Compulsive Research – Karona’s Voltron-Kit [GER/ENG Sub]

Compulsive Research – Karona’s Voltron-Kit [GER/ENG Sub]

Hello and Welcome to this followup video to yesterdays “Karona, False God”-video Karona, in my oppinion, is a very strong Voltron-General and every Voltron-General needs an armory. One full of specific cards, that make it even more of a threat! We want to win fast after all. I want to start with three plain cards that seem to be rather lackluster but have a very high ceiling in regards to their actual potential, if we remember that Karona most likely attacks EVERY Turn! The three cards are Spirit Link, Vampiric Link and Keen Sense. Those three have in common, that they each only cost 1 mana to cast and (do to the old wording) work somewhat special. Do to their wording, whenever a creature deals combat damage, WE benefit from it as the enchantments controller. It does not depend on the creatures controller. This way we benefit from those auras, even if we enchant our opponents creatures, or they deal combat damage to opponents with Karona. Keen Sense (the “timeshifted” equivalent to Curiosity), is especially good, since it allows us to draw multiple cards over the course of a turn. I don’t run Curiosity in addition to Keen Sense, do to the fact, that there is a limit to card-slots in my deck and that I don’t want to cut either -Link. I like those two, since they can act as somewhat odd removal if played onto your opponents creatures. As long as we don’t take lethal damage, we more or less do not take damage at all and even gain a bunch of life if attacks are directed at other players. One additional card that works this way is One with Nature. It can search for basic lands and ramp, but I found it to be a bad draw later in the game and more or less only want to see it in my opening hand. …so it did not make the cut. Thats why One with Nature is no longer played in my active list, but I wanted to mention it. Then I would like to talk about the two big bad hitters, that make Karona a very huge threat! For one we have Shield of the Oversoul and for another we have Runes of the Deus. One makes Karona harder to kill and to block thanks to indestructible and flying and grants Karona +2/+2, which is not that relevant since Karona needs three hits and there is no difference you want to win via commander damage. Mathwise it does not matter whether Karona has 7 Power, 8 Power or 10 Power. Runes of the Deus is a bit different, since it grants +2/+2 but in addition to that double strike and trampel, two keywords which makes for a very dangerous combination! After all Karona now only needs two hits! I do not play Steel of the Godhead, (I had trouble with the german translation there ^^’) Simply do to the fact that my playgroup does not like “can’t be blocked” that much and Karona becomes a threat for me too, since it makers her that much harder to deal with. Further I dislike lifelink a bit, since it allows for my opponents to gain life from Karona’s attacks, even if we do not care about high life totals thanks to commander damage as our wincondition. Nonetheless we want to avoid granting players free life, that can pofit from it in one way or another, eg. by needing to spend life on activated abilitys. Karonas next tools are the commander Vows. I only play four of the Vows since I find the black one to be to bad. I would consider the red and the green one to be the best among the four, even tho they all are great for their respective mana cost They all are essential for this deck to function since they buff up Karona, all the while protecting us from her since Karona no longer will be able to swing our way. As forlast card to mention we have Assault Suit, which is among the decks MVP’s! It is our way to deal with Karona’s main weakness: Being sacrificed. Since she changes control during each upkeep, we want to avoid that Karona gets sacrificed by our opponents. Assault Suit more or less is the only reliable way to do this, if we ignore Angel of Jubilation. Flickerform comes to mind too, if we talk MVP’s. It is pretty great, even compared to Assault Suit, since it negates a problem auras tend to have, do to the fact that it protects the auras, as well as the enchanted creature, from mass-removal and other effects, that would make your opponents trade one card for multiple of ours. Auras have this well-known problem of trading 1-for-2 at least, and Flickerform helps dealing with this. Well, those are the cards that I run as Karona’s Armory. I hope you liked this kind of video and I got my point across, why I play or not play which card I would be very greatful, if you keep watching my videos If you want you can leave a comment below, and tell me whether my overall production quality is decent enough to keep watching, or If I should change something. (Any feedback is much appreciated!) So again, Thank you very much for watching, I hope to see you soon. Farewell!

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  1. I like to run intants. The likes of : Gods Willing Brand Shadow Rift Dawn Charm Backlash ….

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