Easter Eggs for Cats! Cat Friendly Easter Chocolate + Catnip!

right right Maya hi guys welcome back to relax my cat my
name is Savannah and here with me is Mia and today’s video is a voiceover
because Easter and I thought I’d try to get a bit creative and you’ll see very
shortly that that kind of works out but kind of doesn’t but I had fun and the
cat doesn’t care what they look like so you know so with that said this week’s
video is how to make Easter eggs for your cat so to get started these are
things you’re going to need first thing you need is an egg mold just some organic catnip some cat
chocolate make sure that its cap juggler two balls to put your chocolate in and
some natural food coloring I’m using the root dive you can use any kind of fruit
or vegetable safe can say vegetables there’s the Uni do is chop up your
chocolate make sure it’s nice and small for melting and put that into two separate bowls so
you’ve got one for your pink and one for your white and I put it in the microwave for about
half a minute but all chocolate is different and I use a little bit of
coconut oil to make sure it was nice and smooth as turns out cat chocolate is
quite brittle add the coloring to your liking to be honest I use quite a Becks
it does take a while for it to take and it can change the consistency but just
don’t worry it works out next just paint in the chocolate into your mold try keep
it as neat as you can obviously as you can see I did not do very well next you’ll amount you’re just plain
white chocolate and start adding that into the molds I’m trying to make kind
of like a shelf for the cabinet to sit inside don’t be scared about adding to
the molds I found here that more is way better than less and I should have
melted way more chocolate if I wanted them to be a bit more substantial than
they ended up being next just add your catnip onto the insides I put it in well
it was melted so that it just doesn’t go absolutely everywhere because it’s a
night medical enough put them in the fridge to set and when
that don’t just pop them out like I said earlier cat chocolate seems to be a lot
more brittle than normal chocolate so when you’re popping them out the moulds
just be careful that they don’t break so yeah this doesn’t end up working as
well as I would’ve liked it to because it kind of just doesn’t really melt and
stick to itself and have I think we had more cat chocolate here you could kind
of paint it on the edges and make it more secure egg as you can see I’m
trying to do that with a little piece but there’s just not enough there so I
they turned out fine I think they look cute and the cat likes them so you know do that with all of your eggs make sure
that all melted together the best that you can and that’s what they look like
when they’re done I’m actually kind of proud of them they’re kind of cute ugly Maya in her gorgeous new spring attire
obviously feeling very happy about the huge bowl I can’t help but I love
dressing her up and she doesn’t mind so yeah that is it for this week’s video I
hope you enjoy thank you so much for watching I had an absolute blast filming
yet I’ve never done a cooking video before as you can probably tell so
please let me know what you think what do you think of my spring outfit also
and yeah thank you so much for watching and I will see you next week thank you
so much bye bye

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