Commander 2018 Preview Card

Commander 2018 Preview Card

Thank You Wizards of the coast for sending me this card to preview on my channel Music in magic terms is essentially like picking up an artifact Activating it until you find an effect you like and then copying that pattern over and over again So in keeping with that idea, I think we should write a song, and I will need help from my preview card to do so First things first. We need to set the key Okay, that sounds good, now copy it, add in a little run on the koto to peak interest And now slide into the hook Wait, I’ve seen that pattern before Ah, right, okay, let’s add base Nice and full, let’s copy it, bringing the lire to pair nicely with our hook. Here we go And percussion, copy it over and over and add some texture So now we’re grooving and all of these artifacts are coming together pretty nicely Which means there’s no better time than now to introduce the conductor of this Orchestra Tawnos, Urza’s Apprentice. For two mana, we can copy stuff our artifacts do which leads me to our grand finale Bring in the reservoir Aetherflux is a great addition to our track since we can copy both the triggered ability to gain more life and then the activated one later to blow up two opponents at the Same time Anyway, I know there are thousands more combos that work with this card So I hope you all enjoy activating and looping with Tawnos in many games to come. Thanks for watching

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  1. Wow! The most amazing spoiler video ever! You sir are talented and dedicated! Wizards needs to hire you! You would at least make some great promotional vids and not silly ones like they keep doing.

  2. How clever and cool was that??

  3. Incredible video

  4. This has got to be among the most creative approaches to a preview card that I've ever seen and I love it.

  5. Could you upload this track on its own?

  6. Before Sam had gotten a preview card: "Wizards, seriously, he makes the most well-researched, well-presented content in magic and his focus is on art and he even does specific card studies. He'll be perfect"
    Now: "This is an ever so satisfying I Told You So"

  7. This video is awesome. 11/10

  8. This is AMAZING <3 appreciate so much effort and this channel definitely deserves more love

  9. the fuck was that

  10. Best. Preview. Ever.

  11. You're amazing man. Please never change.

  12. Every time i watch your videos i'm just amazed with how polished everything looks! Love all your content!!!

  13. What's that, sacrificing 5 artifacts a turn is too hard on your Time Sieve? No matter! You got two turns now.

  14. I generally hate video previews and will close out of them as soon as I link to one, not realizing it was a video, but I was presented with a very different experience than you'd get from anyone else. Rhythm and melodies… All with an entendre to talk about magic cards. You have earned a subscription from me.

  15. Holy shit subbed


  17. "from an artifact source"
    I love the candelabra transition into music notes.

  18. This may be the most unique, creative, and entertaining card preview ever!

  19. Thank God it requires RU otherwise it would be way to easy to go infinite.

  20. Didn't know you were a musician. Can we get a DL on the full track?

  21. They lose points if the art doesn't have a candelabra in the background. This was an amazing preview though.

  22. This is so incredibly cool and well-done!

  23. to think that this is just a PREVIEW video. holy…

  24. This was one of the most creative previews ever! And Loved the tune!!!

  25. Can you preview every card from the set please?

  26. I hated the new Commander 19 set at first, but now i am HYPED!! Not because i think the card is exciting, but because YOU made it exciting! Huge thanks!!

  27. He combos with his candlabra

  28. Congrats, man! Nice commander card!

  29. This was just great. Thank you!

  30. Best preview video by a long mile. Impressive.

  31. Such an amazing video from just a preview card. This is why I'm subscribed to this channel

  32. christ, only 80k subs? thats criminally low for how much is put in to these videos, this guy is a wizard :O

  33. You are a cool dude!

  34. I LOVE how you took the height of the flames on Tawnos's Candelabra to make a tune for the man himself.

  35. Horn of greed ❤️ Sam you’re awesome!!!! Amazing work as always! Thank you

  36. Why are you so good at this.

  37. This is absolutely astounding, I'm absolutely in awe of what you've made this concept into. Phenomenal video.

  38. An awesome preview for an awesome card! Thanks for all of the great work, even on the smaller things 🙂

  39. Any plans for a full song release? Wonderful creativity in seeing music notes on the Candelabra.

  40. This is a really cool idea and great execution

  41. I really want a full version of this song.

  42. After that thragtusk video I knew you'd have a preview card. Great video

  43. Amazing work as always!

  44. This is amazing.

  45. Such a great video! And just for a spoiler!

  46. Please make this into a full song and put it on soundcloud or here in youtube! I LOVE THIS SONG

  47. I would LIKE this preview card video ten times if I could.
    What a piece of beauty.

  48. In the art of Thawnos, is he holding the rings of brighthearth? It would be very fitting if yes, I could not tell

  49. Outstanding. How about putting the song on soundcloud?

  50. This. This is why you are my favorite mtg channel.

  51. Please do a series of your own compositions for your favorite cards! You're awesome!

  52. Any chance you could make this track available somewhere? It's hauntingly beautiful.

  53. Can you do an art episode for Johannes Voss?

  54. 0:48 was that a reference to adam neely?


  56. I caught that you timed the recitation of your dude's name right as the hook fired. Well played.

    This attention to detail is one of the many things that makes you great, RS (or, as I prefer, MagicManSam). Keep up the good work.

  57. This is such a wonderful way of previewing a card. Your ability to make art while expressing a design and idea is beautiful. This is true for all of your videos, but this one's length and clarity is amazing. Thank you for being you.

  58. Who the fuck would dislike this lmao

  59. This video was complex and simple at the same time. Amazing work.

  60. Uhm I just now watched this. Best preview video ever!

  61. So where can I download that song now?

  62. This was so creative

  63. Way to out do literally everyone else's preview announcement

  64. That was easily the coolest card preview I've ever seen. Hats off!

  65. Super dope preview. Best one ever that I've seen.

  66. when listing to this, it made me really relaxed and focused. Great sensation.

  67. This is probably the best mtg related video I’ve ever seen.

  68. >music is like tapping an artifact until you find the correct sounds, then repeat those abilities
    how much weed did you smoke for this?

  69. I have seen countless card reveals from channels like the Command Zone, Tolarian and LRR. This one definitely sets the bar for what a card reveal should look like. Well done.

  70. You are wildly creative and deserve way more recognition than you have.

  71. So different, thats why this is one of the best magic the gathering channels.

  72. That's the most high concept preview i've ever seen

  73. Holy cow. Agree with all the (good) comments… MP3 when?

  74. Tawnos can't copy the song lyre's ability because the lyre gives the ability to the creature. Still, good preview video and Tawnos plays really good in cmdr.

  75. Magic inspired soundtrack. Take my money.

  76. What a sophisticated take on a card reveal.

  77. Seriously thought Rhstic Studies; where can we download this song? x3

  78. I don't even play magic and I still watch your vids

  79. that was rad as fuck

  80. Where can I listen to just the track?

  81. So, I love your channel from a magic perspective but now it appears I'm gleaning information that tells me you're a musician as well as a game player. I am these things as well. Was that a Judas priest shirt you were wearing? I hope so! They are my favorite band of all time. Please let me know.

  82. Sooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuch cool. Jesus.

  83. You are so damn classy.

  84. You have the most brilliant, inspiring and surprising way to look at MTG.

  85. I feel like I'm playing age of empires 2 with this song

  86. Can we get this whole song please?

  87. Really wish you'd post this song onto youtube or something. :[

  88. This was amazing

  89. Can someone specify what genre of music this is? I can't really sort it in

  90. Needs more lick hehe

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