Cat Bromance !!

Cat Bromance !!

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  1. Brokeback Garden?The Big Head is so in love.

  2. they're gay walter!!! lmao

  3. OMG… Even cats needs BFFs ???

  4. Cutest thing ever!!!

  5. Down the stairs, nostalgia falls. Sorrow rolls like the endless road, where distance starts to bite your soul.

  6. That was delightful – well edited. I love the garden and your cats. It's just a time to enjoy and have joy for the day. Thank you.

  7. They may be of the same DNA. Walter, why don't you put a tracker and see where the purring cat goes? He must have a second family somewhere close.

  8. Aw, they really love each other.

  9. Oh how sweet!! And I noticed D'artagnan 's girlfriend sniffing around in there too. Wasn't she unfaithful with the Purring Cat? I think I don't like her so much. Seems like a troublemaker. I do hope she behaves… ?

  10. Hey, can you please share the details of the cat. Like how old they are , what they like to eat?

  11. you describe cats best

  12. the big head’s sorrow days is literally me during my workdays ?

  13. Do you think they are related. You guys are the best. I love the kitty garden. In my married life of almost 40 years my husband and I have had over 50 cats 7 indoor and the rest outdoor cats, all fixed over time, at several different locales we just love them. Keep up the good work .

  14. Aw so sweet! What are the chances they are related, I wonder?

  15. Do you have a plan to release Calendar 2020 of your garden cats!? I have great expectation!

  16. Seeing a cat sad is worse than a human crying

  17. Oh God ,, their bonding is sooo cute

  18. The music sounds like they should be dancing in the garden. Very cute video.

  19. Could they be brothers?

  20. Your videos mean so much to me. Thank you

  21. Şu kedilerin bile benimkinden heyecanlı bi hayatı var ?

  22. Lovely Bromance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????? Sometimes distance also maintains love ?

  23. This is a true bromance!!!!!!

  24. Beautiful story. You are so invested in all your cats' lives. I keep looking forward to new videos giving more details into each cat's unique story and personality

  25. Love your videos!!! And the cats too of coutse!!

  26. Poor Big Head. Please give him some extra kisses for me. I think my cat Freyja still misses Beastie, who died last September. We also ended up moving to an apartment about a month later. She likes it here, but she still meows if she doesn't see me.

  27. You always tell the best stories through your videos! Thank you! ??

  28. sooooo cutteeeeeeee 0:52

  29. Lovely video ??❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Purring cat be the reason behind most of the blank distant stares into oblivion, heavy sighs and melancholy in that garden ?. But he's gorgeous..can't really blame him ?

  31. I honestly gasped at the sad shot of Big Head in the flower pot. ? Human you are the most fantastic storyteller & cat videographer, indeed. I love every minute. ???

  32. I think the big head saw the purring cat as himself when bighead was young and badass cat

  33. I think it might be impossible for these videos to be any better than they are. They are perfect.

  34. Not surprised that he gets upset the Purring Cat is a stunner.

  35. I only see d'artagnan not trust purring cat after the incident

  36. They are beautiful cats. I’ve got six ferals that call my backyard home and the relationship that they have and how it works and who are best buds is amazing to watch. They all have distinct personalities. Thanks for sharing your videos

  37. The Big Sad of The Big Head

  38. Friend: who’s your favourite couple?
    Me: it’s complicated..

  39. Who else like thier video before going to watch??

  40. 0:59 – 1:16 me when my favourite t.v show ended

  41. I adore this and love the music! ??☺️

  42. I bet the purring cat has a lover tucked away in some bush .He's two timing the big head .

  43. I like purring cat!!

  44. Purring cat : he
    Big head : He
    Relationship: Gay

  45. Well, what else would his big head be made for other than bumping it right into his best friend's face?! 😀

  46. Awe best friends cats!

  47. Oh my gosh, he looks so sad in the planter. Makes me wanna cry T^T

  48. Omg, that is too cute! ❤️?❤️

  49. When Purring Cat leaves, Big Head is like "You said I was ya BOO! Y'all FAKEEEEE"

  50. We all need a special friend in our lives! ??

  51. Awh…wee wee … my sweet sweet heart???????????????oh *I'm dancing*…???…

  52. Hey buddy you got enough cats in that garden? ????

  53. You bring the Purring Cat! Happy day! The blind shall see! The lame shall walk! The short shall tall! Cats for all! Big Head names you friend! Songs of friendship! Songs of ship-friends! Presents for you! Presents on Caturday! Big Head was purring, but his brother was not! Presents for human-friend! Almost forgot! Selfish Big Head. Shellfish Big Head! Big Head knows secrets. Secrets of learning. Climbing, sleeping, and clawing with claws! Which will you learn?

  54. They kind of have similar patterns especially in the tail. Maybe they're from the same litter ?

  55. now i am wondering where The Purring Cat goes when he not he is not with the outdoor cats! Curiosity intensifies

  56. I love your kittycats story ???

  57. I think he's someone else's cat who likes to visit his best friend

  58. I didnt know The PURRING CAT does not live at your garden all the time, until today. Wonder where he goes the other time.

  59. Hangi mamalardan alıyorsunuz? Bizim de çok sayıda sokak kedimiz var. Ucuz ve lezzetli hem yaş hem kuru mama tavsiye edebilir misiniz?

  60. I love this, beautiful story. My cat Rio had a bromance with a visiting cat called Dexter. They loved each other so much. Their bromance last over a year of daily visits and playing. Until sadly one day Dexter passed away. Rio would go outside and sit by the window where dexter lived, hoping his buddy would come out to play. I still can't get over how beautiful their friendship was. This video is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us Walter ?

  61. Beautiful cats.I love cats.???❤

  62. They're such cuties!!

  63. And people who don't know say cats are unsociable!

  64. Are you sure that they are not gay lovers.

  65. Is there a chance these two are related known to each other before .

  66. French boys ?️‍? ??

  67. Boy, so much drama in the garden

  68. Indonesia hadir??❤

  69. If no fren I sleep
    If fren I *bonk

  70. I get so excited when there is a new “episode” of Walter Santi! ??????‍?

  71. I always love to watch your cats' story told by you 🙂

  72. Superb video and, as usual, perfect music. To be able to get into cats feelings and behaviour like you do requires a lot of talent and feline knowledge?????

  73. I just love love love all your videos.I've recently watched the ones from 2 years ago of the orange and white kitties in the woods. I was wondering how they are all doing at your grandma's house.

  74. Aww that's so sweet, Bless it. It's like someone let his air out when the purring cat leaves, like he's deflated. ?❤?

  75. 50/50… Romantic cats love it is… How seprate the cat one again? (Oh dear, buddy!!!) ??

  76. It’s not bromance. They are just gay.

  77. As they say Bros before hoes.

  78. can cats be gay? ?thats the real question

  79. damn, it will be so sad for him if one day the purring cat never comes back after leavinh (maybe died or something).

  80. This is so cute ??

  81. They're related. Check the tails. Even Big Head's darker markings match Purring Cat

  82. These little stories are so well done!

  83. Purring cat living a double life, shld put a camera on him n see where he goes ?

  84. I like your story on the lives of The Garden Cats. It is a lovely adventure and it is like a tale from a favorite book I read at night.
    Can hardly wait for the next chapter!

  85. that's some romance

  86. The purring cat is a spy just like Perry the platypus, that's why he's always not at home

  87. so cute! I love your cats and your channel and I have a white cat

  88. Are they litter mates?

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