Common Allergy Myths BUSTED

Common Allergy Myths BUSTED

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  1. Someone from Nasa recently declared Pluto a planet again.

  2. Hey Dr Mike, I’m working on weight loss and a friend told me to try SARMs. I don’t know what this is, and when I look it up I don’t trust the people talking about it. What are your thoughts?

  3. Dr Mike: Let’s talk about allergies.

    Me: Can you please talk about Urticaria!
    (In my Head: People think I’m crazy at, please talk about Urticaria so I can Prove my point! )


    Me: Great talk about allergies, but where’s the Urticaria?

  4. My facebook group with other people with psoriasis is great! It is extremely helpful to have that support. However, if one more person in that group tells me that all I have to do is change my diet, I might scream lol. It's good to have that support, but misinformation is rampant

  5. Fungi used to be considered plants.
    Science is constantly evolving, people.

  6. My son did the penicillin challenge after rash, he’s not allergic.

  7. Allergy shots were my savior, I was a mess sniffling every five seconds when I was a kid and now I just take an anti histamine (after the shots) and I have no problem playing with my dogs 😀

  8. @Doctor Mike Can you do a video on beard growth, and some of the hair growth companies and formulas out today. I thought about purchasing a product to help my beard grow thicker and fill in the patchiness, but I have a feeling these products are scams and haven't purchased any.

  9. Nice try big dairy >.>

  10. Shout out to Israeli Bamba! So much fun hearing you guys talk about it, while here in Israel. Come visit!

  11. Hey Dr. Mike
    I reall love your content. It has made me also create another channel like yours…Thank You for the encouragement

  12. Btw you say a red flag is if the same person helping you is also trying to sell you something, and thats really true.
    But don't doctors work for the same organisation or whatever as the medicine industry?

  13. Hello doc mike from philippines i have a question what do you think about std ???

  14. First of all I saw a gamer tag with beewoop…was that you? Because I destroyed you bro lol

  15. I like to use oxymetazoline HCL it clears me up even when I have a cold or flu but primarily for allergies.

  16. On and off understanding for just a regular person like me

  17. It's me! I have oral allergy syndrome.

  18. 2nd generation antihistamines still make me sleepy and causes grogginess. I save it for when I really really need it.
    My kid’s allergist told me dairy can increase mucus production. So which one of you is right?😒

  19. I thought its about busting a nut allergy whats wrong with me

  20. question: will the corona virus slowly subside as the temperature rises?
    also i want to pursue clinical psychology could you tell me the way to go about it, like the subjects i need and college courses.
    thanks 🙂

  21. Question:
    Why do i get tired after eating certain food like beef or chickpeas?

  22. When is the next update for corona 👍

  23. I am told all my life that I have an allegy to Ampicillin, is my life now a lie?

  24. so you are telling me I still can eat banana bread no problem???(I'm allergic to bananas) ugh I'm so annoyed I had no idea

  25. Hey Doctor Mike,

    I want to ask a question.

    bee woop

    Is eating fried banana chips healthy or not?
    Fried with oil, a pinch of salt ( or less ) ?

    Thank you!

  26. My son is allergic to the flu shot. He had a reaction both years his pediatrician gave it to him. Are you saying that he might be able take it now? He gets hives, shot location turns red, and he gets an itchy rash. I give my other 3 kids the flu shot, but not him because of how reactions. So, what's your opinion of this then?

  27. I used to be extremely lactose intolerent when I was like 2 years old (internal bleeding) now I can have a couple liters with the worst thing possibe of occuring being a stomach ache

  28. Me: Opens box of old stuff.
    My nose: uuuuuuuu
    Me: Oh god no

  29. I take Benadryl and I don’t get sleepy or feel any different in general at all but when my dad takes it he gets really sleepy. I have to take Benadryl almost every day because I break out in random rashes and get really itchy suddenly

  30. Any chance you could do another COVID-19 update? I keep hearing rumors and stuff changing and it’s difficult to sift through what is and is not true, been trying to stick to official CDC/WHO sources but I’m seeing a lot of new information, accurate and inaccurate, floating around

  31. Will I have rhinitis ( hay fever)forever and can I keep eating raw fruits and veggies? even though they make my throat itch but not swell.

  32. When I was born I was allergic to penicillin but I'm fine now. I get hay fever from time to time but that's all my allergies

  33. About penicillin allergy, my grandma’s boyfriend once told a story about how during army (he was in a really poor country), he got sick (not sure if malaria or something along those lines) and he was given penicillin. This resulted in a massive allergic reaction and further as an adult he developed vitiligo, according to him/his doctor, it was as a consequence of that allergy.

    I’m not sure if I’m recalling the story correctly, but heck, I didn’t a bad allergic reaction could cause vitiligo later on!

  34. Hey Dr mike, I love watch you, I was wondering if you could please make a video talking about maybe what I could do to help get off cigarettes. I'm 23 and have been smoking since about 14, so I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to help make myself healthier, or for any nicotine users actually! Thank you

  35. In today's world it seems like every other person has a peanut allergy. Is this allergy really that bad or do some people just fake it.

  36. Pluto is considered a dwarf planet, isn't it? (I didn't fact check) Which is apparently different than a regular parent? Maybe? Not sure

  37. Oh hell yeah, a new doctor Mike video!… 34 minutes… You know, I think I'll just drop a like & leave. I don't even have allergies

  38. I’m one of those people that if I eat a fresh apple with skin, my throat itches and swells a bit.

  39. My tongue gets scratchy with some tropical fruits, like mangoes and unripe bananas. It’s a weird thing but I don’t really mind it.

  40. In Soviet Russia, you cure the doctor.

  41. the funny thing about the dairy "fact" is that I practise the exact opposite… whenever I have a throat complaint that I'm trying to get rid off I usualy overdose on "builder's" tea and chocolate (and honey sometimes comes out if its realy bad); often sorts it out in a day or two for me. I find the viscosity of the milk/chocolate helps soothe my throat and I could guess it also helps the mucus trap the infection? (grasping at straws for that last bit)

  42. 5:52 that is sooo true.. I use a nasal constricting spray "AVAMYS" before bed (doctor orders) because of my allergic rhinitis and just noticed my nose keeps getting very congestioned during the day and yesterday I noticed some blood in the tissue I uhad just used to clean my nose Not in a large scale or anything but i found it weird as i never get nose bleeds or anything of some sort. I stoped using the spray since yesterday to see if gets better now i will for sure stop it for a long term

  43. Dr mike i am recently having a lot of pain in my lower jaw and my teeth and also a lot of chest pain but only for a short period of time ater two hours it goes and comes again the next day.May be you can help

  44. Thank You so much doctors for telling people that there is no so thing as hypoallergenic pets.

  45. Isn't it not good to be to clean? Doesn't that breed new types of super bugs and viruses?

  46. You had a perfect oppurtunity to name the video "Busting a nut"… shame on you

  47. IKA: Someone once told me their neighbor had terminal cancer. She said dewormer (fenbendazole) cured him. He swears by it.

  48. 21:09 your experience is not what everyone will have and or informative for everyone

  49. Hi from Egypt. I really like your vedios. Would you please make a vedio about nasal sinus allergy

  50. What about covid-19

  51. Hypoallergenic doesn't mean no one is allergic to the pet. It just means that fewer people are. And people are definitely less likely to have allergic reactions to non-shedding breeds like poodles.
    You sound like that antivaxxer mom who said that instead of "chemicals" doctors should expose kids to a weakened form of virus to help them build "natural immunity." Or those rare Republicans who oppose "Medicare for all" but support the government taxing people and then paying healthcare costs. Like dude, the thing you're opposing by name you're actually supporting when it's described to you.

  52. @DrMike
    Is it true that your allergic reaction can get more severe the more you consume the food you're allergic too?
    Is an allergic reaction constant or unpredictable?
    I'm allergic to eggs and nuts so I've avoided them my whole life. I'm 18 years old now.

  53. I came here for magic mike. Guess what! I'm right!

  54. Bruh my entire life I really thought kiwis were just spicy

  55. Dr. Mike make video on hair loss and how to prevent in 20s

  56. I had no idea Benadryl had any affects on how impaired a person is. I'm a person with environmental allergies who takes Zyrtec everyday, and if I go about 3 days without taking it or clariton or something, my eyes will swell up and I won't be able to stop sneezing and stuff, and every once in a while, if something happens and I don't have my usual medicine I'll just take Benadryl. It probably actually happens only about once every few months, but it's just interesting to hear them talk about it

  57. Hey Dr. Mike! Can you please do another video to address COVID-19, especially with all the new updates and the WHO raising it's classification?

  58. Q&A QUESTION: What can we do to prevent dementia/alzheimer’s?

  59. Hey Doctor Mike! I have a question ! I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and that causes hypermobility and chronic pain in most of my body especially in my legs. I am a prosthetist and orthotist so I spend most of my days on my feet and take care of patients everyday. Painkillers don't work very well and using crutches is not the best (can't use my hands and so don't use them). Do you think getting a wheelchair would be a good idea ?
    Love your videos you're amazing ! Really hope you can reply to this message in a Wednesday checkup (my Insta @bendy.bee)

  60. I believe that the theory of hypoallergenic pet means that the breed tends to produce less dander than other breeds. For example, it has been said labs are known to produce large amounts while yorkies tend to produce lower levels making them “hypo allergenic. There have been studies that shown this to be false and studies that show this to be true. Dr. S is right though. Find out what you are allergic to. I am not allergic to Yorkies but have anaphylactic reactions to Labs. Allergy shots were the only thing that worked for me. I could not even be in a room with a lab and was able to eventually able to live with one. It was fascinating to see the level of severity of allergic reaction.

  61. She's a delight you knew? there are gold peanuts which of course you can buy at the store

  62. Adult onset allergies are the most quirky things I’ve experienced.

  63. When Dr. Mike talks about his video on challenging your brain, and when you don’t feel challenged you start to feel anxious, does anyone know what video he’s referring to?

  64. Great video! Dr. Mike I would love to see your thoughts on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop line and how it can be harmful to everyone involved.

  65. me, binging on all these allergies videos. mainly because i'm in a bind. my past doctor suggested me to get an allergy test done because i had a severe allergy rash all over my body, for like a week before it was fully gone. my dumbass was thinking it's dengue 😂. i'm worried it might be unnecessary and wasteful since it's quite expensive to do it, ( i live in malaysia and the prices as far as i know are rm800+ ), i don't know why i increasingly become more and more allergic to things. I haven't gone to a proper doctor yet, and currently taking cetrizine everytime i have allergic reactions to things i ate, touch or exposed. anyone has experience in increasingly becoming allergies? what was your diagnosis?

  66. What do you think about vitamin D and turmeric? My allergist that I saw always gave me handouts and talked to me about them EVERY TIME I saw him. I have oral allergy syndrome( trees, weeds, and grasses).

  67. 29:24 Pluto is not a planet because when you look at its orbit around the sun, it's tilted. All 8 other planets are moving pretty much on the same plane. When the 10th and 11th planets were discovered, they were more similar to Pluto than all the other planets, so it was much more sensible to classify them as their own group and not as part of the solar system.

  68. Can you guys do make a series of CEs together?

  69. 12:43 hey that sounds like mee except I’m still allergic just not going to die bad Inflammation nausea + yes dying no

  70. Yeah my doctor refuses to do allergy shots (or even allergy testing) and daily use of nasal spray causes paradoxical reactions but my allergies trigger my asthma to the point I am on the floor coughing until I vomit, my throat closes up and I'm being forcibly made to take time off work and scared I'm going to lose my job and therefore my accommodation that comes with it.

  71. Make a vid about trypophobia.

  72. Is there a good way to avoid a peanut allergy in a child if one of the parents has a severe peanut allergy?

  73. I get an itchy mouth with pineapple and kiwi.

  74. Is it possible for a person not to have any allergies at all throughout their life?

  75. I love this Dr. Mike thank you!

  76. 21:25 to 22:11 I appreciate that.

  77. This information is mostly food allergy related and I was wondering what differs with cosmetic allergies or sensitivities? I have found I am unable to use things like chap stick or Neosporin and some lotions because I get redness, itchiness, swelling and a rash, but with so many ingredients its hard to tell exactly what I have an issue with. What is the approach to make with a doctor with these types of allergies?

  78. Hey idk if you will see this but i have anger issius so when i get pissed off i hit door or wall and i am scared that i will brake my hand and it almoste happend and it was maby 3 months ago and i am still scared so what can i do please answer….. P.S i am new at your channel but i like it aready

  79. Now i want to revisit if i am allergic to Valtrex.

  80. Can you grow out of a drug allergy? I’ve had an allergic reaction to medication containing sulpha when I was really young (I cannot remember anything about it my mom told me) so I’ve always wondered if I would to this day almost 12 years later be allergic

  81. My brother was allergic to almost everything trees,bees,grass,bugs etc but the next year he was allergic to nothing

  82. There's been the first report of Covid-19 in Auckland, New Zealand. Should I be worried?

  83. Is it just me or does Dr Mike ( respect) look like buff Jonah hill?

  84. Question! How come you lower the radio to see better when we're driving? Lol

  85. I am sorry but I hate this clickbaity types of thumbnails.
    My mother tried almost everything to make me eat and adapt to starwberries and I still lose my breath and puke and get itchy skin when I eat them.

  86. That's off topic but,
    Doctor whenever I look at you my heartbeats faster. My eyes stops blinking and sometimes I can even hear violens playing around me. WHAT TO DO!!!!

  87. Would love to see a new covid-19 video now that the panic has set in.

  88. Do you ever have victims of sexual assault coming in? If so can you make a video about it or talk about how you navigate that conversation and what symptoms they present?

  89. Hi Dr. Mike, I was wondering when we can expect another video on the novel coronavirus? I really trust & respect your opinion, thank you for these informative videos!

  90. Amazing video done incredibly well. Thank you both for your time, interest, and effort!

  91. Dr. Mike: Don’t drive a car after taking Benadryl.

    Me: Well I rode a horse after taking Benadryl.

  92. I'm glad you mentioned the egg allergy/flu shot. The last time I had one was ten yrs ago. I signed a waiver that said ppl with an egg allergy shouldn't get this. Mine is mild, so I wasn't concerned. I came down with the flu the same night. Yes, it could have been coincidence. But I was sick as a dog for 4 months.

  93. I failed to mention I have a compromised immune system from Fibromyalgia. So I've always been too scared to get another.

  94. I was to bored to watch the video so I have a question how do you get red of a penut alegy

  95. Why is he smiling? Thousands are suffering and thousands more will suffer and die because of this guy downplaying Covid-19 and telling people to not worry and be happy. WHO, Philip DeFranco and Doctor Mike are to blame for severe misinformation. And they are the reason why so many people are unprepared physically and mentally for what is about to come.

    Remember: "Don't be anxious, things will be ok, let's all trust WHO". Lmao! What a worthless advice from a joke Instagram doctor. My advice: prepare seriously or you will panic later.

  96. I have a penicillin allergy that started in childhood, and I've developed allergies to several other antibiotics as an adult. It actually runs in my family.

  97. Can you please clarify this information?
    I have lately seen some ads stating that children don't gain much weight when they eat junk but adults instantly do because children mostly have brown fat while adults have white fat. They are also claiming that there are methods to convert the white fat to brown somehow. Is it possible?

  98. Hey im a kid 12 year old and i want to know if i should wear a mask about the coronavirus

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