hamster cage! An adult rabbit needs something at LEAST 3 times that size.

  11. hola amigo mira te cuento… tengo una conejita belier y le voi a conseguir un conejito cabeza de leon, queria preguntarte como los tengo que acercar el primer dia? y cuanto se tardan en tener crias?

  12. Buenas tardes,
    Puedes ver nuestro vídeo sobre la llegada de un nuevo miembro, dónde te explicamos los pasos a seguir para su sociabilización.
    Sobre las crías, nuestro consejo es que esperes a que la conejita tenga como mínimo un añito.
    Un saludo.

  13. Quisiera saber que hacer después de que los primeros días en casa de mi conejos como empezar a interactuar con el (primer conejo)

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