DIY Pumpkin Pie Small Animal Treats

Hi you guys, it’s Anna’s Animals and today we’re making these mega-adorable pumpkin pie treats for the super simple peanut butter crust all you’re going to need is a half a cup of water, a fourth a cup of peanut butter, one third cup of oats and three-fourths cup whole wheat flour before we get started, it’s super important that you preheat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit To bake these, you’ll also need a baking sheet lined with parchment paper Start by mixing your peanut butter and oats, in a small bowl. It may be best to stir this with a fork, because it will get quite sticky. Once those are completely mixed together, go ahead and throw in your whole wheat flour and water and you can keep stirring with the fork, but after a while you’ll probably want to start using your hands because it will get quite thick. after that’s completely mixed together you can go ahead and start forming your crusts. Do this by breaking off small pieces of the dough and rolling them into balls. You can then press in the center with your fingers, and I find it easiest to roll up the edges to create the pie shape. Once you’ve finished forming a pie crust, you can go ahead and place it on your parchment paper lined baking sheet, and repeat this step until you have used all of your dough. this recipe makes about nine piecrusts depending on how big you make them Now that you’ve made all your piecrusts, it’s time to get started on the filling. Normally you would mash a pumpkin for pumpkin pie, but since Gus is allergic to pumpkin I’m mashing a banana for this. You can use any safe fruit. Now that you’ve mashed your pumpkin or whatever fruit you’ve chosen to use, go ahead and take up tiny spoonfuls and carefully place them inside your piecrust you’ve already made. Now your pumpkin pies for your small pet are done, but if you want to you can add a pumpkin seed on top like I have done on a couple of my pies as a sort of decoration. After you’re done with your pies, you need to carefully put them in the oven and if you are a small child you need to get your parent’s permission and your parents might actually want to do this part for you. The oven gets quite hot. After you’ve put your pies in go ahead and set your timer for twenty-five minutes and wait that out. After that twenty-five minutes is up, go ahead and remove your pies from the oven using an oven mit, and again, if you’re a small child get your parent’s help with this. You have now made some of the most adorable little small animal desserts ever. These are great for any kind of small animal, since there is no dairy in them. You can go ahead and slice them up, a pie might be a little bit big for your small animal, and go ahead and give it to them. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and if you did, please like, comment, and subscribe for more! Bye! [happy music playing] These subtitles and this video were brought to you by Anna’s Animals. If you used the subtitles and would like them to appear on more videos, please say so in the comments! These take a lot of effort and we will not continue to make them if no one uses them.

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