Dog training – How To Train Your Dog To Jump Through Hoop / ring (Hindi)

Dog training – How To Train Your Dog To Jump Through Hoop / ring (Hindi)

Fast jump Hello Guys,Welcome to our Youtube channel SSSDT – Sahil sunil smart dogs training If you are visiting First Time On our Youtube channel. And you want to train your dog amazing commands Easily you can train by watching videos on this channel and if you want proper guidance in hindi Click below this video on subscribe button and for latest videos notifications Press the bell icon beside subscribe button. If you like this video and you want to train this command keep watch this video till the end i am going to tell you the easiest way Dog can jump through hoop/ring but if you want then you can use any other article but in this video i only used a hoop and its looking very interesting let move towards the command first of all what you need to do is making your dog used to so that your dog don’t get scared take a big hoop { Customizable will help you more } Make a ring by 7 to 8 parts i used 7 parts to make a ring at the starting Now keep the hoop on the floor let your dog pass through the hoop by showing the treat do repetitions so that dog can understand they have to pass through the hoop every time and get the treat Now increase the height ,keep hoop above the ground Now again follow the same steps, show treat to your dog when they move through the hoop,say good boy and treat them dog will understand soon Music The next step is to increase the height ,keep increase the distance between ground and hoop when they easily start jumping through big hoop then start minimizing the size of hoop shown in the video when they becoming perfect you can start using their fav toys like balls ,rope etc and you can also use bones show your Dog from the other side of the hoop and Command your dog “JUMP” Your Dog will start running Dog already knows if they pass through the hoop they will get Reward with practice they will become perfect some more videos i am showing you with the help of these videos you can train easily no problems you will face but in case you are facing problems and you want to train some extra commands we provided our whatsapp no. below you can whatsapp us, we are providing online training course too join this course in case you are facing problems if you like this video and if you think we are working hard for you by uploading new dog training videos then you can press the red button below we will get more motivation you can like and share our videos the more you will the more we will get motivate keep checking our Instagram Stories and Youtube stories too you will get new updates Related to what we will be the next video To know more , Have queries Leave Your Comments Below

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  14. My dog is fear of going outside from home . Since he got ill with parvo . Now he is perfectly healthy.but fear of sound and going outside how to over come..any suggestions

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