Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

COMM: Leader of the pack became an internet star after uploading this video of himself
walking unleashed dogs through a quiet town, showing an amazing bond with his animals. 00:21
COMM: But today he’s raising the stakes by attempting to repeat the feat on the busy
city streets. 00:32
COMM: Augusto Deoliveira grew up on a farm in Brazil with a dozens of dogs, and he learned
from a young age to communicate with them. Today he lives breathes and even sleeps with
his pack, as part of his work running Griffin Shepard Kennels. 00:47
AUGUSTO: My dogs know me as part of the pack, I spend a lot of time with them, I feed them,
I let them out, I exercise them, I do everything with them. 00:56
COMM: Augusto’s landlady Cynthia is amazed by what she sees every day. 01:01
CYNTHIA: I believe Augusto has a gift and his dogs, all dogs, not only his, respond
amazingly to Augusto. 01:11
COMM: To test his training, Augusto has decided to try the unleashed pack, walking in a busy
environment the dogs aren’t used to. 01:19
AUGUSTO: Today I’m taking my pack for a walk in Boston, Massachusetts. 01:21
AUGUSTO: Sit Hannah. I have Hannah, Genna, Harmony, Griffin, Pricilla
and Savannah today. I start with my dogs on the leash to get them
used to the position we have to walk in, and to stay by my side before I allow them off
leash. 01:38
COMM: And then one by one Augusto lets the dogs off their leads. Keeping each one under control in the distracting
environment. 01:45
AUGUSTO: And as you can see they have to remain positions unless I change them. 01:51
COMM: Eventually all six German Shepards and successfully walking to heel. 01:59
COMM: And the dogs are proving to be a big hit with the Bostonians. 02:02
WOMAN: I would love to have a dog as well behaved as those, I have two dogs that are
horribly behaved and this would be amazing but I don’t think I can ever replicate what
he does. You can tell that these dogs are amazingly
well trained, they’re calm, he has complete control of them. 02:18
AUGUSTO: I love spending time with my dogs, just feel like there’s so much I can do with
them, I can spend time training them, I can spend time just taking them places, I can
spend time playing with them I never get tired of it. 02:29
COMM: After a hard days work the pack grab the first chance they can for a well earned
nap. 02:35
CYNTHIA: Dogs had fun? AUGUSTO: Yeah they’re all tired as you can
see. 02:40
AUGUSTO: Time for bed. Stay.

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  1. Oh my! This is the life i am wishing for!!!

  2. Why did i got this channel so late! Loved it ?

  3. Wasn’t he accused of hitting the dogs?

  4. Imagine someone tries to attack this guy….

  5. This man sounds like no ho hank from barry?

  6. What if someone tried to rob him

  7. DISGUSTING the dogs are not happy at all. He's abusing them. Poor dogs. ??

  8. your pretty dumb if you try to rob or attack this guy

  9. There is only one dog whisperer CESAR MILLAN!

  10. Me in minecraft be like:

  11. Augusto Deoliveira – do a web search , get the rest of the story .
    6 , 7 german shepherds in the city ?

  12. that many well trained german shepards would be a dream

  13. Cesar Milan gonna be so pissed off

  14. i spotted them not long ago lmao caught everyones attentions

  15. They're sporting prong collars. He has fear trained these dogs into obedience.

  16. now we know who let the dogs out

  17. I can make all my dogs do as commanded but the whole bond thing with the dogs in my bed ant gonna work for me

  18. Plot twist
    He uses an invisible leash

  19. Me: takes leash off dog
    My dog : ight I’m boutta head out

  20. Him Walks a pack of dogs

    Me Struggling to to walk two dogs

  21. Image being a burglar of this house and you not 1 but 6 German Shepherds.

  22. How the hell can you even tell which dog is which????? They all look the same

  23. He either is a good trainer or smacks hard

  24. I think this is extremely irresponsible. I don't care if you can walk them without a leash, you should still have them on a leash because you don't know what kind of dangers can come at isn't just about how well behaved they are, it's about other animals or dangers. You need to have your animal under your control at all times.

  25. My dog dont even respect me.

  26. German Shepard leader:”alright we need to follow our commander”

    All:”yes sir!!”

  27. Cool but this guy is problematic.

  28. My dog, I am stopping traffic, for real. But I love my dog, so body on the line for me… My wife, thinks I'm crazy.

  29. This does not make you a dog whisperer. Geez. My dog walks fine without a leash.

  30. That dog at 1:14 : the hell they doin over there

  31. Let’s see him do that with 7 huskies

  32. Yet he makes them wear those spike collars…..

  33. Dang, they also act as self protection.

    Edit: Since looking at the comments, this could be a sad situation.

  34. i just got a dog add before this video.

  35. May I borrow ur dog till death

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  37. me and my dogs in minecraft

  38. Yeah sorry.. But what if somethings happens AND THEY ATTACK ANOTHER DOG "maybe a leash is handy then" NOOO WHYY

  39. He’s never getting touched


  41. 1:42 Asian lady taking a picture of dogs to see how much soy sauce she needs to coat them in.

  42. Someone been playing minecraft to much. So they do it in real life.

  43. I’m lowkey freaking out on how much he spends on dog food

  44. I have 5 Dog border Collie with cocker spaniel husky and wolf Denmark with luck with most of them

  45. Look at their tails, they're not comfortable, that's a nervous dog right there

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  47. That’s one type of security

  48. The one named griffin is gonna betray them to become a god for sure

  49. Wow how is this even possible ????this is super cool

  50. He has is not a real animal lover,.. he abuse his dogs and trained in harsh way!!!! Poor dogs living with the devil… This guys abuses dogs and hurt pups using his big dogs!!!! Fvck u!!!!

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    Dog: ight ima heat out

  55. now this is the definition of flex

  56. Nobody in the world would break in their house.

  57. I never get tired;
    Two seconds later: And then they try to get a well deserves nap as soon as possible

  58. Love German shepherds

  59. If I was living by myselfI would probably have this many dogs and they would be German Shepard

  60. That would be heart braking if one of them died ?

  61. I see dogs
    *instantly clicks

  62. Oh my lorshhh I wish I had one German Shepherd and this guy has like 6 GS is my dream dog. Anyone else?

  63. I thought I was the only one with a gift to communicate with my pets not just my dog more so my reptiles.

  64. im imagining myself living with that pack in a home. that's heaven, honestly

  65. This man is a sick person. I don't even want to cal him a man. His dogs are terrified and there is proof of him abusing them. WHO ONE ARTH LET'S THEIR DOG ATTACK A PUPPY. He dersves his dogs taken away, to be charged with animal cruelty and to never be allowed animals again. They do not see him as part of the pack, they are too terrified of him which is why he fits in. He makes me so sick

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    They clearly feel uncomfortable near him.
    Creepy guy.

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  76. Landlady: now payment
    dogs walk in the house
    Landlady: …in cuddles everyday. Take it or leave it

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  80. He spends time with them.

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  84. thats good training your dog..

  85. The dogs look scared.

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