Big Catch !

Big Catch !

Hauling in the trawl. Soon the trawl and bag will show up on surface Wait for it ! Coming……………UP ! There it is, a big catch of red fish This is about 50 Tons. Gettirng ready to take it in to ship. Coming in, a heavy load 2 gilsons to pull it in. Fish Receiver opening. The boys exited. Soon they beginning emptying bag into receiver. Move the slings for the gilsons. Move slings again for gilsons. That is it, all fish into receiver of ship. Finished exxept for fish on deck. Please subscribe for more videos from amazing Iceland.

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  1. Pasti bkn nelayan indonesia, nelayan indonesia rata2 miskin. Tp kalo diperairan indonesia mungkin.

  2. this is ilegal fishing in our country

  3. Ikan banyaknya seperti sampah di Bantargebang, sayangnya yang nangkap ikannya bukan bangsa Indonesia. Semoga nangkap ikannya bukan diperairan Indonesia.

  4. teknologinya patut ditiru supaya nelayan indonesia makin sejahtera

  5. I wonder how can they are catched thos fish like that ,it so stingy

  6. เยอะเกิ้น

  7. Ruining everything!! Killing even the smallest fish, I think..and destroying the corals!!😒😒
    I hate this! Authority should stop this!!

  8. Koq kagak ada si nemo ya

  9. Soon and later the rest of animals,birds and fish will disappear-because growing greed populations need to eat all

  10. When you lose your nets, sea creatures like turtles, manta rays, porpoise, whales, dolphins and so many other fish get tangled into these castoff nets to suffer and eventually die. This isn't fishing it's death by net.

  11. 20 millions 🐟 feel sorry for them, European, and China need to be band from 🐟

  12. I hope them 🐟 get smarter enough to not get caught ups

  13. Tenho muita vontade de pesca assim

  14. 渾蛋什麼大收獲,有一天會沒有魚

  15. Sunggh luar biasa kmurahan hti Tuhan, mnciptkn sesuatu bgtu smpurn, wao pokony mntb👍🙏

  16. ikan apa itu? yang tau komen

  17. ชิ้นโบแดงเลย.

  18. 沒必要趕盡殺絕,饒他們1命也等於饒我們自己1命

  19. i like your video about fishing .

  20. fucking discusting pigs

  21. 氷りが入っていません‼️魚は鮮度が命 氷がなきゃーダメダメ

  22. 6:26 that is one sketchy shady beady-eyed character in the back

  23. Maravilha a grande pesca 🤗😮😀

  24. Deus è bom,criou pro homem lucrar

  25. What kind of fish…red snapper?

  26. strongly against. human can eat only vegi and survive

  27. Wow Wow amusing test

  28. Masya Allah…… kui neng perairan ngendiiiii…… ckckckckkk…

  29. Ayam mencari makan secukupnya
    Tapiii kalau manusia cari makan berapapun jumlahnya,, Bablass angine 😂😂

  30. Gostei amigo parabéns aí vai aquele joinha

  31. This is called destruction of the seas

  32. Buseeet isa bisa mabok ikan inimah

  33. Anybody from India here? Hi…. 😃

  34. It's bad to see how they treat fish, change that way cuz to much of suffering for them. À little respect plz.

  35. 難怪..有些魚到市場..都是爛爛的

  36. I stopped eating fish and meat 5 years ago before anyone can call me a hypocrite. This is the disgustingly poor treatment of our oceans. Not just how we take all these fish out at the rate in which we do, but also the pollutants we leave behind. If you have to eat another living creature, catch it yourself.

  37. In my opinion selling fish should be illegal.I think everyone should catch their own

  38. 1973 in Albania si pescava tono al giorno pescamo 250 tonelate di tono da 56 kg uno però navi più piccolo di cuesta e questa nave lavora di cavolo senza libiota con tamburi e più forte ma tutto al mano

  39. Guna pukat tunda..boleh pupus ikan..di malaysia dah lama diharamkan penggunaan pukat tunda

  40. العربي يصف جنبي

  41. Это варварство и дикое безобразие!!!

  42. Im so amaze me amigo the amount of fish u caught..

  43. Siapa yang nonton 2019
    Like bawah ini

  44. So de imaginar o que a biblia diz .TUDO ISSO TA NAS PALMAS DA MAÕ DE NOSSO SENHOR JESUS CRISTO. é muita gloria….

  45. This happens when your ship is not big enough. It is disgusting.


  47. humans are parasites and earth viruses

  48. Đây là cá gì vậy

  49. একটা একটা মাছ কয় কিলো সাইজের

  50. Orang Indonesia yg nton.. slhkan Like..

  51. Ikan nya jangan diabisin sisain

  52. What a big fat ooof

  53. Офаринто бехтаринай кадом бахрай и

  54. Ты тоже ищешь русский к0мент))

  55. Sad no wonder the ocean will be empty sooner or later

  56. Bento masane iwak e pak em me cok

  57. So this the item to destroy our ecosystem

  58. Malditos esos peses son los dueños de el planeta y nosotros solo somos invitados

  59. Waaaah!!!!! Hancur kan kapal yg serrraaaaakah merusak lautan tolong yg berkepentingan di hancuuurkan mereka

  60. You are greedy and destructive!!!!
    Shame upon u!!!!

  61. مرحبا انا اشتركت بقناتك ارجو ان تشترك في قناتي ✋👍

  62. Bu susi tolong tengelamkan… 😀

  63. Isso e um desastre ambiental se tá doido para quer tanto peixes 😣

  64. é incrível como algumas árias dos oceanos tem tanto recurso…

  65. Some of the fish are undersized. Destroy their fishing vessel. Greedy bastards!

  66. Use that stuff to catch lobster in Maine

  67. Manusia serakah. Ngambil banyak banget

  68. Mocking the living. How can you eat such a thing at all? Slops

  69. Cruel human beings!

  70. poor fish i dont want to them anymore

  71. Ayo tenggelamkan bu susi

  72. 8:52 suara perempuan iya gak sih ?

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