Cat Care : Which Cat Breed Is Right for You?

Cat Care : Which Cat Breed Is Right for You?

We’re here today with Bo and Brandy talking
about picking the right cat breed for you. Now if you’re interested in adopting a pure
bred cat, there’s a few things you might want to consider. Before you even start the selection
process of the breed, or you may have an idea of the breed that you’re interested in. I
think the most important thing is to really consider the breeder that you’re adopting
from. You want to make sure that the breeder is raising their kittens, it’s called underfoot,
which means that they’re being raised in the house where they’re interacting with people
a lot and getting a lot of socialization. As opposed to a breeder that’s pretty much
keeping the cat locked in a cage. Because cats like people, they er, they learn all
their social skills in their early, early, well their early months for the cat. The other
thing to consider too, is that they’re, you may find that you learn that there are certain
breed characteristics that really interest you. Like, with these guys, they’re rag dolls,
and people usually, they love the rag doll. Because rag dolls are known to be very relaxed
and they, they’re sort of floppy. They kind of completely relax when you pick them up.
Although not all rag dolls do that, but they’re known for their exceptionally affectionate
personalities. The thing to remember though is that each cat regardless of their breed
is an individual personality. So while the burst, the breed may have certain characteristics,
you want to be sure that you get a chance to get to know the cat that you’re adopting.
I strongly recommend that if you’re going to purchase a cat from a breeder that you
make sure that you can visit the cat several times in the breeder’s home. You can inspect
the, you can meet the parents of the cat or at least one of the parents. And, and just
get to know the cat. Because remember this a up to potentially a twenty year commitment.
And you want to make sure that this is really truly the cat that you want to keep for the
rest of its life. Some of the cat breeds that are really popular right now are rag dolls
because of their lovely affectionate nature, their beautiful coats. Bengals are another
breed that’s very popular right now. A Bengal is a cross breed between a domestic cat and
an, an Asian jungle cat. And so they, they do have a little bit of wild cat blood. Even
though by the time you get to the generations that most people adopt out, most of it has
been diluted. Those cats are highly active. And they’re cats that are really not meant
for everyone. That you, you know, you need to think about are you a person who wants
a docile cat who’s going sleep with you or do you want a cat that’s going to talk to
you constantly and follow you around the house and want to be played with for hours on end.
If you want a cat that’s going to play with you for hours on end, then maybe you would
be interested in a Bengal. If you like listening to a cat vocalize a Siamese might be the cat
that’s right for you. Abyssinians are a cat that’s into everything, highly intelligent,
but also very needy. And then you get some cats that are really much more laid back and
they just kind of want to snooze and relax, like a Persian is a great, a great lap cat.
But again, the most important thing to remember when you are choosing a cat breed, there’s
over fifty recognized breeds that you can choose from. You want to make sure that it’s
a reputable breeder. But if you have your heart set on a specific breed, there are rescue
groups that have plenty of cats of, of every breed that need homes. And often, you know,
the person gave it up because they discovered they had allergies, or they had some life
change and that could be wonderful cats, that would be a wonderful addition to your home,
that really need a home. And of course never forget that there are lots of cats with wonderful
personalities at your local shelter.

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  11. If you dont want to brush it (even though they love it) you can allways give them special food that taste great and also makes thier fur soften out more, wich requres no brushing.

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  15. You are the most animal loving person I have ever heard or seen.
    I am so happy that there are people on this planet you are so nice like you.I have seen many if your videos and found really good tips.thans alot.

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  40. it's a good thing to get 2 cats together if they can get along. They can play with each other. It's better if one's a male, and other is a female though.

  41. What if I'm getting a cat from a shelter?

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