Cat pepper-sprayed by police

Cat pepper-sprayed by police

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  1. So… pepper gassing the cat would NEVER just make the cat run away causing it to be even more aggressive as well. Of course not.😫

  2. WHAT the actual fuck … poor cat ????????????

  3. If they don't care what they do to humans ,why would they care what they do to an animal in 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Stupid mofos. And they think the shit is glad his bit.. as. Got choked

  5. We need to cull these feral cats, they are destroying our natural ecosystem and causing all sorts of damage.

  6. Cops are such fools…………can't even handle a kitty who is only looking for a friend. LOL
    No wonder no one likes cops.

  7. Wtf!?! I'm glad the officer inhaled the pepper spray. That cat is not fucking rabid! Fucking idiots

  8. Untrained hayseed assholes.

  9. I mean that’s kind of smart if you actually think about it. All they messed up on was loosing the cat before animal control got there. Especially since 1 rabid cat bit someone not long ago it’s either shoot it or pepper spray it and wait for animal control

  10. Wow society wtf that cat is not a threat and instead of trying to pick up the cat or deter it from the area you spray it with pepper spray or talk about shooting it wow

  11. Imagine being scared of a cat though…

  12. that cat could be dead already😢🐱

  13. When it comes to driving animals, plants, whatever, to extinction, along with destroying the planet in general, nothing beats the human race. Hmm, what to do about that? Cats pale in comparison. Leave poor little kitty alone. Might have been a mama protecting her kittens.

  14. Cops were bigger pussies than supposed rabid cat.

  15. Don’t f**k with cats!
    Come on people, where is the outrage? Funny that nobody has anything to say?

  16. He's hungry assholes, give him food and wster.

  17. wtf ….did….i …just seeee…??! pigs are scared of ..CATS?! lmao!!! it looks like a mama cat …trying to keep ppl away from her kittens…that cat did NOT look like it had rabies….good lord…

  18. This shouldn’t even be a news story

  19. This is fucked up my cat was a straight cat and she has struggle a lot from prucess and even a Broken tail Bc of stupid people like them hurting cats

  20. Why is the news spinning this like it's no big deal?!😡 The cops are scared of the cat… I'm not surprised in the slightest!!! They are a bunch of abusive p*****!!!


    I'm not serious I'm just pissed and I used to have cats and I deathly miss them..

  22. I would love to pepper spray your kid, you dumb ass police. The cat didn't do anything.

  23. LMFAO that's the intelligence of those who "serve and protect"? Good Luck.

  24. What is with this Reporters hair? Is he trying to be George Michael the Knob Gobbler?

  25. Wtf it’s a furry cudly cat it was probably trying to play or get attention from a human. That’s what cats do when they follow you because they want to play trust me I have three cats

  26. Wow disgusting and sad

  27. Rabid animals are very dangerous say it attacks a dog or a child and the parent doesn't know only sees the scratch weeks later the dog or child is dying from rabies so I don't see any problem with destroying a POTENTIALLY rabid animal it sucks but if it has signs and you gotta just do it to protect others

  28. Cat scratches can be nasty. Cats have actually seriously injured and even blinded people.

  29. The cat has fucking rabies. A disease with a 99% mortality rate, death is certain. The cat would’ve died anyway, if they got near it would’ve bitten the human meaning the human would get a dose of rabies.

  30. Cat was probably defending it's litter animal control that's what it's for cops are good for nothing just another form of parasite if you wanna get harassed shot call 911 they would be glad to help

  31. That cat was NOT rabid. These cops are dumb as rocks. The conversation is very telling. Plotting ways to kill a cat that was probably dumped, scared & hungry.

  32. Must be running outta news coverage, i mean why was this even news ? 😆

  33. Ridiculous and shitty american police of shit ,same for animals they are scared of a cat 🤣🖕

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