BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2

– Can I help you? – Why, yes.
Yes, you can. I’m here to report
a terrible crime. – And what terrible crime
is that? – This one. [ bell dings ]
– Aw, shit. I told this all wrong.
Quick history lesson. This all started when
the Joker and I broke up. It was completely mutual. And soon enough,
I was back on my feet, ready to embrace
the fierce goddess within. [ sobs ] – ♪ It’s oh so quiet ♪ – Now that I’ve cut ties
with Mr. J… I’m about to learn that
a lot of people want me dead. – ♪ You’re all alone ♪ – And at the top
of that list… is this guy. – ♪ And so peaceful until ♪ – But it turns out… [ grunting ] Mmm. …I wasn’t the only dame
in Gotham looking for emancipation. – ♪ You fall in love
zing, boom ♪ – He’s after all of us. – ♪ Sky up above ♪
– The kid just robbed him. – ♪ Zing, boom ♪ – You betrayed him.
You killed his BFF. – ♪ Wow, bam! ♪ – [ pants ] What? – You are so cool. And you’re dumb enough to be
building a case against him. So, unless we all want to die
very unpleasant deaths… we’re gonna have to
work together. – Sure.
– Yes! ♪ ♪ ♪ Psychologically speaking, vengeance rarely brings
the catharsis we hope for. – Yeah. – Are we ready? – ♪ You blow a fuse ♪ ♪ Zing, boom ♪ ♪ The devil cuts loose ♪ ♪ Zing, boom ♪ ♪ So what’s the use? ♪ ♪ Wow, bam ♪ – Whoo! Turn it up! – ♪ The sky caves in ♪ ♪ The devil cuts loose ♪ ♪ You blow blow blow blow
your fuse ♪ ♪ [ screams ] ♪ – [ both chuckling ] – ♪ When you fall in love ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – Oh, shit. Is that
a hyena in a bathtub? – I named him Bruce
after that hunky Wayne guy. [ hyena chuckles ] ♪ Shh ♪

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  2. Me: We should see "Birds of prey"!

    My friends: Because of Obi-Wan?

  3. So low box office? Why people you didnt go to watch it???

  4. Tired women tropes, femsquad because you know, has to be a girls movie. awkward villain. meh.

  5. The original e-girl

  6. #PorfavorInvistãoemMarket

  7. "Sir". Bosse. Cuckoo.

  8. So good. The action sequences alone are jaw-dropping, but there's also a very funny, very good movie throughout.

  9. Do you think Poison Ivy will have her own spinoff solo movie?

  10. I want to see this movie in theater but I don't have money

  11. This was a great movie. This is the sort of movie Suicide Squad should've been to begin with.

    My one big complaint is that they should've called the movie Harley Quinn, since it's not really a Birds of Prey movie. Also, why no Deadpool-style guerrilla marketing campaign?

  12. lets dooo this quinn style

  13. This looks really bad. Worst fake accent ever. Seems like a pig. Whatever charm she had is long gone.

  14. -I want men to see this movie!

    -What is about?

    -Beating men. They are all assholes.

  15. Honestly i feel like there would be a better movie without Harley… the only problem is is that only batman the animated series fans and comic book fans would only know who they are

  16. No depth at all. Cheesy fight scenes. Almost like the fighting choreographers are from intern students. Predictable plots where you will know every outcomes before it finishes. 2/10


  18. I love Margot as Harley! <3

  19. Don't touch which you can't afford 🤣

  20. Wow so many likes. But none of this ppl go to watch that movie.

  21. This movie really feels like reading a comic, people saying DC is trying to copy Marvel with Deadpool clearly settled a big misunderstood.
    This piece really deserves a chance.

  22. Wish they has poison ivy cat wimen

  23. I'll be watching this because of Mary Elizabeth Winstead🤣

  24. The movie wasn't even about the "Birds of Prey" It's like if they called Iron Man "The Avengers" when the film is about Iron Man

  25. I love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn…she's so hot, and has a bangin body. But I thought this movie sucked. My father liked it though.

  26. leftist garbage fails at the box office,

  27. Tbh Suicide Squad wasn’t that good. It was alright, but not Oscar worthy.

  28. Very Very BAD Movie 👎👎👎 I couldn’t set to the end, I leave early

  29. Looks a bit "woke". I heard it's not doing so well in theaters. Any know if this movie is any good?

  30. Awesome movie really funny

  31. 1:01 we love that injustice Harley Quinn kick

  32. I JUST SAW THE MOVIE! 😂 it was sooooo good!!

  33. its almost insulting you guys could screw up a movie of one of the best female antagonists of all time. the numbers speak for themselves though…


  35. one of the best movie's i've ever seen

  36. Awww, The hyena liked her comment too.

  37. this one looks extremely shit

  38. Where’s Batman to calm this down?

  39. This movie should have gone straight to DVD….and the bargain bin.

  40. FEMINISTS PROPAGANDA actors came out and said not for men only women GO WOKE GO BROKE

  41. Es verdad que al comprar una entrada te dan dos patadas en los huevos?

  42. This is the first modern Dc movie that I thought was dogshit

  43. cant wait to see this

    even though I hate warner bros

  44. " joker & i broke up"
    me: lost interest in this movie immediately….

  45. Kinda sexist that all the enemies are male

  46. Looks like another Ghost busters remake.

  47. So WB, are you ready to talk about that Snyder Cut yet? Cause this ain't gonna stop. We'll be skipping everything else just like we skipped this one.

  48. Shitty as film 🗑

  49. Harley Quinn ✅
    Action ✅
    Ambience ✅
    Direction ✅
    Character Ensemble ✅
    Screenplay ❎
    Pace ❎
    Character Arc/Development ❎
    Hot Girls ❎
    Black Canary ❎
    Detective Montoya ❎
    Cassandra ❎
    Roman Sionis ❎
    Soundtrack ❎
    Overall Message/Meaning ❎
    If you're going to make a movie about a female superhero, make it similar to Wonder Woman(Although it did have its flaws, 1984 looks better.)

  50. Just go and watch its so amazing

  51. WB should've titled Birds of Prey as Harley Quinn and The Birds Of Prey instead just Birds of Prey. Birds of Prey sounds like an animal tv show on National Geographic tv channel 😂😂😂

  52. Having watched this film yesterday at the cinema. All I can say is Negatives about it I’m afraid. The characters were not relatable or interesting in the least and even Harley Quinn seems to have taken a bit of a back seat in regard to her own character. McGregor’s character of black mask Was overblown and way too much to take in. And every single male character in this film was either incompetent, stupid or sadistic in some way. The pacing and story were bouncing all over the place in an attempt to appear quirky as Harley Quinn herself was narrating the story. And without a single cameo from any of the DC’s previous films. this fell pretty flat in my eyes.

  53. this is all tge feminists going nuts after trump got elected

  54. We definitely need more Hyena roles xD

  55. I think this is good movie. Funny, and different. Cameo from Joker or Batman will bring different sensation. Why did they let JAred Leto go ?

  56. Amazing, believe it

  57. This movie is by far the best movie in the DCEU now. The fight choreography is unmatched by even the MCU, the casting is godlike (though the DCEU as a whole has done an excellent job at casting), the new character backgrounds are interesting and shake things up. On top of this is the best soundtrack I've heard in a superhero movie. Add in the unique storytelling style that makes no sense, but is absolutely true to Harley (who is chaotic and spontaneous). It was also nice having Huntress, Canary, and Renee finally be on the big screen, and get the recognition they deserve. LGBTQ+ rep is also great, and not super forced for clout at all. It's literally only casually mentioned in regards to Renee's relationship, and they finally acknowledge Harley's bisexuality once again, in a casual mention with her hitting on Canary. Cassandra Cain is an absolute gem, and really works as a child character without being obnoxious like they usually are. Lastly, its just a fun movie. It's just an exciting, fun, carefree movie that knows when comedy is needed. Which is something I think it has on the other DCEU and MCU movies, where theres either a lack of humor, or the humor is gravely mistimed.

  58. Another feminist movie sad

  59. Swear she reminds me of Jamie Pressley

  60. This looks interesting 🤔

  61. Even the hyenas laugh is better then Jared Leto

  62. Most people are fucking sick of identity politics, sjw, and man is bad bullshit When you have ewan say this film fights mysogyny, LMMFAO. This coming from a person who left his wife and kids for a younger woman. 2020 Will hopefully be the year that people want good movies, and not politics shoved down thier throats. Please let identity politics die.

  63. It looks like it going to flop with empty theaters.

  64. Holy shit, this looks awful lol

  65. Spoiler Alert ! This movie was just another "woke" SJW piece of shit! save your money

  66. I didn't even hear of this movie till I heard that it's struggling.

  67. This was the worst movie I have ever watched. I walked out halfway through. The movie is stupid and senseless. Do not waist your money.

  68. Suicide squad is fucking terrible.

  69. Not sexy, not violent, not funny. This has exactly nothing going for it. It's a piece of shit

  70. 0:55 best plan of the year

  71. I wanted to watch this but its R-16 And i'm 14 ☹️

  72. Wish the script was better. An real ensemble movie would've been more entertaining & more believable..

  73. Ewan McGregor doing an American accent felt very unsettling

  74. Birds of Prey as a name was one of the worst Marketing decisions ever, I thought this was a Batman parody or something like that, until I saw this trailer today lol.

  75. This Movie is awesome !!

  76. could of called it harley, and then harley and joker for a meet up with new joker and her

  77. 2:16 the best part of the trailer and movie itself

  78. Was these movie good??? Cause I'm really debating if to go watch it or not

  79. Harley Quinn likes Bruce wayne

  80. I dont even know this movie coming out. You guys better work on your advertisement.

  81. Why does it sound like she has three accents at once? Southern, New Yorker and a little British

  82. Didn't you see the Wanted poster at the police station is Morbius. Yeah..

  83. No wonder this trash bombed….

  84. If only theyd try to make a good movie instead of a movie theyre trying to make for women. Maybe it wouldnt have bombed and lost millions.


  86. nobody went to see it lmao

  87. Lolz.
    Fuck this movie with a knife.

  88. Not complete shit. Yet not near as good as the hype. A decent middle of the road movie overall.

  89. Just went and saw it with my friends. No one else was there. It was just the five of us. What an awful movie. XD

  90. Is a single women attacked by the birds of prey?
    Just looks like women beating up men 😂

  91. Just focus on hearly like you guys focus on joker

  92. So Harley gets super powers from cocaine in the trailer…and people are saying take your kids to this instead of Sonic? Did I miss something…

  93. We need joker sequel

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