Buying Blind Homeless Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches!

Buying Blind Homeless Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches!

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  1. 50,000 likes on the video and I we'll do another video with KOBE! 🐶👍

  2. I love animals ❤️

  3. But I can't adopt any of them sorry

  4. How's the baby?????? (:

  5. Can i get ms.piggy my mom said where can i get her from?

  6. I bet my puppy would live this !

  7. I wanna adopt Kobe so bad he is so adorable and he looks like a cuddly dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. I will buy miss piggy

  9. I love dog and puppies but do you like mean dogs?

  10. Should have a harness on him

  11. Rocky is so sweet and caring. I want to be just like him.

  12. all the comments are saying that’s so nice


  14. i want to adopt coby

  15. I love you so much and every dog you have been with 💝🐶💝🐶

  16. Kobe is so cute 🥺☺️

  17. When I am older I want to be gust like you

  18. If you lived in Canada maybe I would adopt cobi.

  19. Who ever disliked the vidieo I hate them!

  20. That massive bowl that miss piggy touched should be for galioth the big senior dog.This is such an amazing thing that you do for dogs and I love what you do and you are so loving and kind.I hope to meat you one day❤️🥰❤️🥰😊

  21. What kind of dog is that

  22. I don't understand how miss piggy is STILL not adopted , if I had the room to take her in I would in a heart beat.

  23. Hi I was wondering how much miss piggy is for adoption and would you send her to Australia.

  24. I love ur vids! You help to inspire me to do my best to help all animals in need

  25. Penelope has different color eyes! Its cute

  26. I love dogs I have a pit bull

  27. Miss Piggy Chomping asmr!!! So cute!!

  28. dude you’re gonna be such a great dad

  29. Don't give the dogs rawhide bones!

  30. Kobe is SO chill, I love him 😍

  31. He so cute I wish I had him

  32. I want to adopt her, but I dont live in your area.😭

  33. I love how he works with dogs. It doesn’t matter if they r homeless or have a disability he just does everything that he could do to make the dog happy and that just warms my heart ❤️ 🤗

  34. I would get miss piggy but my parents wouldn't let me and our dog isn't the best with living with another dog😥😥😥

  35. So cute I could cry. 😢

  36. God bless all of you amen

  37. Koby looks like the sweetest puppy ever! I'm so glad there are awesome people like you that truly care about dogs

  38. It’s awesome that you do this for dogs who may have had troubled pasts. Your making a difference when a lot of other people won’t and I wish there were more people like you rocky

  39. Aww wish I owned my own home I'd adopt miss piggy and the other baby in the wheel chair

  40. My parents wont let me het s dog ☹

  41. I would adopt any of these babies oh my good god. They're all so cute!

  42. Omg I love your vids, if I was old enough I would literally adopt all the dogs, prayers for you

  43. You have no idea how badly I want (more like need) to adopt Kobe!♥️💔♥️

  44. Rocky today I found a stray pup she doesn’t seem that old and is full of energy and joy we named her socks because she all black rather than her paws

  45. Today my mom found a lost dog and I felt sad for it because it was so friendly and it didn’t have anything that we can see who the owner was

  46. Can I adopt Kobe??? I'm in Washington so I'm pretty far

  47. This is the best

  48. I'm speechless your the nicest person

  49. I am glad you care for animals😋

  50. I'm only six minutes in, but a month ago I took in a blind cocker mix boy of 10 years of neglect. I should totally do this with him! He has the best happy dance, which would be perfect for camera!!!

  51. I love how rocky’s just like: Throws ring (doesn’t make it)

    Throws ring once more, falls on floor – Rocky : Picks up ring & puts on hoop

    Me: oh look it made it!

  52. I want to take them all

  53. How do dogs 🐕 get blind

  54. The only people who disliked this video only did it because they couldn’t have all of the dogs

  55. This is wholesome

  56. you should make a dog like a dog PlayStation some guests to the dogs and make them treats and anything what they want to have like creampie anything that's good for dogs

  57. Wait he touched the store,earth and a girl 😀 u know what to do

  58. They are the cutest dog in the world

  59. If I had a dog I will let it get whatever it touches

  60. You have the best Chanel in the world

  61. You have never had a Rottweiler video please can you do one

  62. Dogs don't want stuff. They want food and love

  63. I want Kobe ❤️🥺

  64. How is miss piggy not taken home yet?! I LOVE HER! And the puppy and Penelope! I would never be able to adopt them out 😂

  65. Adorable puppies. They deserve all the love.😘😘😘

  66. I love people who do stuff like this I wish I could help animals like this but I’m only a kid and I’m not rich but still this is wonderful

  67. Is she colour blind or blind

  68. You love dogs and I love dogs 🐕

  69. Kobe's nick name should be bluppy (blind puppy)

  70. Hi those dogs are cute

  71. I would love to adopt the blind dog cuz he is lovely and all he wants to do is lay down lol and he looks just like my other dog I need permission with my parents tho ❣️ love you guys I think you are soo generous and kind for animals like this 😁❣️

  72. omg LOL M Name Is Penelope =D

  73. You spent 13 000 on the dogs 😮 your the kindness person ever

  74. I want him but I can't bc I live in a different country I'm crying 😂😢😢😭😭❤❤

  75. Why dose Jake paul have 20 million subscribers and this wonderful guy only have 1.5 million. Shows were are priorities are

  76. I wanne adopt the blind dog now

  77. Rokey kanaka i loved your vidoes

  78. Can I have the blind dog

  79. These videos make me so happy. I love seeing dogs shop!

  80. Where is the your adoption center I want colby

  81. Save the dogs and you bring joy in animals

  82. If I could adopt love I would he is so cute and looks like he loves to cuddle

  83. thank you for caring for a homeless and blind dog may god be with you

  84. Has bosco got adopted yet

  85. I want him so bad!
    He is adorable

  86. You squeezed the Kong Wubba and my dog appeared, wondering why I had trapped all her toys in the tablet.

  87. The dislikes are from cats

  88. The stores. Why are we running out of stuff so quick? Costermer . Because rocky kanaka keeps coming

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