Common Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs | Top Tips

Hi I’m Eddy Barry from today I’m talking about
“Common Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs”. Some or all of the following symptoms – occurring
only when the dogs are left alone or separated from their owner – may indicate separation anxiety. Some dogs urinate or defecate when left
alone or separated. A dog who has separation anxiety might bark or howl. This type of persistent barking or howling
doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything except being left alone. Some dogs with separation anxiety chew on
objects, door frames or window sills, dig at doors and doorways, or destroy household objects. A dog with separation anxiety might try to
escape from an area where he’s confined. Some dogs walk or trot along a specific path
in a fixed pattern. Some pacing dogs move around in circular patterns,
while others walk back and forth in straight lines. If one or more of these symptoms are apparent
in your dog, you and your dog need help. If you want to know more, just click the link
in the description below for a FREE 5-part video series called “The
Easy Way to An Obedient Dog”. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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