welcome back guys! i’m currently giving the flyers a bath it’s been a while since their last bath because of the nonstop rain earlier the male breeders are done with their bath these are already done so later four of them here are not vaccinated yet i will vaccinate the four of them then the rest will be their booster shot so all of them will be vaccinated later for the four birds it will be their first time the bath tub is quite small i wasn’t able to buy a bigger one yet for those who are asking why i’m not training yet it’s because i didn’t join the north race my birds are for south race a lot are wondering why i’m not tossing yet by October then i will be tossing, self toss because September by next month, i might do feathering so october by the end of October i will do self toss all of them will be loaded for south race i don’t want to keep breeding and then i will not join them in the race just feeding them it’s not my type as much as possible you have to test them what will you do with them if you are just going to stock them just additional birds to feed they also need to work out they are all south banded i have two birds on a commercial band so if it can catch up at the derby i will enter it for the old bird category even if it’s a young bird so i still have five young birds that is not flying yet so i’m not sure, there is still a possibility that one might be lost from the five of them hopefully none the rest are all okay they can fly together with the other flock of birds that fly here so later guys i will update you on the vaccination of the birds i will vaccinate them now guys let’s start with these four birds it’s their first time and after that will be the rest the spray for anti pigeon lice is also ready it is already mixed let’s start so i’m done with the hens next will be the cocks the cocks are also done so i also vaccinated the two sitter here from the cocks that one and the checkered most likely they are not vaccinated but all my breeders are vaccinated so next year they will be vaccinated again i also sprayed them with anti pigeon lice so downstairs i will also vaccinate the two hen sitter then i will spray them also with anti pigeon lice so the same thing, i will let them rest today and tomorrow no loft fly yet so guys til next time thank you for watching!

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  1. Pa shot out po Jonathan matias nang murcia Concepcion tarlac

  2. Idol kailan pala ang start ng race nyo at anong club sabik ako sa mga ibon mo manood pag arrival na nila idol…

  3. idol. ask ko lang. anong edad ng yb pde mag bigay ng bakuna na pmv at lasota. more power idol.. tia.

  4. idol pa share naman if anong klaseng gamot ang pinanturok mo at ilang guhit sa ineksyon para hindi masobrahan.salamat idol sana makatulong ka idol para makapag turok na din ako at yong kontra hanip na din idol…god bless

  5. Kalapatids pa shout out, jonathan jimlani daggi ng cotabato racing pigeon club. Salamat

  6. Kuya bigyan moko kalapati kuya cavite ako sadasma kuya ikaw kuya

  7. Marami naman kalapati mo kuya bigyan moko kuya plssss

  8. Para saan po ung booster boss? May napanuod po akong vlog boss Mahal daw ring ng APR? Van den brouke po base bloodline mo sir?

  9. Panigurado tatapos yang mga yan

  10. Pa support din ng YT ko KALAPATIDS. Boss ilang MONTHS kalapati na pwed na turukan?

  11. pa shout out boss next video mo

  12. Ayos yan sir!

  13. Pa shout out po MDH LOFT

  14. Nice idol ganda ng mga ibon?

  15. dame ko natutunan sayo idol .ganda ng mga ibon..?


  17. Idol nakauwi ba yung nawala mong ibon idol.. may napanood ako sa ORANGE and LEMON loft pra kakulay ang ring mo kaya naisipan kung e msg ka dito tru comment…

  18. CAVITE AREA RIN PALA YUN IDOL yung loft na orange n lemon

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