Dad Goa aur Permission | Ashish Chanchlani

Dad Goa aur Permission | Ashish Chanchlani

So Ashish, are you ready
for the Goa plan? Yes, I’m ready. I’ve packed my suitcase as well. Just tell me when we’re leaving! All that’s okay, but did you
ask for your dad’s permission? That’s not called permission. That’s called informing. Wait, let me inform my dad
that I’m going to Goa. Dad! Dad! Dad. Dad. Oh, dad is sitting over there. “Please forgive me… …Oh Lord Rama.” “I’ll think… …of my dad before
I think of you.” The plate is empty. So what, dad?
My heart is filled with emotions. Do you know that God couldn’t
reach every corner himself… …that’s why he created dads. And that God couldn’t also
get donkeys everywhere… …so he gave us
children like you. Speak up.
– I have some work with you. What is it?
– Wait a minute. Why am I so scared? I just have to ask my dad for
permission to go to Goa. All is well, Ashu. All is well. Go out there, look into your
dad’s eyes and tell him… …’dad, I want to go to Goa’. ‘Dad, I want to go to Goa!’ ‘Dad, I want to go to Goa!’ Dad!
– What?! Guava… Guava… What? I want guava… Guava. What are you saying?
– Guava… Guava… You stupid donkey! I want guava… Listen to me. Listen, dad. I… I want to go. Go then.
– Not like that. I… …want to go.
– Then… …go.
– Just like how you go to Mumbai… …I also want to
go to some place. Then how am I holding you back? Go wherever you want to go! I want to go ahead of Mumbai. Oh, you want to go to Pune? Why would I go to Pune?
I don’t want to have ‘Misal Pav’. Not Pune. I want to… …go further ahead of Pune. Got it?
Think outside of Maharashtra. Okay! Now I understood!
– Yes! You have decided… …to go to Bangalore for I.T.
You can go, dear. Go! I don’t want to go so far, dad. Come back a few miles. Somewhere on the beach. I want to go on the beach. Go in ‘beech’ (between) then. I want to go to the beach! Go in the ‘beech’ then! On the beach! Then what am I saying?
Go in the ‘beech’! See, Bombay… Bangalore… I… …want to go to the beach.
– Oh! So you want to go to Goa?! Yes.
– Why do you want to go to Goa? Dad, actually, I’m going to study
the tourism industry of Goa. Hey, come on.
Who goes to Goa for tourism? If you’re going for tourism,
then I won’t let you go. I’m not going to
study tourism there. Actually… Why are you so shy?
I’m your dad. You don’t need to be shy.
Speak up! Why are you going to Goa?
– Just to walk on the beach, dad. That’s it?
– Walk on the beach with drinks. That’s it? – Walk on the beach
with drinks and cannabis. That’s it? – Walk with
drinks, cannabis and girls. My dear son,
talking about girls… You idiot! Want to go to Goa? You’re still a child! Don’t act like an adult! Granddad. Granddad! Granddad! – What is it?
Why are you pestering me? You won’t get a different reaction
if you keep calling me out! I can listen to you!
My sight is weak! Not my ear! Granddad! First tell me,
what does this mean? What is this? Such a simple sentence?
Really, grandfather? Use the U-Dictionary app. Why did we send you to school… …if even you don’t
know what it means? I don’t want to be
a Shashi Tharoor. When I have the U-Dictionary… …then why should I
stress myself so much? Why? See, it’s simple. Open the U-Dictionary app,
switch on the camera… …scan the sentence… Once it’s scanned, crop it… …get it translated… …and it will tell
you the meaning. Simple! – But I don’t
understand one thing… …what made you think
of your granddad today? Granddad, actually… …dad is not letting
me go to Goa. Granddad, please get me
the permission to go to Goa. My dear… …I’m here for you. – Thank you
so much! Now I can go to Goa! Yes! Wait a minute. When did
I say you can go to Goa? But you just said that
you’re here for me. How is me being here for you
related to you going to Goa? I’m here all the time.
But you still can’t go to Goa. Why do you do this, man? Dad, I…
– Get lost! Now! Dad, I’m going to Bangkok.
Take care of the house. Why are you going to Bangkok? It’s nothing, dad.
We just have our Ana… Annual business meeting… …in Bangkok.
I’m going there for work. Oh, it’s a business meeting? I’ll leave then.
Don’t forget to get… …a massage in Bangkok! The massages there
is very special! Dad, that’s why I’m going there. There’s no business meet.
I’m going there for massages. I’ll get enough massages… …to attain inner peace. Son, I forgot to tell you
something. Come here. Sure. Tell me! In Pattaya… …there is a place that
provides special massage. They will lift your
feet like this… Yeah.
– …and they will… Idiot! Dad?
– You want to go to Bangkok? You will get a massage?
Get out of here! You will go to Bangkok without
a working dock! Impotent! Rajesh, I won’t be able
to come to Bangkok, man. Dad didn’t give me
the permission! The most I can get… …is a head massage right here. Why are you abusing me now? Ashu dear. You can go to Goa. I’m not like my dad! Go! Live your life!
– Thank you so much, dad! Kunal, I’m coming to Goa. I’m going to Goa, Kunal! Yeah!
– Yeah! Whoa! But the plan was canceled. What? – Yes. I forgot to tell you
that the plan got canceled. Sorry. You darn idiot! Waste of oxygen! I was a fool to listen to you
and get permission from my dad! Wait there. I’ll come to
your home and shoot you! I’ll bury you in Goa! How dare you give me hopes? I’ll destroy you! I’ll destroy you!

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