CAT GAMES – LONG TAILED MOUSE (Video for cats and kittens)

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  1. My cat prefers the lizard game 🙂 but thanks for this too.

  2. I found this entertaining as I am a cat, however, I still had to endure an advertisement which lasted just over a minute. Thanks though, a very entertaining episode, can't wait for season 2. Hiss hiss, meow!

  3. my cat even dont watch the screen..

  4. My cat loooves this game !

  5. Preferred over "get that turkey." Wow.

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  7. how long did it take you to render that?

  8. Omg my cat loves this

  9. The first time I put this on my cat somehow put on a different video and then now he skipped it up ↑↑↑


  11. My 3 kittens absolutely LOVED this one. We didn't watch the whole 2 hours because I have to hold them back from walking on the keyboard to get to the screen! Well done!

  12. cats touch my heart 🙂

  13. U tube was out yesterday. My kitty Rosie wasn’t happy 🙀

  14. My cat can't get enough of this video. The other day he watched it for 45 straight minutes before he went to lay down. And I mean, he's swatting the screen, he bops his nose trying to bite it (I hear his tooth hit the screen sometimes), it really is simulating hunting for him. I think its incredibly good for his mental health. Not as sure about my mental health, though. Ever since we discovered this particular video a few weeks ago he harasses me to put it on! I'll be watching something else on Youtube and he will hear the distinctive noises it makes clicking around the videos, and he'll come and sit right in front of the TV and meow at me! Telling me to change the channel to HIS show! Its annoying because I almost always give in…..

  15. My kitten watched this for 4:40 min until he moved on to something else. So cute!

  16. My cat watched 23 minutes in and then jumped off the couch and now is under the couch

  17. My screen is wet and has a few scratches now………….

  18. my cat was on my computer and i had to pull her off it and she went crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Squeaky loves this one, I have had to secure the monitor for fear of it being broken! Oh no paw prints!

  20. On every level except physical I am a cat.

  21. She's jumping at the screen and chattering out of frustration that she cant have the actual mouse. After these videos or when she gets tired of them I give her a treat to say "good job at attacking the tv mouse"

  22. My cat remembered the program she is gentil with the screen because when she was young I helped her to not pull or scratch this device .
    Thank you I took three videos like you said I'll upload to show your ch.and be like an advert for you I'm so great ful for your videos.
    My cat was a runt and needs special care ☺️💜💜💜

  23. Nose and paw prints EVERYWHERE on the tv screen now! lol. Missy and Simon say “Thanks for the running, squeaky mouse!” I like that there is no annoying repetitive music 👍

  24. I have a video my 🐈 went to sleep .
    I have a video for you too.
    Thank you my cat loves these games

  25. Could not share a link or upload a video . thanks
    I'll try again later.
    Some of the cat people see this as abuse ?
    My cat is special and very aware .

  26. OMG my cat pawed at the screen!😹

  27. My cat is a Hunter.he
    Chases everything

  28. On all levels except physical I am a

  29. PEOPLE USE GOOGLE CHROMECAST, PS3, PS4, SMART TV …etc its way better on the t.v than on computer, phone , or tablet

  30. Cats love it. Beg for it.

  31. Ótimo vídeo! Coloquei o vídeo para ver na tela da minha televisão de 55 polegadas… Nossa, a minha gatinha ficou enlouquecida querendo pegar o ratinho! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  32. I have this playing on the tv just now and my kitten, Lottie loves it!

  33. My Cat Looked Like “What The Heck?” Or “Wtf” she was watching the mouse XD Good Job!

  34. My cat loves these

  35. Thank you for letting my cats grow a lot

  36. My cat got scared because the mouse sounded like a marker on a dry erase board

  37. Great for simese kittens

  38. Omg I wish I recorded her she just kept pouncing and scratching plus biting my iPad screen it was so funny after I told my cat to come here and she started to meow and it sounded like she was mad so I gave her a little massage session and she was calm but all I know is she loved this mouse and Kiki says thank you!

  39. My cat stayed occupied until 4:27

  40. Hello there, CAT GAMES. I made a video of my cat reacting to your video. Ill give you the link.

  41. Yes awesome my cat is a Maine coon about 20 pounds and he loves it thank you.🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

  42. Today makes one week since I had to put down my 20 year old cat. RIP Smokey.

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  44. My cat kept on biting my ipad lol PS my cat loves ur videos

  45. My cat was getting out of control watching this video so I stopped it after a while. Now she's looking and pawing behind my computer screen and all over my desk for the mouse. She is convinced the mouse is hiding somewhere. It's hilarious.


  47. Now my phone is scratched

  48. He scratches the tv screen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and keeps taping it with its paw

  49. My cat come crazy 😂😂😂😂

  50. My kittens love this ♡

  51. My cat loved it. The only thing that dissapoints me is that she made the computer fall down…😂 she literally got onto the computer and then she bounced off of it and the computer fell

  52. my cat is purring like CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ah yes I love chasing mice

  54. My cat like your videos she taps my tablet

  55. i did this with a computer keys didn't like that

  56. lmao my cat is almost two years old and he loves this game!!!

  57. И это нужно было рейндерить в 4K?

  58. My cat wanted to eat my phone

  59. I left my cat in a room and closed the door with this vid on and went to school and when I got back she was in the same place i left her XD

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