Deadpool, Bane and Cats! – AH Animated

Deadpool, Bane and Cats! – AH Animated

Jeremy: Alright, everyone on the tables! Michael: Alright hang on. Ryan: On the table, line up, we figured- Ryan: So we’ve got custom rolls now AND Ryan: We have- Ryan: Custom… Ryan: Models. Jeremy: We told you we’d figure it out eventually! Ryan: And boy was it an “eventually”. Ryan: Alright, starting down here: Ryan: “Ender Dragon”.
Jack: Hello! Jeremy: It’s Jack! Ryan: Your mouth actually moved when you did that.
Jack: Oh really? Jack: Hiii! Ryan: Yup, it flops open.
Jeremy: Yeah, it does, it flops. Ryan: We got “Oddjob”. Gavin: I’M ODDJOB! (Laughter) Ryan: It’s Gavin! Ryan: We got… “Go Figure”. Michael: That’s me. Hey what do you mean ‘go figure’?
Jack: You’re so short. Michael: I picked Banjo but he didn’t work.
Jeremy: We have “Detective Roger Deadpool”! Ryan: Detective Roger Deadpool! Jeremy: We have THAT. What is that? A Geralt in a… in a towel? Myatt: I’m a witcher. (Laughter) Ryan: “I’m a witcher”
(Laughter) Ryan: Then we got… Ryan: “Bane”. Jeremy: I’m Bane! Ryan: And-
Jack: And Lindsay! (Laughter)
Jeremy: Oh my god
Michael: Fuckin’ cat Lindsay: Meow meow motherf*ckers. Ryan: Whoa, with an accurate hitbox, Ryan: You can’t shoot anything but the cat.
Lindsay: I’m untouchable. Michael: You are “slightly” touchable. Lindsay: Ooooh! Michael: And you’re on… ice. Michael: You’re ice skating.
Lindsay: I am.
Jeremy: I’m the detective figure shit out people. Michael: Alright, Jeremy. Kill yourself. Jeremy: …No? Michael: Yeah
Matt: That would work Michael: That just… (Gun fires) Matt: Ow!
(Yelling) Jack: Aw the kitty cat!
Lindsay: Wow!
(Yelling) Jack: Oh no… Lindsay: I went inside of my own corpse- Gavin: You’re dead, shut up! Michael: Yeah, when ya dead, ya dead. Ryan: Jeremy, did you just kill all those people?
Jeremy: No I didn’t. Ryan: Did you? Jack: He’s the detective. Jeremy: No I watched someone- (Machine gun firing)
Jack: Oh, oh Link!
Ryan: I’m being shot who’s shooting me, it’s Link! Gavin: Is Michael the traitor? Jack: I murdered Link. I don’t know if he’s a traitor- (Gun firing)
Jack: Ah no it’s not me! Matt: You’re fucking shooting people, dude.
Jack: I shot Michael cause he murdered two people! Matt: You’re right, that’s a likely story. (Jack yelling) Matt: Dammit! Michael: Matt!
Jack: Did I get you Matt? Matt: Yeah, you did
Michael: Why didn’t you pick me up, idiot! Matt: I had like A health, dude. I couldn’t- Michael: You coulda revived me, you were the hypnotist! Michael: I woulda killed. Ryan: That kicked off so fast. Michael: Yeah.
Lindsay: Right? Lindsay: Too fast.
Michael: I had a big gun. Lindsay: I didn’t even know that we had officially started. Lindsay: So I was talking after death, I was like ‘Oh, that’s it?’
Michael: Yeah, that was like the role call. Jack: Alright, let’s get out there.
Jeremy: Alright. Michael: Matt?
Matt: What’s up? Michael: Hypnotize next time, man.
Matt: I thought I had to kill him to hypnotize him. Jack: Like Notorious.
Michael: No, you just pick me up. Gavin: Hey, I’m innocent. Jeremy: Shut up Gav. I’m gonna kill you. Ryan: Oh- Ah the cat! Lindsay: Who lost a kitty?

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  1. Lololol I love the drawing of the old video lololol “so old it was on rooster teeth” lolololol

  2. 1:07 love the Easter Egg of Shaun buying Gerki from Gerki and the Brandeen Easter Egg at 1:41🤣🤣🤣

  3. Every time Ryan is Detective Roger Davis I always think of that All That bit Detective Dan with Josh Server.

    “I’m Detective Daaaaan . . .”

  4. I literally just watched this episode yesterday. Lol

  5. oh my god yangs gauntlets i cant

  6. Jeremy's "can he be trusted" t-shirt reference was freaking amazing 😂😂😂

  7. Love the animations. Especially all the weapons.

  8. Gotta love how they spelt thyatt

  9. Lol Jack with the RWBY Shot-Gauntlets

  10. Ok, ok.

    So there has to be an animation coming of Gavin killing Jack when Matt was the Glitch right?

  11. So glad this is the animator they stuck with. All the others aren't as funny or creative enough.

  12. Geralt in a towel…… sure this isn't the porn version?

  13. "you were the hypnotist" that drawing made me laugh

  14. "Meow Meow Muthafuckers" Is the most Lindsay thing in the world

  15. 1:24 for Ember Celica

  16. Shaun with the Nuginomicon and Gerki killed me.

  17. 0:11 'Member Shadlez?

  18. I still love how y'all mispronounced Shadowlz into shadlez, it made the name way more funny


  20. 1:30 Jean loading a shotgun should be a gif.

  21. I put down a comment on the video from 2012 about this video. Plz like. 4:20

  22. 1:26
    Love the brand on the gun 😂

  23. 1:23 Yang & Junior reference? 'Ender' Celica?

  24. Why is gerki buying the nuginomicon

  25. Are their shirts with Cat Lindsay on them?

  26. 1:30 Did Jack just cock a Double Barrel Shotgun?

  27. Merging the crew with their in game skins must have been a challenge. Masterfully done!

  28. Thanks, Shaun, for animating the cool Bane and not the steroid-ridden 1998 WCW pro wrestler Bane.

  29. I wanted to see lindsey in the elevator

  30. "Thyatt"
    Oh god, I can't believe such a simple joke made me laugh so much.

  31. I literally just had the base video pop up in my recommends and binged it today XD

  32. I like how clever the models look like fused with the normal person’s hair style and the Ember Celeca on Jack who was a darker version of a Sunny Yellow Dragon

  33. Great animation, but not really the best audio choice, at least to me.

  34. this was amazing to watch

  35. Thanks to the internet.

    Hypno has officially become the single most disgusting Pokemon and it isnt even close.

    Fucking furries.

  36. We need another full play

  37. I feel like there was better content to pull from but AHAnime never disappoints

  38. wasn't Shadlez actually shadowlolz or something like that?

  39. "Meow meow Motherfuckers!"
    I need that in her Ruby Rose voice.

  40. Th is lindsay cat is my favorite animation ever.. I love it

  41. If they don't have it already, they need to make a "[CAN] he be trusted?" shirt.

  42. Was this re-uploaded?

  43. A beautiful rendition of one of their best videos of all time

  44. Lmaoo making the dragon's mouth the same color as jack's animated beard and the glasses. I can't, Shaun is genius

  45. THYATT i'm fucking dying y'all

  46. Shaun doing shady behind closed doors dealings with Gerki is unsettling

  47. Was that Shaun buying some gerki from Gerki?

  48. I feel like Michael is Shaun’s favorite

  49. <3 I loved this video

  50. 0:42 – ]ROFLMAO] Never change Lindsay, never change!

  51. My second favorite TTT video

  52. That was awesome XD

  53. I think I may have laughed way too hard at "'member Shadlez, I 'member".

  54. I just love how Lindsay is a cat

  55. still like that line thought "meow meow motherfucker"

  56. I love these. Lol

  57. Aww… they didn’t draw the gun floating above the cat.

  58. 1:42 Brandeeen!!!!!!

  59. "Like Notorious."

  60. When you realize that this is the 69th AH Animated:


  61. That YouTube video picture. ‘Member Shadlez? 😂

  62. I liked how Jack used Ember Celacia

  63. Gerki, what are you doing here?

  64. That is exactly how I imagined Lindsey as a cat. Well done shaun

  65. "we got…Odjo-"

  66. I thought it was achievement haunter?

  67. i feel like i should be high cuase i have no idea what just happened

  68. This is the 69th animated video.


  69. "so long it was on Rooster Teeth"

  70. Gavin's "I'M ODD JOB!" slays me everytime!

  71. Jack with Ember Celica… Genius… Now give Lindsay Crescent Rose, Michael Gambol Shroud and Gavin Magnhild

  72. The yang gauntlets were a nice touch there

  73. This is fantastic!

  74. So this brought the playlist up to 69. Nice.

  75. 0:10 those youtube page easter eggs nice

  76. Who's the better cat: Lindsay from Achievement Hunter, or Zoe from Yogscast? Let the game begin!!😈

  77. Meow meow motherfuckers

  78. the look on michaels face when he was walking up on them cracks me up EVERY time lol

  79. I love how Jack has yang's shotgun gauntlets

  80. Ah that feel when you had been put of school for less than a year when they first did a TTT

  81. The way the animators make the eyeballs go all fucky whenever someone stutters or has a brain fart mid sentence is amazing.

  82. I don’t know why but the little moment where Jack cocks his shotgun after yelling made me laugh so hard

  83. Even with the handicap, Lindsay still dies ALOT!

  84. God I love this animator. I demand more animations to be made in this style.

  85. Geralt in a towel. Mmm, I have amazing images in my head now.

  86. Is the cat supposed to look like Lindsey? Because, to me, it does.

  87. 0:12 Thanks! You too, Shaunningham!

  88. How have I missed this for almost two months? This is the most hilarious AH Animated I've seen so far!

  89. I live for Gavin saying “You’re dead, shut up!”

  90. Shaun and Gerki making a transaction at 1:05

  91. 1:24
    Are those Yang's gauntlets on Jack's arms?

    Ember Celica, correct?

  92. Lmao Lindsay so fat

  93. So Jack cries over Lindsay's grave and then wins the entire game?

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