Biggest Cat That Purrs And Meows

Biggest Cat That Purrs And Meows

Cougars, also commonly known as Panthers, Pumas, and Mountain Lions, are the largest species of the lesser cats. They have a great sense of hearing as well as sight. Cougars are very agile, with capabilities of jumping eighteen feet vertically and thirty feet horizontally, making them great predators. But did you know that Cougars are the biggest species of cat that can still meow and even purr? Check this out. Hi. [Purrs] Wow! Wow! Hi, baby. Pretty incredible, huh? This makes Cougars one of the cutest killing machines.

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  1. They are set for world domination.

  2. That’s a rawr not a meow lmaooo

  3. yeah, you are so confident saying miauu to the cat in the cage! say miauu the the cat in the wild see what happen next

  4. So cougars, pumas, and mountain lions are all the same?

  5. Great life to be in a cage…🐱

  6. such a beautiful animal, its aweful to see them in a cage tho.

  7. I hate seeing animals in captivity. They wanna be free to do cougar shit in the wild. I love how people are all surprised when someone's pet Monkey rips some human's face off, or when an Elephant goes on a rampage at the circus and mows down dozens of spectators. A little tip from your Uncle Johnny: animals hate being dressed like tiny bell hops, and/or being forced to perform stupid pet tricks. Leave them alone. If you showed up to a restaurant where a family is having dinner, and you snatch their child up in a burlap sack, bring him back to your house and force him to act like a monkey for the rest of his life, you'd get the death penalty. But do it to a gorilla, and people and celebrities will flock to it for photo ops while trying to talk to him using sign language. Fucking sad.

  8. Baby I wanna make love to you.

  9. 0:12 they have a great sense of humor…

  10. They are so beautiful.

  11. It was definitely cute sounds and all!

  12. That doesn't sound like any 'meow' I ever heard.

  13. The ending sentence was kind of wtf 😂😂

  14. This woman acts like a 10 year old.

  15. You could off probably left the “killing-machine” part out…..? Beautiful WILD animal that humans have ruined. Sad to see her stuck in a cage, but probably what the government go do to most people before long anyway……

  16. 0:11 IMMA KILL YOU

  17. Biggest cat to meow

    Cougar: RAAAHR! OOOW! UHHH!

  18. They are so damn adorable ❤️

  19. My cat actually reacts to the purring and meowing in this video, meaning that all or most cats share a common language

  20. When they scream it sounds like a women being brutally murdered

  21. They should be released. They eyes are so sad.

  22. thats not a meow, thats a ROAR! But I wish I could hug and pat him, her? Cutie PIE!

  23. It Sounds like bird or confuse like my 6 mouth old kitten and acts like my kitten

  24. Cougars can still meow
    Cougar: "QUAAAA"

  25. What noises do they make when they rip your arm off?

  26. Ughhhh let them go already; set them free please

  27. cougars are the biggest lesser cat to meow and purr

    Cougar: WaAaAaAh

    Different cougar: birb noise

  28. Well… Well… 😁 (1:01)

  29. Cat: Meow
    Lion: Roar
    Cougar: Reowrr

  30. Oh my goodiness. They's just some big, ole kitties <3

  31. 10/10 would give all the pets.

  32. I noticed that the Pupils are not slit but round ? just the video ?

  33. Y didn't u pet em.

  34. I don't hear them meowing.

  35. Oh, they are lovely 😻😻😻😻😻

  36. 0:13 it has seen to mutch

  37. 0:50

    Flashbacks to Jurassic park

    Not a cat, it’s a raptor😂

  38. Sounds like hes saying wowww wow wooow

  39. So is the cougar a species off domestic cats, that evolved to be a wild animals again or are they a middlestage from when wild cats were domesticated.

  40. Cheetahs legit purr and meow. I dunno what that cougar noise was but it sure as shit wasn't a house cat meow.

  41. I see two cougars at the beginning

  42. PEW-MER. lol pooma.

  43. Yeah I make thouse types of meows after drinking to much vodka

  44. 1:15 stole my heart

  45. If you get another female cougar, you should name it Karen so then it would be like the one from Talladega Nights.

  46. they are the law of the wild, but they are creature with feelings and emotions too, they are just doing what they do naturally, but they are not machines, nor killing machines, they are warm blooded mammals

  47. 0:45
    -what’s up!?

  48. They are purring in the alto clef while house cats purr in treble

  49. Omg they are so beautiful

  50. California wants to build a bridge for these cats to move more safely and freely, but they won't help to build a wall to keep ILLEGALS out of their state or the country!!! I just wish California would finally secede from the Union and then they can have as many Senators as they want! Oh, when's that damn Earthquake comings??? Bye Lefties!!!

  51. 0:47 What is his or her name? Such a cute "hi" from a cougar. <3

  52. Puma may be able to meow but the crow goes to the cheetah with the most cutest meow

  53. as far as i know, Cheetahs can purr too

  54. Is just me or did that Mountain Lion just winked like my comment if you agree

  55. It's cute now but when you hear that screech in the middle of the night lost in the mountains it's horrifying.

  56. 1:02 sounded like a goat

  57. Cougar meows
    Captions: Wow Wow Wow WOW

  58. I wouldn't mind being murdered by this cutie pie

  59. I wish we could cuddle the cougar sweethearts ❤️

  60. I met this cougar at the bar the other night and she blow me in my car..

  61. shiid that mfer is telling you to get close if you want to….not a meow

  62. 0:59 RAH screaming cat

  63. Leopards and cheetahs can purr too

  64. Excuse me? Lesser cat? I beg to differ

  65. okay my cat doesn't talk much but whenever he meows on a rare occasion it sounds like this

  66. I'm getting sick of all these nerdy yanks saying the things like they're on a programme formally

  67. Me when my cousin show his grades 1:05

  68. Waaah….

    …luigi time

  69. How could people dislike this

  70. 0:11 when they’re aren’t enough 0:11 comments

  71. When they purr they sound like Predator…

  72. cheetah meows better

  73. Doesn't sound much like a meow, I'll go with cheetas are the biggest cats that actually meow.

  74. Cougars ranked 6 on my big cat list but just knocked the Jaguars down to 6th with this vid.

  75. thank You God, for creating felines of ALL sizes

  76. amazing the multitudes of different types of cats that God has designed

  77. 0:43 this, probably the funniest and cutest to me 😀

  78. cougars also known as milfs

  79. He doesn't meow, he waluigies

  80. I just wondered if the reason cougars are aggressive is because they're jealous of humans liking cat's meow more than theirs…

  81. What a big Boobie 😻💋💋

  82. Yeah. Just hope that you don't come across one in the wild. They're deadly.

  83. Cougars are apparently tied with cheetahs for how cartoonish they can sound. XD

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