Easy Life – Dead Celebrities

Easy Life – Dead Celebrities

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  1. HELL YEAH! Keep up the fantastic work! You guys have been absolutely killing the game recently, and I absolutely dig this song. Ever video you guys do looks like a lot of fun too. Can’t wait for more in the future!

  2. I physically cannot believe my friends went and met easylife and I was REVISINGG FOR GCSES I’m genuinely heartbroken, dazed, flabbergasted

  3. He's gonna be waaaay more famous soon, the quality of these songs is way too high dude

  4. Maybe I’m thinking too deep into this but perhaps when he’s in the water on the pool float, what if that’s like a reference to the Great Gatsby. After all they are throwing a party.

  5. The most slept on group

  6. I admire your songs a lot, where have you been now? :c

  7. love u!!!!

  8. Better not to thaat 27 club shit

  9. am i just crazy or is the guy on the bus 0:50 murray hahahah

  10. We need easy life to reach a million subs!!!

  11. Люблю ваше творчество, продолжайте в том же духе вы лучший!

  12. i know that im gonna hear easy life in the charts this year

  13. I've started to really listen to easy life after "earth" and I really do have to say that his songs are 101% better than most artists. I have many favourite artists and easy life is definitely up there too ❤️❤️

  14. 2020 is our boys yr for sure

  15. Ew man that face makes me want to punch my screen

  16. The outro part is true

  17. So another boy band?

  18. Great song, but be careful what you wish for… sure fame in Hollywood sounds nice, but there's a lot of dark shit that you'll end up being involved with whether you like it or not… that's how they get you…

  19. hi i’m listening your song in korea and I wish I could come to Korea to perform. Please continue to make good music:)

  20. Love this track! Just added it to the Spotify Playlist I curate called "Music You're Missing"!

  21. how can someone look so cute and hot at the same time

  22. come to michigan, love your music ❤️

  23. I heard this on Radio 2

  24. Huge fan of Easy Life. Really wish they could do a tour in Canada.

  25. Here before you're dead

  26. New video, new hairstyle

  27. No presiones ''más información''

    Tendrás 10 años de Buena Suerte si das Like

  28. Big tune love the delivery and the melody

  29. shit this is gorgeous

  30. Plz…Come to Korea someday..!

  31. I love this band so much and I pray to god ill see them in concert before they get big

  32. This is fucking beautiful guys 💚

  33. im here before they BLOW up quote me jan 14 2020

  34. Rex Orange County snapped

  35. wonderful. thank you. wow!

  36. anyone get Mac miller vibes from this for sum reason

  37. this is one of those music videos in which you can pause the video at any point, take a screenshot and BAM! you have a sick new wallpaper

  38. my smartphone is lagging

  39. 〰 Easy Life all 2020 〰

  40. Sounds and looks like mac miller but i like it

  41. Stop sleeping on easylife

  42. god this is bland manufactured commercial tripe. It's bound to be massive.

  43. When will I be seeing a concert

  44. @bongoboy you killed this again bro… so fire

  45. I didn’t even recognise the lead singer

  46. He sounds like Mac Miller

  47. This ain't it for me chief.

  48. Does the ending remind anyone of the end of Lord of the Rings: The Return if the King when Sam pulls Frodo up from the fires of Mount Doom? Or is that just me

  49. Hell yeah first saw you at Boston Calling 2019

  50. We're getting some sick bangers in 2020

  51. Coming to see you in May, this is gonna make my year❤️

  52. Lo mejor de lo mejor 😊❤💎

  53. 목소리 너무 죻다고….맨날 신곡 내달라구….

  54. Easy life reminds me of Mac Miller, like the vibe the music gives ig

  55. here before over 12 million views

  56. You missed 1992 by a few years bud

  57. Underrated, I thank fifa 19 for introducing me this gem of an indie artist

  58. Hipster heaven. Tune iaf

  59. That was a real joy

  60. Okayyy I see you!! and I think a lot of people will too!! good luck!

  61. идеально! боже, скорее бы люди узнали о нем

  62. Hit that classic easy life bop. Hit it everytime, you guys rock.

  63. Man this doesn't have the attention it deserves!

  64. 2nd banger in a row

  65. this is easy life's year

  66. he looks like a mix of garret watts and ryland-

  67. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  68. i'm addicted to this like junk food

  69. I saw them on the BBC 😅 Nice going lads!

  70. gives me goosebumps

  71. 노래너무좋다

  72. Why are you so underrated! I've been listening to this song 2-3 times a day since release and the subs have gone up and up! 2020 is your year Easy Life 😎

  73. 아 진짜 너뮤 좋아

  74. Omg i love u guys, this video was posted on my birthday 🥰🥰

  75. How does this only got 250k views?!

  76. these guys don't get the love they deserve

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