Do Cats Fall In Love? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #2

Do Cats Fall In Love? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #2

Hello, I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic! We’ll be finding out from a cat expert, why cats behave the way they do. Today, we’re looking at … Love. I’ve had cats all my life, and it really helps me when I’m thinking of my stories, because obviously cats can’t pick up baseball bats or, you know, climb up windows, or use their hands. Animation allows me to use my imagination, but also I can base it solidly in what a cat would think. By having cats all my life, I kind of know the inside of their heads and how they work things out. Well, ‘Butterflies’ is a nice Valentines film. One of the stars of ‘Butterflies’ is in fact a chubby girl cat, who is a bit of a love interest for Simon’s Cat. [Do cats fall in love?] Unfortunately cats aren’t really that romantic so it’s quite a contrast to the Simon’s Cat Valentines Day videos. Cats can actually mate with quite a few different partners and they are not really fussy with who they choose to breed with, and they don’t really choose a mate for life like birds do. Female cats are also known as queens and a queen can be only receptive to mate, when she’s hormonally ready. Prior to that she may swipe her paw at a male. When a female cat is in season she’ll call quite a lot or meow and it’s a very different sort of meow to what owners are normally used to. It’s quite a persistent noise and, in fact, some owners that aren’t familiar with this sound may actually think that their cats are in pain, but this isn’t true. They’ll also get themselves into what’s called the lordosis pose, this is where they actually go down on their front legs, and put their bottoms in the air and sometimes put their tail to the side as well, and they kind of, like I said, getting ready for mating. Owners will also notice cats will be a lot more affectionate they may be doing a lot of rolling around and they’ll sometimes be grooming their back end a lot more than usual. [How can we help our cats?] Cats can actually start mating as young as four months of age, which is why I recommend neutering from four months. There are actually many health benefits of getting cats neutered For both female and male cats, it can prevent certain cancers, there are many behavioural benefits, it can cut-out sexual spraying, they are much less likely to roam, they are also less likely to get into fights. One queen or female cat, that is not neutered can be responsible for as many as 20,000 kittens over a five year period if all of those kittens weren’t neutered! That’s a lot of kittens! So that’s why, here at Cat’s Protection, we do a lot of neutering, because we have so many cats and kittens all looking for good homes. [Did you know?] Females can actually mate with multiple males and in fact, one litter of kittens can have each kitten having a different father. This can therefore throw in a lot of different, interesting coat colours in the litter as well as different behaviours. The trait for boldness or how outgoing the cat is, comes from the father. So here is Chloe. With her little ears. A tiny little mouth and I’ve given her a great big fat, sort of, face and a little love heart collar. The thing I love most about Chloe is her huge, great, big tail. She is based on my second cat. She was such a lovely cat, had a lovely temperament and very affectionate. You know, as a little boy growing up we were very close. So it was nice to get a bit of that memory into this film. This little beautiful girl cat who is a bit of a snob, but that’s only in the Simon’s Cat world, not in real life.

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  1. jak ty robisz te filmy!?

  2. my cat gave birth and the father was shot by my neighbor R.I.P

  3. My cat Yoyo is actually a great father😂. He took care of all the little kittens🐱.

  4. The trait for boldness comes from the father? Well damn any kittens my cat may have sired then

  5. OMG! I did not expect what she did with the butterfly! It was awful, and it made me laugh! Therefore, I must be awful!

    Simon, you were a very cute little boy!

  6. this video helped a lot now I'm scared because my cat is ready to mate,
    2 months later so Is that 12 kittens or 16 this is ment to be joke but my cat is ready to mate

  7. my male cat Lucky was mating and had kittens

  8. to the female cat expert: i lived in England for almost 2 years but i have to say your accent is so thick i have trouble making out what you are saying. some of your words pool together in a verbal puddle! i haven't noticed this on other videos, just this one so far. perhaps if you enunciated more clearly or talked a little slower it would help.

  9. Love your cartoons. I had a cat named Chloe and was quite the diva — very spoiled. She was spayed so no kittens but I had her for 16 wonderful years. It was heartbreaking when I had to put her down. :'(

  10. I watched a documentary about cats that showed why people in early days considered the cats to be evil.One of the reason for them to hate cats was because the female mated with several male cats to get pregnant and would have a single litter of kittens from different fathers.They termed this behaviour "sinful" and hence cats would get tortured.I pity the fools who want animals to act like humans and have the same standard of "loyalty" and "monogamy".Cats are cats not birds,dogs and horses etc.Respect the individuality and treat every animal with the respect they deserve.

  11. I feel cats are more sophisticated than dogs so the relationship you build with them takes a while but I feel it is deeper than most human animal relationships

  12. That cat winking at me did me in. 😂😁

  13. Yas cats do fall in love

  14. Due to Ed iCal reasons my one female cat was not castrated till after her second season. It was. Hell she tried to mate with a broom and my elderly female dog, cried in the bathroom at four am and now I m thinking about it basicsly humped someone leg

  15. I don't know if cats fall in love but I do ( or at least lust ) and I would love to have Nicki in the lordosis pose!!

  16. 2:38 that must've been a pain to draw.

  17. This one is so cute…one of my favorites! ❤️

  18. I love Simons'cat!!😀😀😀🐱🐱🐱

  19. When my kitten went into heat for the first (and last!) time, she only meowed for the first night. During the remainder of her heat she just trilled.

  20. The fat queen in Simon's Cat is grey and her name is Chloe. The fat queen in the movie Secret Life of Pets is grey and her name is Chloe. Coincidence?

  21. Chloe is exactly like my cat. A spoiled little princess :3

  22. gracias por esta terapia para continuar con el día a día.

  23. gracias por esta terapia para continuar con el día a día.

  24. You should sell comic books you would make a fourtion

  25. ya a lof cats fall in love sure! and i love cats too!

  26. thats why my cat crouches and put her butt up

  27. His disgust when she eats the butterfly, especially the near-barfing, is freaking brilliant!

  28. I'm a dog person and I'm watching cats

  29. 2:00
    My cat did that when she was in heat

  30. The drawings looks dense in this one
    I'm gonna copy it for my drawing project ( school drawing exam )
    Will be giving the credit for you on the bottom right of the paper

  31. The moment the butterfly landed – I knew what was coming LOL

  32. lol my names chloe.

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  34. one of my kittens cuddles with me alot

  35. They FALL In love off of my desk.

  36. I have 3 cats However when i went on a trip for 5 days they all slept with me instead of fighting with each other.

  37. Female Cat: My body is ready.

  38. What happened to teddy? Is he alive or did he Pass away?

  39. Oh God, it's awful when cats go into heat

  40. why do people usually have one dog and lots of cats?

  41. their boldness comes from the father? Now I really wish I knew my kitten's father, she's the worst behaved little monster in the world! But I still love her <3

  42. daina pammy he did not wink….he cant blink with one eye

  43. meow loud Burp outdo

    that was the funniest part of this film.

  44. 4:06 wtf is that face?!!

  45. This is so adorable and funny. I would love you to do a video/animation on the differences between male and female cats' behavior with their owners. I've had both and it seems they are wonderfully unique.

    doing it tooo pls help me find some names everyone ^w^ YAY YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  47. The kitten that jumps on his dad, and then they have a good laugh about it! Adorable!

  48. My cat Pixie when she goes on heat makes loud purring noises that makes her sound like Gizmo from Gremlins. She demands attention mostly because of my other cat Mouser. But he's been fixed so they can't have kittens. He has tried though. Poor guy

  49. what r the signs of behavioural patterns tho when a male cat is coming into heat plus when is the mating season?

  50. One cat responsible for 20000 kittens!?? Wtf! Thats insane.

  51. Female cats are WHORES!

  52. Actually, cats can prefer one mate. I had two cats the male was Chubby and the female was named Mohawk (she had a dark streak down her head),they had kittens together ( Charlie,Diva,and Linus),and Chubby would take care of the kittens while his 'wife' Mohawk would rest. Although,Chubby wasn't the only male around Mohawk preffered only him. 😻

  53. A female cat being called a queen makes so much more sense with how Freya and Pippa interact. Both are fixed, but both spend most of their lives as the sole female cat, and in Pippa's case, the sole cat.

    We've got a power struggle between the two of them. Thor and Costello couldn't care less.

  54. Thank you! 😸😽

  55. Chloe is kinda mean

  56. Simon you are too shy really sir… 😇

  57. How’d the cat eat the butterfly thru a window? At the end u can see it’s closed. lol.

  58. Can cats be in platonic love?
    Please answer if you can, thanks! 🐱

  59. Meows in Spanish "Hola mi amor"

  60. Oh my goodness this is SO CUTE! and now I know why Chloe eats butterflies in Simon's Cat game "Crunch Time".

  61. Simon keeps recycling bits of the same few videos, over and over while putting a new title on them, in order to get page views without doing any new work. Imagine if EVERY uploader did that — nobody would bother watching anything ever again. Please just yank this guy's channel!

  62. Love toi 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😇😇😇😇😇😇

  63. Our cat rubs her own face with her paw until she falls asleep 😂

  64. Интересно , интересно.

  65. This is one of the funniest Simon's Cat stories ever! The sound effects are so good, especially Chloe's burp!

  66. Im watching this while my cat puts her tail on my face…

  67. My 2 cats were very loyal to each other, our female proper mourned the male after he died of cancer for well over a year.

  68. My cat has a mat she is cute!

  69. For females it's called "Spaying", not neutering. Who taught you the language of cat science?

  70. My cat went into heat when she was only 3 months!

  71. Birds (like eagles, doves, geese, lovebirds, and swans) and canids (like wolves, coyotes, foxes, and grey foxes) are naturally monogamous, unlike cats and humans and most other animals which are polyamorous by nature. Human monogamy is usually due to laws that force monogamy.

  72. My cats pregnant

  73. cats are my pill-ows

  74. My two cats are reeeeallly close to each other and they both tsust play and croom and play and cuddle and croom and play aaall the time so
    Why does it happen
    Ps. I've cald them little love berries

  75. Alguien subtítulos en español plis

  76. I love this series! The backstories and the behaviorist, makes these videos a joy to watch.

  77. That day my father and mother thaught my cat is pregnant but it only have 1 kitten but it die because of my brother disturbed it’s stomach

  78. Makes me want to mate your expert from behind.

  79. That girl cat is such a tsundere

  80. They kept saying that to get your female cat neutered. You get your female cat spayed, not neutered XD.

  81. Dear Simon, thank you for all your cat videos, I can recognise all of my previous cats in them, keep up the fantastic work, best wishes from south Wales, xx

  82. I always loved the "Butterflies" film. The very unladylike belch at the end is classic.

  83. Cats eat butterflies?! Omg 😲

  84. not related to cat love,but I have a dog who normally follows me to a degree,one night I find her by the garage,not willing to budge,I walk over to see her sniffing a kitten (Whom was rather scared by the dog looking at her and investigating)

  85. They can't climb up windows ?
    Neither can a human .

    They can hold certain things with their hands , but not all stuff .
    1. They walk on all four , so they hold it for a second or 1 minute .
    2. Uh , yes they do use their hands .
    -They climb , touch , attack with them , grab , hold etc…!

    Yes , cats fall in love .
    And cats are lovable .

    Cats mate with different males ?
    That's false ! If so true , it's the cause of humans , not the cats .
    Cats are not people .
    Cats don't mate for life , this is another thing that's untrue . Why ? 'Cause they are not people .
    Animals are made what to do in life not force to do something they shouldn't .

    (Sorry , this lady doesn't know much about cats at all).

    They call when they feel it's a Male around . If it's the other way around (doing the call when they are indoors and putting their backs high in front of you) I see that's not natural (unless there is a a Male around .)

    Mating around 4 months of age ?
    That's the cause of humans .

    I do not believe that one bit , they are kittens not adults .

    Shes actually using a scare tactics that's a lie which isn't true .
    Meaning , cats that are being fed cat food , taking medications and vaccines they still get cancer anyway .

    What behaviors ?

    Cut-out what spraying ?
    Spraying is not just for mating , it could be for territory .

    Roam ? Cats roam , that's their natural thing to do . They like out doors and hunt .
    What fighting ? They territory themselves . You will let them be vulnerable if you don't let them do what they naturally do .

    Responsible ? Cats have the right and should have the right to populate like the rest .
    Theirs too many humans .
    Humans should be spayed and neutered .

    Protect ?
    You mean control and destroy!?
    These are God's creatures , not for humans to manipulate .

    Looking for homes ? Well , blame the humans for breeding them unnaturally . Humans need to stop blaming the cats for humans cause .

    Female cats mating with different males an the kittens having different fathers ? FALSE!

    Coat color has nothing to do with different fathers , has to do with humans causing the mutation of the fur color not the cats themselves .
    The cats coat is within the kitten, so they have the color either by the mother or both parents. It depends. But not different fathers . (That's another that its different fathers).
    Cats have their own behavior, and some of it comes from the mother or how they are raised.

    But still love your videos .

  86. (3:05) What comes from the father she say? I can't hear it.

  87. Eu amo todos os vídeos do gato do Simon, mas este é um dos q mais gosto.
    Amo gatos e convivo com eles desde q nasci, já sei muito sobre eles, mas assistindo esses vídeos, aprendo sempre mais um pouco a cada vídeo. 😻😻😻

  88. My Cat TwoWhiteSocks definitely Loved Me!

  89. Am I the only one who gets a chuckle out of the "anatomical correctness" of the little buttholes 😆

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