Chinchilla |Los reodores más dociles e inteligentes| (Roedores) |Cuidados de mascotas|

a very interesting pet are chinchillas, some rodents very peculiar and quite striking, that people liked a lot for their fur, but otherwise are very intelligent and They get to interact a lot with the owners. chinchillas sold as pets chinchilla are a cross between long tail and short-tailed chinchilla both in danger species, inhabitants of the Andes from Chile to Peru, where is obtained chinchilla fur domestic, it is widely distributed so there is no problem if purchased are. before choosing a pet chinchilla, you need to cover some prerequisites for care, the first is that the place where you live does not exceed 25 ° C, this its coat not resisting high temperatures and come to suffer thermal shock that can lead to death, so that if necessary you should think about an air conditioned if the temperature exceeds the set range. are nocturnal animals, so they spend more activity at night making it difficult to take them into one bedroom, especially children, because they make noises during this time as well that adult supervision is required when children are interacting with this. are gregarious animals so may require a companion of the same species, if you can not spend a long time with them. in place there should be no noise music very loud or very high, because the wave spectrum come to perceive is very low and very high-pitched noises can hurt your ears, so if you like to party or there is a lot of noise outside you have to find a solution to decrease. to acquire is necessary to observe hair looks fluffy, your mood that is playful or try to escape and your stools have a similar, if not so You may indicate that you are sick. for their habitat it is necessary to purchase a cage that has minimum dimensions 1 meter base 1.5 meters in height, this pro that They are animals who walk a lot and get to jump and if you can provide some Instead, material such as wood, where they hide better, the floor must be chip covered tree, this should come dry and paint or varnish to the fit your taste and absorb its waste. care to be carried as an owner They are simple, they should leave food and water all the time, the food can be special for them or to lower costs can provide them with pellets for rabbits providing the same amount of required nutrients, they are not bathe with water, if wet can get sick or they put the ugly hair, bathe them with sand or marble ground by putting it in a container so that this goal is one and start scrubbing. right out of their habitat to walk it is essential to monitor because they can find a hole and protruding into the street, get in a domestic appliance or a place difficult to remove, or biting power lines and electrocution. You can put them in a area to walk with a little more ease, remembering that if it is hot you can suffocate or fall down the stairs. They are very intelligent and docile, it is rare come to bite but not impossible, reaching delicate nibbling mind Debos make a very distinctive sound like a whimper but simply are communicating. when angry or frightened can throw urine on hand and if they are in stress hair pulling reach what would be an indication that they are sick. They can consent to giving awards especially when performing a trick one or two per day, as sunflower seeds in small quantities, oats or raisins, but remembering you can get sick stomach if they are not used, so if it happens It is required a visit to the vet. it is rarely sick most common are Biting including especially if you have several females together or males when there is a female in heat, get to have abscesses in the snout to grow back molars on especially when they are large because their teeth grow throughout life and can fracture some or hurt the gum, to prevent that must have something to gnaw made of wood. animals are not vaccinated due to have no contact with the outside, but they could put some vaccine as leptospira. if you want to play it is necessary the male this all the time with the female after copulation the female one month later began to gain weight, giving birth to 3 months and 12 days, they come to have 2 to 3 pups per litter, in an interval of 6 months between birth and are weaned to 1 month and a half to two months, where already they can fend for themselves. They are very beautiful animals that allow interaction with the owner, coming to live 15 to 20 years, so they are long-lived companions. I hope the video has been to his liking, if so give me love and share it for more people know this channel, I leave my social networks so that we are in contact, besides that thereby I will make relevant announcements regarding the channel. If you are new I invite you to subscribe and do not forget to leave a comment or a question that you has arisen, thank you very much for watching this video, we’re seeing us later.

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