Bindi And Robert Irwin Introduce Kristin Chenoweth And Kelly Clarkson To Pythons

Bindi And Robert Irwin Introduce Kristin Chenoweth And Kelly Clarkson To Pythons

– Well, we have a very cute friend. He has a blue tongue
and no, he hasn’t been eating a lot of ice cream or Powerade. – [Kelly] Or Smurfs? – Or Smurfs. This little guy is adorable,
he is a blue-tongue lizard, or a blue-tongue skink, depending. – So cute! – [Bindi] And this little
guy, his name is Bluey, and check out that blue tongue. – [Kelly] You’re my boy blue! – Isn’t he cute? So if you’d like, look at that tongue! – [Kelly] What’s back here? – How cool is that? – [Kelly] Is that how he breathes? – Those are his ears actually. They’re those giant holes
on the sides of his head. Do you want to give him a little pet? – [Kelly] Oh, absolutely. – He feels so soft, and smooth. And these guys are found in Australia. Look at that tongue! – [Robert] Communicating.
– So what he’s doing is, yeah, he’s talking to you. But these guys, if they want to look big and tough, they open their mouth and kind of hiss and stick out that tongue. – [Kelly] Like a velociraptor? – [Robert] Exactly.
– Like a velociraptor. He doesn’t look that scary
right now, but, watch out. – Oh hey, (laughs) I didn’t
see you standing here – Thank you! We’re just, in the distance. So this little cutie, – [Kelly] Oh, I’m in, I’m in, I want one. – This guy is adorable. – So, if I grab this…
– Grab a little bit of food. – And then I’m gonna pop that here. – This little guy is a little glider. So these sugar gliders,
they’re also Australian. – My friend actually had
a sugar glider in Texas. – Really?
– It slept in a little pouch. – Oh my goodness, they do.
– I didn’t know these existed. – Yes.
– Yeah. And they have that super soft tail, you can give him a little
pat, if you’d like. – [Kelly] It’s like a chinchilla, right? – You can pat that tail, he’s
very, very nice and calm. – [Kelly] It feels kind of
like a chinchilla, right? Like really soft? – [Robert] Exactly. – [Bindi] Kind of velvety almost. – These guys have an amazing way of moving around, they glide. – Look at that tongue. – [Robert] They have that
little flap between their legs, they can glide from tree to tree. – [Bindi] Isn’t that cute, he
has that tiny little tongue. – They’re so smart, big eyes, – I know, he kind of
has, those big eyes kind of make me not trust him, but um. – I’ll feed him out of my nail. – [Bindi] There you go, ready? This is so
– I love, he’s grabbing your so special he loves you
– [Robert] little finger. – I mean, I was very excited about this, tell us about these little guys. – [Bindi] Oh my goodness. – They’re adorable,
they’re green tree frogs so these guys are also Australian and they’re really quite amazing, because they’re actually quite large for a frog. And I love how they just chill out once they find a comfortable perch, they just chill there, just hang. – If I kiss it, will
it turn into a prince? – I hope so
– It might. – [Kelly] Oh you’re kissing it’s butt. You just kissed the frogs butt. – Did I just kiss his butt? (audience laughs) – [Bindi] That’s okay, he loves you. – I don’t care. – Aww, that’s lovely.
– That was cute though. – I love little frogs, I think they’re so, I can feel it’s little breath and it’s little heart beat
– Aren’t they special he’s turned into like a little pancake. He’s so comfortable, he loves you. – He’s so cute. – So these guys are incredibly important for the environment, frogs are like environmental indicators, so if there’s pollution, climate change, pollutants going into the water, and the surrounding environments, they really suffer so if the frogs are having a hard time, you know that something’s wrong. – You’re so cute, I mean if you jumped at me right now I would die. (laughs) – You’re good.
– I would legit pee in these Spanx. Oh my god. (laughing) All right, it’s real. – Okay, no worries. We will get their little portable home.
– Bit of water here. – You can just pop him right in there. – I wanna pop him nicely. – Ready and I’m just gonna let go – [Robert] I think he really likes you. – That’s okay. – Okay so what’s next? – Next we have some adorable
snakes that we love, – These are my favorite. – I promise they’re really sweet you’ll be good you’ll be totally good. – I’m so excited, oh
they’re little, I love it. – We’ve got this little guy
now, this one here, there you go. He’s a little bit coiled up. This is actually a baby green tree python. Now he’s a little bit
feisty, a little bit bitey, so you don’t wanna hold this one. – [Kelly] and a little bit yellow. – Maybe just a little pat
on the end of his tail. But he’s actually that fluorescent yellow, and the amazing thing with this is, this is a young one,
he’ll get a lot bigger. – This is a python though? – It’s a python, so when they’re full grown they’re actually bright green. And when they hatch out they can be red, yellow, as soon
as they’re born they have those snake instincts. – I thought that was an odd name, but yes. – [Bindi] See how he’s sticking his tongue out as well, that’s because
he’s smelling you guys, he’s like ooh you smell nice. This is really interesting. – I can’t look at a snake
without thinking of Harry Potter. – And they actually don’t have any ears so they can’t hear anything and so- – What? – [Bindi] Yeah, it’s fascinating. – How did I not know that? – But they can feel vibrations, so if you are singing, or talking, or walking around they can feel it, just can’t hear it,
which is amazing, yeah. – And they live in the rainforest too, so. – That’s actually
interesting cause there’s a whole community, a deaf
community that works with going to shows, they do that, they come and do shows, it’s
– That’s right. the same kind of thing, and they feel the vibrations. They hear
music in a different way. – That’s so special. – That’s the same thing. – That is really special
it’s extraordinary. – ♪ Hello little snake. ♪ (laughing) – That was amazing, he felt that. – You brought an adult green python too? – We did so you can see
what he grows up into, so lets see where our
little emerald buddy is. – I feel a little more
powerful, oh you have him here? – It’s very exciting, hi sweetheart. – That is exciting. – Well done love, good work. So this is an adult green tree python – So this guy’s gonna end up like that and a lot bigger and these guys live in the rainforest so they’re incredible at climbing, they can actually stretch
from limb to limb, almost their whole body just
completely outstretched, incredible core muscles there. – Wasn’t it a python in The
Jungle Book, that kept yeah, – Exactly, yeah. That’s it. – Totally so these guys
are really special. – He’s not that bad. – Yeah you’re doing so well.
– He doesn’t seem that scary. – I mean, yeah they’re
awesome in your hands. – What’s fantastic is
that you can love and appreciate snakes and you don’t have to cuddle them, it’s okay, you can love them from a distance. But every animal has a
special purpose on the planet. We try to educate everybody to – I’ll say, this is a beautiful one. – love and respect them. – All right. – So they’re pretty special
– They’re beautiful. – And it’s important to
protect them in the wild. – [Robert] Definitely, They’re so cool. – We wanna thank you guys though for being such
wonderful wildlife warriors because being here and talking about the importance of these beautiful animals is how we’re gonna protect
them into the future. – And wildlife Warriors,
that’s a thing y’all do, right? – Absolutely.
– Exactly. – Yeah we have conservation projects all over the planet, hi buddy, he’s gonna come say hi. We have conservation
projects all over the globe so we help with rhino’s
and cheetahs in Africa. We have a wildlife hospital that’s rescued and rehabilitated over 80,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals. – Do you get them released back? – Our goal is to release
them back into the wild so we’re really proud, yeah. – [Kelly] That’s amazing. (applause) – So if you’d like to get involved, yeah. – I do and here’s as
well, everyone at home take your phones out right now go to and find out how you can
become a Wildlife Warrior as well with Bindi and
Robert and all of us.

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