Difficult Dog Breeds to Train – 7 Stubborn Dogs

Many dogs are easy to train, but some Dog
Breeds are difficult to train There are some dog breeds who might just test the limits
of your patience while you’re trying to teach them or they might find loopholes in
your so-called rules. And it’s not because these dog breeds are
not smart. Nope. In fact, quite the contrary–these dog breeds
can be highly intelligent. Let’s find out which stubborn dog breeds just
might make you pull your hair out. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 7. Basset Hound It’s hard not to love the droopy Basset
Hound. That is until you try to train one. The Basset Hound is notoriously stubborn. This doesn’t mean you will be unable to
train a well-behaved Basset, but this breed has an independent one-track mind that takes
patience, time and persistence to get the point across. The AKC characterizes the breed as “a bit
stubborn.” Most people who’ve been owned by a Basset
would likely use less family-friendly language. Like the other dogs on this list, the Basset
won’t be easy to train for a novice owner. But, if you’re willing to put in the time,
perhaps take some dog-training classes with your companion, your Basset can be trained. 6. Dachshund Like the Basset, hounds, in general are difficult
to train, due to the independent, single track thinking required of a hunting breed. The Dachshund is no exception. These small, sausage-shaped pups are more
than meets the eye in many ways. As “big dogs in small packages,” they’re
not afraid to stand their ground, even against dogs more than twice their size. But as protective and loyal as they are, they
can be stubborn, as well as being quite mischievous. In fact, the Dachshund found itself at the
number one spot on our list of Naughtiest Dogs. The Dachshund is not a bad dog, however. Just make sure you practice patience when
training your wiener, and also make sure you take them out for exercise more than once
each day, as they are quite active little pooches. 5. Akita The Akita is a beautiful breed of dog. They are faithful guardians and protectors
of their family. But, you guessed it, the Akita is stubborn
and quite difficult to train. In fact, if an Akita gets bored with a training
session, it’ll just walk away. But, the Akita is highly intelligent and can
learn the commands quite easily. You’ve just got to keep your Akita’s attention. If you’re a novice owner, getting professional
help in dealing with your Akita’s complex attitude is highly recommended, as a well-trained
Akita is a relaxed, well-rounded dog. 4. Dalmatian Surely the stars of 101 Dalmatians can’t
be hard to train? Because of the usual and unfortunate rush
that follows a dog being featured in a movie, too many people have found out the hard way
just how stubborn this dog can be. You might assume that Dalmatians are good-natured. And, they usually are. That is until you try to get a Dalmatian to
do something that it is less than enthusiastic to do. Dalmatians are both manipulative and obstinate
and stubborness is often considered a less than flattering common temperament issue with
the breed. Without consistent training and guidance,
your Dalmatian might develop unwanted habits, such as growling, biting, jumping, or snapping. This is not to say that Dalmatians are bad
dogs just that they require a strong and consistent trainer. 3. Chow Chow The Chow Chow might look like a giant Teddy
Bear, but after a training session, you might be a bit too frustrated to cuddle your pooch. The AKC states that these dogs have “cat-like
personalities” that make them independent, stubborn, and less than eager to please their
owners. Like getting a 3-year-old child to eat vegetables,
persuading your Chow to obey even simple commands can be at the very minimum frustrating. It is often recommended that these stubborn
dogs be matched with an even more stubborn trainer. 2. Beagle Beagles top the chart when it comes to being
a cute hound dog. But, like the Basset and Dachshund, the Beagle
is a hound, which means the Beagle is stubborn, due to their independent nature and the fact
that a Beagle would rather follow its nose than your commands. People love Beagles and they can be trained. Some Beagles even work for the US Government,
sniffing out contraband in airports. But Beagles are classified by the AKC as difficult
to train, even by experienced dog handlers, saying that Beagles are at most temporarily
obedient. Add in a bit of mischievousness and it might
not be surprising that the Beagle also found itself on our Naughtiest Dog Breeds list. Before I get to number one, did you guess
that this is a German Shepherd Puppy? If so, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for commenting. Do you like this little spot in out videos,
let us know in the Poll in the card. 1. Siberian Husky Siberian Huskies are among the most beautiful
dog breeds on Earth with their piercing eyes and wolf-like coats. And, all things considered, the Siberian is
one of the most intelligent dog breeds around. But with that beauty and intelligence comes
a very strong will and a notorious knack for throwing epic temper tantrums, whining, howling
and moaning until they get what they want. You’re going to need a strong will of your
own, if you are thinking about adopting one of the glorious dogs. An untrained Siberian Husky will train you
to do its bidding. Wanna see how the Siberian Husky compares
to the Alaskan Malamute? Check out the video in the card. Are you strong-willed enough to train one
of these stubborn, but otherwise wonderful dogs? Let us know about your stubborn dog experience
in the comments. Hey, you were stubborn enough to get to the
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