Cane Corso Dog Breed Info – Amazing Guard Dog

Cane Corso Dog Breed Info – Amazing Guard Dog

Cane Corso, or Italian
Mastiff if you want, is one of the fastest and
most athletic of all Mastiffs. In this video, I will tell you everything you need to
know about Cane Corso. (bright pop music) (dog barking) (bright pop music) Hi, it’s Freddy from Rocadog. Cane Corso, and yes, this is the correct way how
to pronounce their name. It’s not Cane Corso, but Cane Corso. So Cane Corso is the descendant of Roman dog breeds
that were used in wars. So they were war dogs. But when the Roman empire
falls they were used as guards, but also as farm dogs and hunters. As you can see they were,
and they are very skilled and versatile dog breed, and especially the
hunting ability is great. They were used to hunt large and dangerous animals, like wild boars. Cane Corso is not that big for a Mastiff, but of course, it’s still
very big and robust dog. But if we compare them to
another Italian mastiff, the Neapolitan Mastiff, then Cane Corso would be light calvary
while Neapolitan Mastiff would be a tank. Every size of Cane Corso is around 65 centimeters and 45 kilograms, and they have very wide and long muzzle, which gives them incredible bite force. Cane Corso coat is very short, but very, very dense and glossy. I personally find it very good looking. They can be many different colors. The most common are black,
light or dark shades of gray, or in light or dark shades
of fawn, red or brindle. It’s also very common for
them to have white patterns over their body, mostly on their
nose, chest, toes and chin. This is extraordinary protector. They are always alert and watching what is going on around them. They are not big barkers. Normally they are calm and quiet until something wrong is happening. They are very predictable and definitely not threatening if you are not trying to harm them. And if you are good to them, they will not be threatening to you, but this is very territorial dog. So be kinda careful when you
have visits in your home. They love company,
especially from their family, but they are very friendly towards other people they know as well. But they are wary of strangers, which is because of
their protective nature. They are kinda okay with other dogs, but it really depends on how
socialized the Cane Corso is. The thing you will probably
like a lot about Cane Corso is that they are not that big droolers. Of course they still drool, because they are still Mastiffs, but in comparison with other Mastiffs they don’t drool that much, because other Mastiffs
are incredible droolers. And so in comparison to other Mastiffs, they don’t have that much wrinkles because their skin is more tight. They are also more trainable
than other Mastiffs. But again, they are still Mastiffs. Which means they will
have a mind of their own and they will be independent animals. It will not be super easy to train them. You will have to be consistent,
patient and a strong leader. Great thing is that it’s pretty easy to take care of Cane Corso. They only need brushing now
and then and occasional bath. They also shed only very little. This is very adaptable dog. So they can easily live in apartment, but they will be happy with outdoor living in our garden with proper shelter. Life expectancy of Cane
Corso is around 10 years, which is good for a Mastiff, but they suffer from some health problems like hip dysplasia, elbow
dysplasia or cherry eye. Make sure to check out the puppy parents when you are buying Cane Corso and make sure that they don’t suffer from any of these illnesses. Tell me in comments what is
your experience with Cane Corso, and if you are new on this
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  1. Anecdotal: I saw a Danish online-ad for either Cane Corso or Cane Corso-mix puppies that read: "The puppies will not be sold as virility extenders!" The breeder only wanted to sell to loving homes, not to people who only want a dog for intimidation factor/tough image.

  2. Wonders how much one of them eats every day also …
    Like a Great Dane perhaps?

  3. What is your favourite fact about Cane Corso?

  4. Cane Corso is amazing dog

  5. I just bought one so far I can see why there called cane Corso shes only 5 months is already braking with my boxers at strangers

  6. I have cane corso. He’s amazing dog. We go backpacking and go on hikes together

  7. The Cane Corso, with the Neapolitan Mastiff, in Roman era, was both the same dog, the War Molossus "Canis Pugnax". His name "Corso" come from "Cǒhors" that in Latin had two acceptions 1 "courtyard" and 2: "tenth part of a Legion", that is what this dog was used to do, the Guardian in Roman Villa and the War dog in the Legions. But sadly the Canis Pugnax (aka Cǒhors, so the Corso) isn't anymore the same dog due the selection trough history that brought the Molossus type to extinction. The 1946 standard made clear that Cane Corso and Neapolitan Mastiff become two distinct types of dogs although they are descended from the equal strain (Canis Pugnax).

  8. We love Cane Corso, but unfortunately they are still mutilated in many countries. Ears and tails are cut off. This robs the animal of important communication characteristics. That makes us very sad.

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