Cute Sugar Gliders! | The Cute Show

Cute Sugar Gliders! | The Cute Show

My name is Annette Ramos. I’m the fashion editor
at Vice. And today you’re at my house
because I am babysitting for my parents’ sugar gliders. I know that they’re
from Australia. They’re marsupials. They are closely related
to koalas. They are called sugar gliders
because of their preference for nectarous foods. And they basically just
eat fruit and insects. I’m feeding them peach yogurt. They hate all other flavors,
though, which is weird. They are very easy to take care
of– apples, Gatorade, and grain, and maybe
some yogurt. Their tails are so long because
they can actually use them to wrap around things. And they have these crazy
long tongues, too. They are, like, this long. They clean themselves. You’ll see them huddled up in
a ball together just, like, licking each other. They have little flaps
underneath both of their arms. If you put them on a high
ledge, they fly off. No, no, no, you’re not
going in my closet. When we first got them, it took
a while to get used to them because they would
just jump on you. And sometimes, if you’re not
turned the right way, they’ll jump into your hair and just,
like, dangle there. Come on, yeah. [LAUGH] During the day, I let them crawl
around because they are normally really tame
and sleepy. So they’re not trying
to experiment. Where is she? They actually sleep
most of the day. They’re nocturnal, so they wake
up at 10:00 PM, normally, and they go to bed
around 10:00 PM. But every now and then they wake
up during the day just to play, and then they
go back to sleep. But when they’re awake,
they’re awake for, like, 12 hours. They love this wheel, which
is extremely loud. Because they’re awake all night,
it’s a little difficult taking care of them in
a studio apartment. And then occasionally at night,
they will bark if they want your attention, like when
they first wake up, they want to see you. My dogs, they’re fascinated
by them. I have an Italian Greyhound. My little Chihuahua really
likes them too. She would just sniff at them if
you have them in your hands when you’re feeding them. I think they’re about done
with us for today. They’re going to go back to
sleep and wake up at 10:00. They don’t want to play
with us anymore.

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  1. They are so cute, thank you for the Video.

  2. You feed them yogurt? Um…. i don't think thats part of their natural diet

  3. It's such a shame that these amazing creatures cannot be owned in France. They'd make the perfect pets for my schedule.

  4. This video is fucking awful. Sugar gliders are not easy to take care of. They are complex exotic pets.

    Not to mention the care she is giving them is subpar at BEST. She should not be waking them up during the day and the food she’s giving them is severely lacking. They also should be nowhere near dogs.

  5. Man they shit alot…

  6. I have two of my own, amazing pets! These pets will love you as much as dogs will. However, once they have bonded to you, they are attached to you forever.. do not plan on getting sugar gliders if you’re only getting them for a short time. These animals WILL become depressed and kill themselves if you neglect their bond.

  7. Omg they are awesome

  8. These things are so cute! Look at this newborn

  9. No offense but I face palmed so much while watching the video

  10. Check out more

  11. i'm just browsing sugar glider videos because
    1. sugar gliders are cute af
    2. just to see how many videos have a mass of bts reference comments xD

  12. Who is Jin? Srry I live in a rock….

  13. This women is the most irresponsible pet owner. Yogurt and Gatorade are you fucking kidding me!

  14. I'm sorry, I cringed when she went to grab him and pulled on him. Their bones are so fragile DX There does seem to be a bit of wrong info on here, like their diet, and that they're easy to care for. They're only easy if you do your research first.

  15. Who came here because they saw this creature on a Marimba EDM remix and wondered wtf it was?

  16. They wake at 10pm
    They go to sleep at 10pm
    They wake up during the day.
    They go back to sleep during the day.
    They're awake for 12 hours.
    They're also nocturnal.


  17. Sugar gliddddddeeeeereerss 😂😂😍

  18. Too bad they're illegal in California

  19. 0:11
    what the fuck is this, friends?

  20. I have two, and they’re so adorable

  21. 1:45 I don't know if people warned you (because the video is old) but you really need to change the running wheel.
    The size is great, it's just that wire in the middle of the wheel that is dangerous, their tail can get tangled in it and injure them

  22. My daughter says their adorable

  23. Sugar gliders where illegally smuggled over from Australia


  25. I have 2 and when they bark o me they sound just like. A dog

  26. My goodness they are so cute! 🙂

  27. soooo they dont sleep

  28. Is the SG on this video still alive?

  29. My biology teacher posted this for us to watch and apologized to the parents if all the kids want sugar gliders

  30. I want one or maybe 10😍

  31. I want to hear them bark

  32. Came here for bts but fell in love with those cute suagr gliders💜💜

  33. my homeboy got two of them I luv them…

  34. Hey my name is Annette lol

  35. ding dong I would be happy to experiment with her so beautifull

  36. Well stitch you me up at 3 am really

  37. Gatorade has fake sugars and dyes that can cause serious health problems in your gliders, it is also advised to stay away from yogurt because of the high sugar and fat, they require fresh fruit and nectar to keep them healthy! Sugar gliders are an expensive high maintenance animal so unless you know your stuff don’t get one just because it’s cute and exotic

  38. lets take humans out of their habitat, put them in a freaking cage and feed them yogurt and GATORADE. WTF. really__?? i think humans make cute pets

  39. Horrid care of sugar gliders.

  40. these are my favourite animal!

  41. Wtf..
    Fucking googly-eyed idiot..


  43. 1:56


  44. Fantastici 😊😊😊

  45. one of our gliders died today she's about 9 years old 🙁

  46. they wake up at 10pm and sleep at 10pm?????

  47. the exotic pet trade is so cruel. Why do you have this wild animal from Australia in your house in new york? Even if they are bred not to be household pets its horrible. please stop feeding them processed food! if you see these animals in their actual habitat this is so heartbreaking.

  48. This girl related to April Ludgate? 😛

  49. Where they poop???

  50. Stolen from wild. Illegal pet trade.

  51. It's a damn lizard and a squirrel's baby

  52. And this pet is not cheap huh

  53. Love that shot of you on the bed. Can i stop by with the sugar gliders and get some sugar?

  54. Unless you have about 19 to 20 hours out of the day to invest with him for the rest of their lives they're pretty terrible pets

  55. Omg I'm horrified at how wrong most of the information was on this video

  56. This is EXTREMELY hard to watch 🙁 I have 3 sugar gliders and they need SO MUCH MORE! a better cage, a better diet, a better wheel. Those poor things are running in a death trap……EDUCATE YOURSELF PLEASE! 🙂 FOR THE BABIES

  57. Not trying to be rude but this girl needs to do her research sugar gliders don't just eat fruit, insects and yogurt. You can't give them gatorade either for obvious reasons. Sugar gliders should be eating a healthy staple diet like HPW, BML etc. And they're running on a wodent wheel which can seriously injure or even kill your sugar gliders if their tail gets wrapped around the axel in the middle. Oh, and sugar gliders are definitely not easy to take care of they require quite a lot of your time and patience. I hope people see this and realize they are not just cute little creatures that you can put in a cage and feed yogurt to 🙁

  58. 2:18 im calling PETA

  59. they kinda look like flying rats

  60. We have three sugar gliders there so cute 2 boys 1 girl Diamond Malach and Felix

  61. im here because of jordan cunningham

  62. Fyi: not every sugar glider is tame …eventhough you raise them from babies. Depends on your luck

  63. Batman wants to know your location.

  64. they somehow look like geckos when they are climbing/crawling

  65. are sugar glider allowed in romania? Cause my mother wants to buy me one and im not sure if they are allowed =/

  66. My sugar glider once decided he wanted to climb onto my head from my shoulder and immediately started crabbing and chirping because he was afraid of heights.

  67. I had one, it was so vicious. He loved baby food though.

  68. they are from Papua New Guinea too.

  69. Im not even going to get into all the misinformation in this video about sugar gliders.

    If anyone wants accurate information about sugar gliders and their needs, i highly recommend looking at this website.

  70. So much misinformation 😒

  71. If you are in the USA get your pet a treat.

  72. Suagr gliders are not easy pets to take care of they take alot of work!!

  73. I could write books about what she doesn’t know about sugar gliders.

  74. At 10 pm they wake up only to go back to sleep 🤔🙄😐

  75. Pocket pets cage!

  76. living in a studio apartment with 2 dogs and 2 rodents….

  77. Ma sugar gliders don't climb on me like that. How long does it take a sugar glider to get bond with you and how do i bond with them?

  78. Gatorade?? Yogurt?? They probably returned DEAD to her parents

  79. Better than usual vice


  81. Why are all the comments so negative lol

  82. I wanna shoot that sugar glider full of cocaine, put it in a condom & have Ronaldo, that guy I picked up from The Manhole club shove it up my ass. #notgay

  83. Those things piss everywhere and stink up ur house they require alot of attention my niece got 2 of them for her bday with the cage and all but when they got inside of their rooms im awaken by all the screaming lmao they are cute thou9

  84. Yet another example of bureaucratic bullshit… a native animal to Australia, (also found in parts of Indonesia and New Guinea) that is illegal to be kept in most states of Australia… but hey, let’s ship them overseas to be mass bred and kept as pets by people that for more cases than not, don’t really know how to care for them properly… yeah that makes total sense smfh.

  85. Wrong info my dude 🤦🏻‍♀️ and their from pocket pets which spreads false info 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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