Okay, okay Guys, get it ready. -impersonating animal noises- -intro- Good afternoon Jake Paulers -baby starts to cry- I hope you’re having a good day! baby crying This morning, I woke up and I was looking for bae and I couldn’t find bae Honey? Wife? Oh my gosh I lost her. Oh my gosh I lost her. Oh my god i lost her I need like an ankle tracking system on her This is hard, guys Hello? Bae? It’s super early and I don’t even know where she went I’m exausted guys ohhhh my god and then….. i uh went to set because….. IM AN ACTOR BROOOOO! whats up guys we are on the set of bizaardvark right now acting halloween themed episode Yo! check this out We got skeletons on the wall we’ve got Ethan wacker and uhh.. yo what do ya say though… we get outta here we just break off of set like leave? Yeah! like right now? yeah I know its our job.. but like lets leave no ones gonna see anything were on lunch are we gonna be back after lunch? no ones gonna see anything come on come on they can’t stop me now just act like your walking out to take a walk outside (yells) WE’RE NOT LEAVING shhh.. RUN! quiet please we can hear you…your steps on stage *walking down steps* SORRY which way do we go? is this our truck? how ya doing? we’re staying here taking a stroll Taking a stroll RUN Okay Ethan, this is our way out. go, go, right here What you guys doing? nothing. he’s onto us look both ways safety first kids what the -****- is going on in here on this day?! we did it what do we do now? you wanna get food? i mean i’m down Ethan where are we? we’re lost! I’ll give you $20 if you jump off no. what? no Will you give me $20 sure. Okay. whoa, whoa, whoa. bud, bud BUD BUD BUD! I’m gonna hang from it DON’T DO IT! seriously no it’s like the movies no no it’s like the Jason Bourne movies where they jump onto the semis no! Jake Stop! Jake! bro it’s not that bad what are you doing? OH OH DUDE Oh my God (yelling) Jake! Jaake! wait Jake?! I’m goood! how did you get… What the Jake! you’re on the highway JAKE!!! IM GOOD i think i broke my leg! I think you probably broke more than that! Get up here you idiot! Jesus mother Mary what were you thinking bro Jake paulers it’s bad idea to break away from set lets get food, yeah, food uh he doesn’t know what he wants Ethan the kids menu he’s just a little kid he doesn’t know what he wants Ethan bro, have you ever seen a big tall guy in public? if you wanna scare him, just be like “DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?” and he’ll back off bad idea do you even lift bro? see you don’t lift bro. see *Aeroplane noise* i don’t eat sweet potatoe look okay calm down los angeles fire department i know the vlogs are fire but chill out. we know they’re flames you don’t need to send a whole truck Ethan, Ethan, this will look good on you awh dude, no way! dude they have Jake Paul merch here you took your shirt off and put it right there yea, give me my camera back we are in a store, Ethan do not make a scene in store don’t make a scene hey you guys cannot change on the floor and you can’t be recording in here either oh sorry, uh we aren’t recording is it the camera that makes you think uh no don’t make scenes in stores, bro you made the scene. no you made the scene we almost got kicked out you made the scene Hold on, speaking of merch though link in the description, 20% off, summer sale. use the promo code ALWAYS PLUG because i always plug, haha we have to be back, in 2 minutes go, go, go, go, go, go! *Elevator music* go, go, go, go, go, go! Hey guys Ethan where’s the car? open? go get in, get in get in, get in they don’t see us oh God, ow oh Jesus Christ! hello, Ethan? Is that you? yea it’s me wassup what is… OH MY GOD IT’S BUMPY! there’s a bump that’s my foot oh what the h*ll hey guys! oh who are you? hey what you doing in the trunk? can you please take us to LA center studios? ya okay hold up let’s illuminate where we are it’s hot in here yo the body heat you smell bad. that’s you man we’re bonding though alright Jake Paulers it’s really hot and it’s really hot in here let’s go back to acting ima go finish acting and uh Jake back to you well thank you, thank you, thank you Jake! now i am back at the team 10 house we’re doing it big. we’re grinding we’re smiling we’re working hard we’re dabbing on them haters and Jake Paulers i hope you are having such a good day and if your’e new here i’m Jake Paul you guys are the Jake Paulers this is the team 10 house and it’s lit every single day bro! lets do that thangggg! she’s such a good mom awh Jake did you miss me today? i did miss you! ooh are you practicing? no i’m just like hanging out with them 🙂 uncle Kade! look it she’s practicing! ah ho ho this is great! one step closer to being an uncle ohio!!!!!!! ohio wassup baby? yo did you guys miss me all day? i always miss you i miss you everyday Thats my boy so whats new with youtube? couple’s yoga nooo way…. i noticed that you guys ah… got THE same exact camera as me… we’re trying to join the comunity… look at this bro You wanna be the best? You copy the best You join the best You act like the best Yeah!! No goating around

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