Doja Cat & Rico Nasty “Tia Tamera” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Doja Cat & Rico Nasty “Tia Tamera” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rico Nasty: I feel like it’s important for
girls to see that, we can get along, no drama. Our friendship doesn’t have to be broadcasted
everywhere and we can make some heat, the song is fire so maybe- Doja Cat: Yeah. Rico Nasty: We’ll have some, I don’t know,
some dynamic duos come out after this. Doja Cat: The thing about me is I’m not that
great at making beats, but I still try and when I do make it, I send them off to people. So, I sent that to Curtis and he just made
it amazing, he made it that much better. Rico Nasty: Then you played it on live. Doja Cat: Then I played it on live I think
weeks later or something like that and people were like, what the fuck is that? Rico Nasty: I felt like my fans wanted another
colab with a female artist and she’s fire so of course, why not. A few months went by and she was like okay,
I’ve finally got a song for us bitch. And I was like, for real? And she sent it to me and at first I was like,
oh my God, this song’s so fire, I was literally one of the people on live when she premiered
it, so I was like you see me on this? What the fuck? So, it was a really fun experience. I recorded it, sent it right back. Doja Cat: It’s kind of like a modest video. There’s not a lot of twerking and boobies
and things like that, but the song is about boobs. So, I think that’s why it’s cool. Rico Nasty: We just wanted to do some hidden
messages- Doja Cat: Yeah. Rico Nasty: Kinda. Doja Cat: I think it’s tasteful. I think we did it right. I’ve never actually owned a Chia Pet or even
seen one in real life. Do you name it? I would name it like, Debby. Is that hip? Is that with the times? Debby? That’s a cool name. When I wrote the Nia Long line, I literally
just wanted things that would rhyme with Chia, and I was just looking for “-ia” rhymes. And I only really knew her from Fresh Prince,
I haven’t watched a lot of Nia movies but I do remember her for being the, “Here, here,
here, here, here.” That girl. That was an iconic scene. The song Tia Tamera was all based around boobs.
when you think about titties like, you think about twins because that’s like a word for
titties. I thought it was genius because people will
tell me that I favor the twins a lot. So I’m like, “Why don’t I just make a booby
song? That would be so good, let’s do that.” Weed can be sticky and my hits, my songs that
go viral, they stick in people’s heads. Spank you very much for being so active on
my platform. Sometimes you have to show the world like,
“Hey, you can’t tell me shit”, and then you spank them with a track. I like deep dish, I eat Little Caesar’s and
I’m not ashamed to say that. You can say what you want, but that’s a fire
pizza and it’s affordable. So, I don’t care about your bowel movements,
if you get sick, I don’t care, I don’t get sick. I’ve got an iron stomach. The grits scene, that’s my favorite scene
ever. The main character is being abused by this
man and they both are at Madea’s house and Madea is making grits while they’re there
and the girl tells Madea what he’s been doing. So she goes, “Oh, shit. Word? There are some grits on the stove. Why don’t you make him some grits?” And then she picks it up and slaps him with
it. I have like a whole song with literally that
scene, the audio from that scene is in it. I really do beat the pussy up, I do. I can’t control myself. Call PETA, please. It’s animal abuse. No, I’m just kidding. I’m basically saying like, don’t have weak
dick, like that’s basically what that means. Don’t have a weak, weak ass dick. Some of these bitches need dick, like, she
needed the wiener. I don’t know what her problem was that she
wanted to come at me like that. She probably needed the wiener. Doug is a show. I wanted to go with a ’90’s vibe. So I was like, “Doug in the guts and
I Skeeter”, that’s fucking genius. We’re gonna change the lyrics to “I’m on the
walls of Genius.” It could be kind of like a vaginal line, like
I’m on the walls of genius, you know? Maybe we’ll rerecord it and put it out. I dropped out of school, I’m not really that
much of a wiz. I think I wrote this one backwards, so I took,
“Skinny legend like Wiz Khalifa”, I wanted to say that first and I’m like, “What do I
rhyme with that?” And I went backwards and I said like, “wiz,
the teacher.” “Wiz Khalifa.” If you’re thinking from the Powerpuff Girls,
of course, she’s the bad ass one. But if you’re thinking like candy and stuff
like that, I’m not your buttercup. Like, I’m not sweet. It’s probably like a Escalade or a Yukon. The windows are black as fuck, and I probably
roll down the window hella melodramatically. Blow smoke out the window, you can see the
Cartier shades. But that’s all. You can only see from my eyes up. Very visual for you guys. This has happened to me. I’ve thrown up before and not given a fuck,
continued to smoke. But I’m pretty sure that’s happened to a lot
of people. You get so fucked up, but it’s at, like, at
this point, what, you gon’ fuck down? Nigga, you better keep going. You not goin’ home. The person who drove you to all these parties
said that there’s another party after this, so you better throw that shit up, try to feel
better and hit a jay and get your shit ready for the next party! Shit! I’m so famous in the DMV where I’m from that
I remember once, I was about to get my car towed and they didn’t tow it because they
knew I was Rico Nasty. I got pull everywhere I go, so it aint about
nothin. Oh, oh my gosh! I finally get to talk about my chains. I know they’re not big and gaudy or whatever
but fuck all that. I’m very happy about this. Shout out Johnny Dang. I wanted one custom piece, these little flowers
inspired by Spongebob Squarepants. Jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be the
most shiny thing or the biggest thing, you walk in a room. It should be a piece that is close to you
and your heart, and I got the Spongebob flowers because at the end of the day, I dropped Sandy,
like a little bit later, and Spongebob has always been in my heart and always makes me
think, like, think big. Sia can sing her ass off. I’m pretty sure everybody knows this. Sia is that bitch, like shout out to Sia! That mean my chopper is like “Ah!” Like bitch. Brrraa-ta-ta. I make bitches mad, I feel like it’s not so
much mad, like, “Oh, I’m mad.” It’s more so like an internal disgust like,
I feel like when I do big shit, it be makin’ people’s hearts drop to they stomach. And when your heart drop to your stomach,
then you gotta take a shit, so. I’m like 21, so I never had a Nokia phone. I feel like in high school, this one nigga
I was talking to had one for like a trap kit, and we used to always make fun of him for
it, but it came in handy. I feel like when somebody calls me and they’re
being very confrontational and they yellin’ at me and stuff, I always put them on speaker,
and I be like, “Speak up. Let everybody know what the fuck you saying
because you would not say that if everybody knew who you talkin’ to. You would not say that.”

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