Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

Hi I’m Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios
reporting with the Robert J Debry News Network. Let’s say you want to buy a dog. Whether it’s
just going to be you and the pup, or the dog is going to be part of a bigger family, you’ll
want to make sure you purchase a breed that will fit your lifestyle and needs. Although
a dog can be a great companion, it’s an animal and it can bite. Here is a list of
the dog breeds that are most likely to bite and/or attack.First are Pit Bulls. This breed
is responsible for a third of the dog bites in the U.S. In fact, the breed is banned in
some countries.Second are Rottweilers, in a CDC study this breed was reportedly responsible
for 39 fatalities.In addition, a Rottweiler bite has a force of about 328 pounds.Third
on our list are German Shepards. This breed is known for biting smaller dogs and they
bite with a force of 238 pounds.Fourth are Cocker Spaniels. A study done by Cambridge
University showed that solid colored Cocker Spaniels are more likely to bite.Fifth are
Wolf Hybrids or Wolfdogs. Due to the fact that these dogs are a wolf hybrid they inherit
aggressive characteristics from their wolf ancestors.Sixth is the Great Dane. Now, this
breed is not very aggressive but if they do bite their size makes them very dangerous.Seventh
is Chow Chow. These dogs can be unpredictable and very aggressive. In fact, some insurance
companies consider the breed to be a high risk.Eighth is a Chihuahua. Although the breed
is small its considered dangerous because of how easily it’s provoked and the shape
of its teeth.Number nine our list is an Alaskan Malamute. For the most part, this breed is
very friendly. But its known for occasionally biting smaller dogs.The final dog on our list
is a Dachshund. Studies have shown that one in 12 Dachshund’s have tried to bite their
owners and they are more likely to lash out at strangers than any other dog.That’s all
the news we have for you today. I’m Elora Murray with the Robert J DeBry News Network.
Thanks for watching.

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