Clash-A-Rama: Bringing Up Baby Dragon (Clash of Clans)

Clash-A-Rama: Bringing Up Baby Dragon (Clash of Clans)

Sheldon. Am I really that slow? We’re gonna crush you! Oh, well. At least
there’s one thing left to punch. Why aren’t you at the victory party? They’ve got tiny sandwiches! I think they’re tiny.
When you’re a Giant, it’s hard to tell. That party’s about the last battle.
We’re training for the next one. Right! Training got me out of diapers,
I’ll bet it can make me fast too! Yup, yup! I’m ready. Prepare to taste the power of my power! How many times
are we gonna do this title thing? It’s not an enemy troop! Don’t shoot! He’s not red or blue. He’s a stray! Fine! I won’t shoot! But I need to shoot something,
or the cannon will lose respect for me. Look at this view!
Smell that fresh air! I don’t know
why my brother quit this job. Right, he mentioned this. Daddy, can we keep him? We’ll do every bit of the work.
You won’t have to do a thing! – Pleeeaaaseee?
– Pleeeaaaseee? When you lose interest,
who will take care of him? I know. Me! That’s who. We won’t lose interest. We promise. – Pleeeaaaseee?
– Pleeeaaaseee? Enough! You can keep him. – Thanks, dad!
– You’re the best! Uh, girls? Won’t happen again. We got you a present! Aw, I knew he’d like it. Has anyone seen my cereal bowl? Guess I’ll use my Number Two King bowl. His nose is hot. Is that normal? Maybe he needs a sweater. I’m meeting some Ice Spirits
and I’m wearing my… Okay, Smokey, time to go. – Do we need to pick it up?
– Not if no one sees us. Really? These are my only shoes! You’re slobbering on them.
Suede can’t get wet! Sir, I must protest. There is nowhere left to walk! I knew they breathed fire,
but this is ridiculous. Princesses! I borrowed your shovel.
Hope you don’t mind. Oh, keep it. Why fly when you can float? Why do I say things? Not my favorite banner! Not my favorite throne! Not my favorite…
Eh, him I was so-so on. It iz important to eztablish
a happy relationship with ze pet. Happy! Happy! Happy! Go! “Nein”! “Das ist” not happy! Again! See? Happy! Roll over. “Gut”. Now, happy! So happy. Sit. Roll over. Play dead. Play piano. Princesses! Come meet
our new and improved Dragon! Just watch this.
Sit! Roll over! What’s wrong with him? – He looks sick.
– Yeah. Lie down. Good boy. Can we go now?
Buddy Hollow’s birthday is in two weeks. That means only fifty-four weeks
until his next birthday! – Babies!
– So cute! Wait. He’s a she? Can we keep them, daddy?
We promise we’ll take care of them! – Pleeaa…
– Pleeaa… – …eeaase?
– …eeaase? Yes! I’m lightning in a battle! What? I’m still too slow? – Great demolishing!
– I nailed that. Did you see? You guys go ahead.
I’ll catch up to you. Actually, I probably won’t. A giant sulks past me. I don’t know what to feel. No, that ain’t it. I need a new hit
with a great story to tell. I know, as your King,
I shouldn’t have favorites. But I do. He’s fast. He’s a beard brother… – …Has an axe!
– I have an axe. Did you not hear the part
about the beard? Beards rule! – I have a beard.
– But do you have an axe? No, you don’t. I don’t think any less
of the rest of you. It’s just that the Lumberjack here
is the best after my new P.E.K.K.A. No offense, but I’ve always wanted one. Just look at it! Big and powerful.
Doesn’t eat or sleep. It just fights! – Yeah, but does it have a beard?
– Don’t be so superficial. Someone getting dumped.
That’s always great material for a song. Dumped for a P.E.K.K.A.
My heart is a total wreck-a… Man, this song’s emptier than I am. I’ll show him by doing
what I do best: jacking lumber! B-but that’s my thing! Put us both into battle, mano y ma… Whatever he, she, it is.
Let’s see who does better. Very well. You’re on! Yeah! Competition for approval?
That’s song-material gold! The Lumberjack challenged the P.E.K.K.A:
“No troop’s as cool as me. You’re going down, I’ll get the crown.”
And the P.E.K.K.A said… They both raced off to the towers.
Lumberjack was first to go. Lumberjack’s ahead,
but he’d soon be dead. He charged his tin can foe, oh yeah.
So he charged his tin can foe. Then the P.E.K.K.A took out the tower
using the Lumberjack’s Rage. The jack’s sad defeat
made sure he was beat. His legacy’s hard to gauge. His legacy’s hard to gauge. Listen everyone. I want to share something
I learned in battle. I need to accept me for me. I’m a big guy.
Big guys are naturally slow… unless they have wheels. Big wheels! Now, let’s go attack! On your right! It’s working. It’s working! I’m first! I did it! What an easy target! I guess there are worse things
than being last to battle… Being first! So the rolling Giant got attacked
as bad as that Lumberjack. Not fast nor slow,
is the only way to go. The answer to life’s riddle, oh yeah, is always hide right in the middle. Oh, boy!

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