Does Your Cat Hate the Litter Box?

Does Your Cat Hate the Litter Box?

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  1. Thank you I really need help with this I will be getting a child gate.

  2. When my cat is happy like when I come home, he rolls in the liter box. I have tried different scents and unscented liter and to no avail. What can I do to change this habit,?

  3. Well I started using a fresh pine liter where I was using clay

  4. my two cats pooped on my bags, i don't know why, their litter box are all cleaned and tidy everytime i go to bed, but for the past few days they're been pooping everywhere but only at night, even though i clean their litter box 2 times a day.

    i can't be mad at my fur babies, they're just cute little angels. what should i do?
    please help me.

  5. My cat stop peeing in the litter box and started peeing in the floor on my room so I put a litter box in there and she still doesn't pee in it so I keep her in the living room and she always pees and poops in the litter box is out there but she just never covers it

  6. Can anyone give me advices? I recently adopted a 4 month old kitten and according to her previous owner she has 11 cats and multiple dogs. She doesn't uses the litter box, she goes to the bathroom and poop and pee there on the floor, well I'm trying to get her to use the litter box but, she wouldn't. I have a 2 month old kitten that uses it no problem and a dog. What suggesstion do you have? She's been pooping in the 3rd floor bedroom since I always keep the bathroom close now.

  7. My kitten recently pooped on my bedroom floor. She is around 2 months old and has never done this before. She used the litter box normally up until today. Somebody tell me whats up

  8. my cat is peeing and poo

  9. My little one
    My 8 years old cat was spayed since he was 7 months old. He used to go to the litter box when he was young. It is not the fact he doesn’t use it, the problem is marking with pee or feces having the cleanest litter box any time he wish. He is the one and only pet in the household. What would the problem be?

  10. Thank you this was actually useful information! Everyone keeps say vet vet vet but I did all that! I had no clue lids could bother some cats or location mattered. I will have to figure something else out.

  11. Cat of my friend uses litterbox – sometimes. My friend cleanes it every day, but still, few times a week, cat choses her living room carpet to pee on it.

  12. My son's cat peed on his bed, why??

  13. My cat pees in box when it's day time but at night she uselessly pees on my bed so I got in my front room with a litter box she will go in it when its day time but will go on my kitchen counter at night and it's gotten to bad to where I'm going to have to get rid of her I don't want to but I might have to. I have to other male cats but they don't bother that much and when they do they go out in my front room and she stay in my room but she's a really nice cat she's my profile picture she also likes geting her picture taken

  14. How do I get my cat to use the litter box after I got different kitty litter than the usual stuff?

  15. My cat is pooping in the fireplace. I think she thinks it’s a litter box. How do I stop that?

  16. I have an 8 month old kitten. He used to use his box but then he wouldn’t use it all of a sudden so we moved it to where he was going and he started using it again then the last couple days he’s started weeing underneath the tables and next to the door but we have no small children yet I am pregnant and no other pets. He’s always been a good boy and it seems strange.

  17. Thank you Jackson you always have the right answer.

  18. Pls answer me i have a question. We put a litter box for our kitten in the living room and its from karton. From begin she uses it and she still but now she is peeing on ohter place but she poop in the liter box. But i dont know the problem is it bcz of the litter box or of the place bcz it is in the living room and maybe she dont like it. And the other place is normal and nobody can see her pls tell me what do i do? maybe she likes the other place more

  19. My cat peed on floor right in front of me. I took her to vet immediately and she had a bladder infection and diagnosed diabetic. Bladder in fe toon is gone now and I am working with vet to get her blood sugar regulated but she still is peeing on laundry, a bed and a few rugs. I have had practically every test done vet says health is good other than she’s diabetic. She will also still use litter box just not every time. I have 3 cats 4 litter boxes. I clean them twice a day and completely change litter weekly. Location is same place it’s been since I got her and she’s 12. The 4 boxes are all different sizes and depths so she has her choice.


  21. My cat keeps pooping in the sink how can I stop him from doing this ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  22. I have four cats and five litter boxes that are all around my house. One of my females pees all over the house. I've taken her to the vet to make sure it's not health related, she's fine. We have a lot of stray cats in the area and I think that could be the issue. So what am I supposed to do about that? 🙁

  23. they are siblings, babies

  24. 2 or 3 years old humans ??????!???

  25. My cat just freaked out for some reason and pooped on the carpet and that’s why I’m here

  26. Hi Jackson, hope you’re still checking comments on this vid. My 9 month old cat has recently started exclusively pooping on the floor by the front door. We’ve tried so many different things like adding more litter boxes, moving the litter boxes, replacing the litter boxes, cleaning more regularly, putting down puppy pads, but he always finds a way around anything we block the door with. The only time he will poop in the box is if we notice he wants to go and sit there shooing him away from the door and encouraging him to use the box. He pees in the box just fine so he knows how to use it! Vet said no health problems are causing it, but we are at our wits end! His sister uses the box perfectly fine, and it’s not an ambush problem as they get along really well and don’t bother each other on the loo. Otherwise he is the perfect cat so we’d really appreciate your advice on what to do next because we’re stumped.

  27. Tbh Jackson should do a Brittish special cuz our cats have just as many issues and we brits need his advice as well

  28. My cat pee’s on the lazy boy. Especially when we are gone over night. Any suggestions?

  29. I'm frustrated. I took in a cat because some of my family members are bum animal owners. I already had 3 boy cats that were doing just fine but then once I took matter in she just disrupted everything. I use wood pellet litter because its the most environmentally safe and economically sound. I had already lost a cat to cancer and studies are linking some forms to that clumping litter. She only uses the boxes if and when I kennel her while I am away at work.

  30. We just got a new baby 10 week old kitten and we also have a 13 month old our kitten is set up with everything in the bathroom but won’t use the litter box and uses the tub as a bathroom need your help please

  31. I have 4 cats, I have 3 litter boxes but they all like to use just One? It's just weird. The One box is also kind of broken on the top and the lid is proped up so it can flap easy with an old paintbrush and is a little larger. The other 2 are covered normal cat toillets.

  32. My cat has started peeing on anything we leave out. A dishcloth on the bench, a bag on the floor, anything. She used to always toilet outside but recently started doing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

  33. My two cats both bully eachother but they never ambush eachother in the litter box, no matter how many times you clean the litter box for them or get on to them for peeing outside the litter box, they just keep doing it. It's not even near the litter box. They pee only beside a wall in any room that they want and sometimes clothing for some reason. We have a dog staying with us for a bit but they were doing this before the dog came along. They don't really show any caring in where the location of the box is because it's in the bathroom along with their water and food.

    We use this spray that's supposed to make them not want to pee there but they do it anyways, and like I said in the beginning, we're always cleaning out the litter box so they don't feel gross in it.

    Now if someone could help me or suggestion anything, I would really appreciate it cause I love my cat and my mom is threatening to get rid of mine and the other.

    Y'all don't understand how much I love my cat. I don't know what I'd do without her.

    (p.s. They were also both spayed)

  34. i have two cats – they're sisters. The younger one is using the litter box but sometimes (like every other week/month) she just pees somewhere in the house (eg.: in corners, on the floor, on the carpet, my bed…) and I don't know why? I suspect that she only does that when she's dissatisfied or jealous.. What can I do about that? I can't leave her alone in my bedroom – because the second I leave she'll jump into my bed and pee. My Mom has to put up the mattress and cover it with plastic foil so that my cat doesn't get on it. Could someone help me? The toilettes are clean (cleaned twice a day), she's healthy, my family plays with her – she should be a super happy cat!

  35. I have a 1 year old male cat. He is peeing on bags, blankets, my clothes, and even his own toys. The thing is he mostly pees in his litter. Any help?

  36. My cat poops in the box but he pees in my fucken bed

  37. Hi, I have a question my 7 month male kitten started to spray my wife and I while we’re sleeping . What’s causing this?

  38. Omg i need to solve my kitten’s problem out so quickly because my dad is getting fed up with her and he said he is gonna sell her ????????? i hate him ?i love my kitten ??

  39. trash video. go to vet so they can steal your money. lmao

  40. Jusr realized my cat Nokey has been peeing on my couch in the basement! Its out on the curb for trash! I have 2 liter boxes. I have 2 cats and Nokey is the bully of the 2. Why was she peeing on the couch? Hoping with couch gone, and a good cleaning with urine gone it helps. I am also adding 2 more liter boxes. Ugh

  41. So basically we have 2 cats, one is a little younger and could get playful and a little rambunctious. The other one is older, he's a rag doll, and they've been using the same litter box for years and have not had a problem but recently, we have got a new litter box with a top on it, and the older one refuses to go in it, and this may be important to note, but he has had urinary tract problems before, but I don't think it's that because he doesn't go right outside the litter box, like he usually did when he had the urinary tract, instead, he finds a safe place like behind a couch or under a table to go, and I'm not sure what the problem is PLEASE HELP????

  42. Help My cat use the litter box it’s clean I play with him I feed him sometimes he whines and I don’t know do you need sometimes sometimes. Poop On the couch and The vet says he’s fine help me

  43. ????? I don’t know what to do! My cat ? keeps pooping on the carpet downstairs and my mom is fucking over it ! I’m going to try some of the tips here before taking her to the vet to see what happens. I don’t want to lose my kitty ? ?

  44. My girl kitten gets picked on by my oldest cat and semi new kitten, which I'm thinking is making her stressed. Shes been only eating a tiny bit, I think it might be a uti so I'm going to go get her checked out. She goes mainly when I catch her mid squat or when I have her cooped in the bathroom. But she cries her head off when shes alone.
    So my question is should I get her checked up at the doctors or simply buy feliway to not make her so stressed?

  45. My cat poops right in front of the litter box alot, he's fine with peeing inside the litterbox, but not pooping, we do have another cat, but I've never heard him growl, he's the opposite of a bully type, and we have no dogs, he just refuses to poop in the litterbox, and my mom is threatening to give him away, what can i do to stop him from doing this?

  46. Help !!! Found 2 month old female kitten. She was being beat up by the deli cat that lives downstairs from my apt in NYC. I took her out, they said it had been going on for 24 hrs and then off to the vet where she was in shock, dehydrated, ect. Nothing to bad just a lot of TLC and rest was needed. Well because the deli cat kept beating her up she stayed up high and hidden peeing and pooping up there. Now she's here and happy, vet said everything is looking better. Except she will not and I don't think she has ever, used a litter box. I keep playing with it, getting a lil interested. I found where she had peed and pooped and I cleaned it well with that Natures Miracle and put the poop in 2 of the 5 litter boxes I have threw out my apt. Any help would help me keep this cat because in NYC you can't have a cat that doesn't use the box. And no one will adopt her of they know. I also have a 1 yr old Male that she is bullying, he is being so good. She is chasing him. If your still reading ? Any advise ?

  47. My cat is 8 years old and started peeing everywhere but her litter box. She hasn’t always had this issue but it’ll become an issue every so often. She pees on my clothes, bed, couch, dog bed, carpet, etc. my parents are going to kill her/ put her down if she doesn’t stop peeing. She has open liter boxes that are easy to access that our dog doesn’t get into (almost 1 yr old puppy). I’m thinking that she pees on things bc she is scared maybe? She hates our dog. I need help bc I can’t get her to stop peeing everywhere and it’s only a matter of time until my parents put her down. Thanks for this video! I’ll do my best to follow the advice. Wish me luck.
    -Mahalia Brown

  48. I have two kittens who absolutely hate the litter box it seems the feel of it on their paws freaks them out and jump out right away I've used a number of different litter types and to no avail mom and the two other kittens use the box perfectly fine and were just as easy to litter train as any other kitten I've ever had but these two got my head hurting trying to come up with a conclusion please help!!?

  49. I have been trying to slowly transition my cats from clay litter to pine pellets. My two cats are fine with it, but my other cat refuses, so he's peeing all over my house. My cat will only go in unscented litter. Tidy Cat unscented still has a slight scent to it, which he refuses to go in that one. My Arlo just wants the cheap clumpable stuff, then hes happy.

  50. I only had my cat for 3 years and she I dont understand started like within her 3rd year with me to pee along the sides of the walls and her domain the garage door and yes I know garages are not safe for cats because of whatever is there and stuff but she LOVES IT there I dont know why but she also isnt spayed we couldn't afford to spay her and my parents would hassle me about having a cat and buying her things she needs or going to the doctor for her, but my cat for the life of me does not like her litter box, I changed its location multiple times and the litter type and shes only one cat and she also pees more than poop, so I thought maybe shes stress? I have absolute no idea but I love this cat and I don't want to lose her because my parents hate cats and now they have now an excuse to get rid of her when they won't try to help there own daughter to take her to the vet and to actually get maybe even pet product like cat trees or toys even. But I am trying my best as I can even when I don't have alot of money. I commented for some advice and help

  51. How do I litter box train my kitten?

  52. My cat poops in the litter box but started peeing outside of on the carpet , I am taking her to the Dr tomorrow. But if thats not the problem then what?

  53. I just beat my cat when he pees outside his litter

  54. Hi Jackson,
    We have a senior cat Smokey shes (14 yrs old)in side / outside cat ,
    and bro Kurby and sis Smee ( 1yr old) inside cats,
    Our senior cat Smokey, was using the litter box before the kittens came to our house, now the senior cat(Smokey) pee & poos on the floor[different places in our house], she pooed twice on my son's bed, and on a cedar chest, I have in front of the window ( for all of them to watch outside and sleep on, Smokey also pees on shoes at the front door, on clothes towels that may have been left on the floor, we have 4 litter boxes in the house, PLEASE HELP! p.s. the bro & sis uses all litter boxes.
    Fr. Sandy

  55. Well I took my cat to the doctor like a month ago everything is good

  56. I just got 2 Kittens (3 months old both of them and they're brothers). They've been with me for about a week and i got 2 litter boxes from the very beginning for them. One uses the Box(es) like a champ while the other sometimes Pees in it and even poops but never covers it up. However now he's began shitting and peeing in 2 different places (Both being kind of secluded corners). Mostly just loose poop that smells 20x worse than my champ kitten that always uses the litter box. Honestly i'm not sure what to do.

    Should i purchase a litter box that has a cover over it or switch litter to something else? I'm currently using Everlast "Crystals" that clump the pee and poop but i figured it can't be none of those things since the Kitten (Simba is his name) Has both watched his brother use the boxes and he's used them too! I clean the boxes twice a day and a third time before going to bed if there's poop and/or pee in there. I've corrected Simba three times now whenever i caught him preparing to lay his duty on the floor by quickly picking him up and putting him in the litter box and not letting him out of there before he actually poops and then he does poop but doesn't cover it up.

    Funny thing is, Rambo (The "Older" brother) even covered up Simba's poop right infront of Simbas eyes, you'd think Simba would get the "Hint" like "Ohh that's what you're supposed to do" but NOPE!

  57. I’m so scared for my best friend she and I have known each other for a while and now her mom is threatening to take away her cats and rehouse them we are trying to study why they pee everywhere if you have any tips please comment! Save The Cats!!!

  58. We had a cat who when he had a UTI he would pee in an empty laundry basket. So after we found out that’s what he did we knew that when he did that he had a UTI. He got them a lot actually. Don’t know why

  59. i have a cat named Marci she's only a year old maybe a few months older and she's been doing this since a month or so after we got her, we have another cat in the house who does seem to bully her but my moms fed up with her pooping outside the litter box and she wants to get rid of her i don't know what to do but this video gave me more insight on what the possibility's could be as to why she's doing this.

  60. I just got two kittens.
    one white, one black. One of them (white) once in 2 days poops outside box or pees in bed. And black one once in two days pees right beside box. I cleen box 2times in day, so it is clean.

  61. Hi Jackson!
    Thank you for making the videos.
    Just a question. One of my kittens has got diarrhoea (probably even before) I picked him up from his breeder. It’s been nearly a month. The vet has diagnosed he has Giardia. He has passed it on to my other kitten as well.
    They share the same cat litter tray, but at somehow he keeps pooping on my bed once per week. Tonight, I realised it was not because he could not control his bowl. Even tho I told him to stop jumping and poop on my mattress and took him away, he still wanted to run back and do it on my bed. I have been cleaning my flat and their cat litter tray every day (at least twice a day!), telling him off, throwing my bed sheets and duvets away and replacing with the new ones, showing him where he should poop (cat litter tray!), closing my bedroom door behind myself and etc. But as soon as he sees my bedroom door is opened, he would jump to my bed and want to poop on my bed. Can you please advise me what to do? I am exhausted.
    P.S.: He does use the litter box for peeing and pooping most of the time, but rarely covers his own poops.

  62. None of those things. Two kittens, brother and sister. No lid, tried different types of litter. Even garden soil. They will pee and poo in corners of different rooms.

  63. How do you get your cat to stop peeing on your bed

  64. We got two cats from the same litter. The little one was the runt of her batch and I think she's a bit underdeveloped. She pees only on cloth laying on the floor – not carpet, just anything soft, like the rugs in the bathroom .. or that bit of blanket that happened to fall over the bed. For sure, the bigger brother picks on her but not so much that she 'goes' wherever – besides the peeing, she poops (never covers it) in the litter box and occasionally in the bathtub… I am not sure why this is. Any hints? I think her uncovered poop is intimidating the older one and he ends up getting trying to show her who is boss because of this.

  65. I shouldn’t have even put carpet in the basement.. Cat goes where she wants . 2 cats, 2 litter boxes 1right in the L.R.. No lids, no ambushing going on. What he said makes no sense to me. If it hurts when a cat pees, it is going to hurt if she pees inside or outside the box. I Don’t have money to take her to the vet. I love her, but I can’t stand this!

  66. I have one cat and he started pooping outside the box  suddenly took him to vet and he was fine nothing wrong with him?   Just recently he started peeing out side the litter box also?   He does not do his business just outside the litter box either?   He pees in the vicinity of it not near it?    Have 2 boxes without the lids also?  Any other suggestions would be helpful now?  Should I move the boxes or what?

  67. I have cats hat like to pee all over our house all the time but my family hates it we just don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t have lids on any of them. They just pee and poop on things in the house

  68. Hey Jackson , I have a Russian blue. Katrina at times has for some reason every time my kids bedroom doors are open and this only happens when they are home from University. She pees on their beds. Now just lately she peed on my side of our bed which is confusing as the whole year they are away I leave the doors to all bedrooms open and not a problem. The kids love her and I love her the most, she has two litter boxes one up stairs and one down stairs, so I am confused why she does this? Can you help?

  69. My cat is stressen and pees on the floor. It shows protein in her pee and alittle blood but no infection and nothing wrong with her kidneys. I got her a couple months ago when she desperately needed a home and I have another cat who she usually avoides but can stand. Its getting better but its not perfect yet.
    I am giving her medication against stress and my Sister gave Mee another feliway friends to use.
    I have noticed a pattern tho, she doesnt pee in the box if there is poop there. Do u have any advice?
    I cant be home all day to pick up the poop as soon as there is one.
    She pees less on the floor now with the meds than she did before wich is good but it happens. Im so tired.

  70. My cat struggled with constipation for almost a year and stopped pooping in the box. After many trips to the vet and finally realizing I needed to introduce giblets back into her diet she is pooping regularly but still wont use her box. I have tried different litter boxes, litter types and changed locations with no success. I realize she associates the box with pain but do you have any suggestions on how to get her to use the box again??? I would be so grateful if you could help

  71. My cat started to hang her butt over the edge and end up peeing on the floor. So I bought a high sided box with a low entry and put puppy pads down so if she did pee over the edge it'd just be in one area. Now sometimes she will just pee on the pad without even going into the litter box. That worked for a while, then she started going on the carpet around the box. Never anywhere else around the house, and she always poops in the box. Sometimes if we are extremely diligent with cleaning, like right after we moved, she will be fine for a few weeks, then go back to using the pad. It's so frustrating, but at least now we have a spare bathroom we can put the box in so it's not on carpet. We even tried using the completely disposable boxes where you toss the whole thing, but it seemed super wasteful.

  72. Help me i just got kittens and i am strugleing to get them to use the litter box

  73. I have a cat and he pee inside the box but poop outside the box. I did many things like changing the litters, cleaning the box, trying to train, treat him whenever he go to the box and much more but still he poops outside.

  74. I took him to the vet and they can't give me. A good answer…

  75. I have a cat that has done this for 3 years. I am wondering if it's an ambush situation? I have a cat named bully boy and you can imagine why. I always thought he calmed down, but I will put a video camera by the litter for a couple days to get a better idea. Thanks!

  76. Why is my peeing on my stove and stuff like that ..?HELP HELP HELP

  77. My cat hates his box and the vet suspects it's due to his kidney failure, he uses it to defecate but not urinate . However I don't know how to get him to stop and neither do they, they had no advice for us except a shrug and "it is what it is" and "it happens with cats who have kidney failure". I give him treats when he does use it, i tell him he's bad and show him the spot when he goes out of the box if it was recent and put him in the box when i catch him in the act and he finishes his business in it but i'm not sure how to break him of this and it's been going on for months. he urinates in the same 3 spots near his box and i'm not sure why he doesn't associate those places with discomfort. He also HATES getting urine on his feet but keeps going on the floor where that happens. I'm not sure what to do. He goes so much due to the kidney issues.

  78. So, my cat has been peeing out of the box for maybe years now. We disnt know because the carpet oa dark and it didnt smell, but when we were renovating we found huge old cruaty pee stains wverywherw under the carpet. The cat is my very skittish tabby Anna. We have 3 other cats, who she hates and one is a major bully and an old dog who cant get to the box and ignores the cats all the time. My mom is sick of it, and wants to lock Anna in a dog crate with a small litter box, a little bed and some food at night. This feels very wrong to me but i can't give her another solution. We tried pee mats but she wont use them. she seems to favor carpet and any clothes left on the ground. Also plastic bags. I tried to get my mom to take her to the vet but we cant afford a checkup aince its too expensive. I need some cheap solution Pls help

  79. Just adopted a cat and she has been using her box except for last night! She pooped and peed on my new rug 🙁 I don't get it lol

  80. My sister's oldest cat is pooping in the shower and not the litter box and she started doing this because of the other cat pooping in the litter box and there's two in the house but if he's pooped in it she won't use it and poops in the shower. And my sister is getting to the point she's so mad at her she won't even love on her or hold her or any of the good stuff she needs in her life. She's an old cat and the other is a boy that's a year old.

  81. But what is the solution??!

  82. One of my cats flat out hates the box and will insist on going outside unless the weather is too bad; i,e.: 6-in of snow, single or triple digit temp, ice. He is large and, when he does actually use the box, prefers to stand on the edges of the 20×30-in box even with fresh clean litter. (His aim is remarkable!) I've tried all the different litters, box shapes, privacy, etc. He likes his spot outside.

  83. Jackson, HELP!! MY 13 1/2 y/o Male cat not neutered who adopted me about 7 years ago and had always been an outdoor cat and used to doing his business outside and never was acclimated to a litter box, then 3 years ago I moved into an apartment and he became strictly an indoor cat. He is my only cat with no other pets, I have an uncovered box which he doesn't use and it's taking a toll on the carpet. Physically he is healthy except for a chronic respiratory issue which is treated with a cortisone injection and antibiotic injection every couple of months. I have had people say make the box as "inviting" as possible and another person said actually put him in the clean box and take his paw and show him how to "dig" but he immediately jumps out, he strongly dislikes being picked up anyway, another person said that at his age if he hasn't been trained to use the box by now he will probably never use it, others say that I may need to put his box in the bathroom along with food and water and a place for him to sleep and leave him in there until he learns to use the box which I haven't done yet, do you have any suggestions?

  84. my cat's an outdoor cat and when he was a kitten and went outdoors more often he didn't use his litter tray and I think he pooped under a tree somewhere or in a field he still poops outside somewhere but is that normal (he doesn't have a litter tray cause it was never ever used)

  85. My issue is they outta the blue stopped covering they poop ?? ??? ???

  86. How do I littler train an older stray cat? We took her in just a few days ago and she goes everywhere but the box. She does have an old injury that affects her back legs but she can get around pretty easily. Please help me!

  87. All i know is that after this cat…NO MORE. They are gorgeous but pets are just a pain in the butt!! ?

  88. I got a cat that's been scratching the side since he was kitten using a box and bag as his beginner litter. I've never seen or heard this behaviour till him. I showed him how to bury his poop as a kitten, tried stopping it. But he's stubborn. He ended up teaching two others how to do it. One is older than him, the other is his brother who doesn't do it as often. most frustrating thing ever. I got a very large litter, it can be clean or a day old, the bugger is scratching the side. He buries everything quietly. Then he scratches for two minutes or longer if I don't stop him. I figure he is cleaning his paws. I've used different litters and he hasn't stopped. Right from day one. Poop, bury, scratch.

  89. My cat used the litter box for 5 years and all of a sudden she is not using her box. It is in the same spot it has always been. We have 3 dogs in the house and she is used to them. The cat has found a spot in our bedroom and is peeing and pooping in that spot. She’s even pulled up the carpet in that corner. It’s been going on for a week now. Her litter box is untouched! I would hate to get rid of her. She is not very social and is very used to us. My wife has had enough. I need help

  90. My cat poops (IN FRONT) of the litter box.WHY?!

  91. I have spent months investigating reducing cat spraying naturally and found a fantastic website at Spray Crusher Tactic (google it if you're interested)


  93. When kitty or cat is having litter issues use puppy pads in front of the litter boxes(you need one or more boxes per cat) and also in the place that they are prone to commit the offense. Usually there is some problem with the litter or worse they may have a urinary tract issue that is exasperated by the litter. It has always worked like a charm for me. I have a kitty that is a little off. She prefers to use the pads too poop 85% of the time but always urinated in the litter. I recommend arm and hammer cloud free litter. Mine are so picky and they love that litter and it's clumping scoop so it last and last and I never have odors.
    And when they are senior they may need a step up to the box.

  94. My cat keeps pooping and peeing right behind our Christmas tree and he knows what he is doing cause he almost did it again and my mum went to go put him in his litter tray and he ran away scared and he went to his litter tray

  95. i will throw my shity cat outside poop pee outside tryed everything doc told me nothing wrong with her changed the box but she like to poop and pee everywhere

  96. Oh god I know this is a year old but I got a 5 month kitten got her a litter box no hood she the only cat she only using my bath tub….HELP

  97. My cat started pooping in the living room on carpet. Have done everything!
    Help please!

  98. What is the next best thing to raw cat food?

    I am unable to buy my cats usual food due to financial difficulties. I was feeding them raw sliders and since switching her she has starting peeing on my bathmats. I removed them and now she pees on my bed. I know it's her and not her sister, who did the same as a kitten, because I'll catch her either squating or trying to bury it.

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