Capivara | O maior roedor do mundo

Capivara | O maior roedor do mundo

Hi guys! We are in the presence here
this beautiful animal The capybara – its scientific name is Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris and capybara is considered the largest rodent in the world,
weigh up to 91 pounds and reach 1 meter and 20 centimeters in length and 60
inches tall. They form groups of about 30 individuals, where there are dominant males and subordinate males that are around the group with the mission to warn of the presence of predators This species is even abundant
here in South America, but in some areas
it was extinguished as on the coast of northeastern Brazil and other parts of northeastern Brazil and it even increased because of the pasture that
ended up favoring her environment. It serves as a prey for many animals
such as the jaguar, the brown jaguar, the sucuri alligators, and especially the puppies that
are victims of these predators If you liked, enjoy the video,
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  1. Muito legal a capivara, lindo animal. Gostei das informações na descrição. Tmj amigo Fabrício. Abraço.

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