Big Buck Bunny A Capella

Bun, bun, bun ♪ Ahh! I’m a bird. I like to fly and spread out my wings. Ow! [Chuckles] [Snoring] Big bah bunny, big bah bunny ♪ What? What’s that? Ooh, it’s morning. Oh boy. Yay! I’m awake! Oh boy. Hey, ahh… I like mornings. Oh man, I really have an itch in my ass. Ahh. That feels good. What is that smell? Ooh… It’s flowers. They’re like crack cocaine. Ohh ohh… That feels good.
• Hey, what’s up with that? • It’s a butterfly! Oh, boy. Let me grab it. What a pretty – oh! Uh? What the? Hey, it’s an apple. Where’d that come from? Oh, must have come from up there. Silly trees killing butterflies. Oh, that’s a tasty apple. That’s a tasty apple. But I’m still kind of sad. • Stupid rabbit. I will get back at him. • It’s a good apple. It’s just not as good when there’s no – what the? What? I thought it died! Oh, well, that’s good. It’s still alive. I’m going to chase it like a little kid. • Ahh! There’s a rabbit chasing me! Get away! • Oh, it’s a butterfly. • What a big fat thing! • What a pretty butterfly. What the? Where’d it go? I’m too stupid to find it. ’Cause I’m trapped. • Look at that. It’s a butterfly. Oh, if I could just reach – ahh! • Hmm. I wonder where it went. I’m going to walk over here. • Ha-ha! I have a plan. • Nope. Nothing over here. • Here’s Frankie! Look over there! Get him! • Ow! Hey, what was that? That wasn’t very nice. • Hey, get him again. • I’m going to throw this nut at him.
• Now! • Oh, I dodged that. That was a good one. Oh my. That could have been – ow! Oh! Ow! That one really hurt. • Uh-oh. What have we here? It’s a little innocent butterfly. • I’m a butterfly, I’m a butterfly. • I’m going to crush it with a stone.
Crush! Ha-ha! • No, how could you? Ah… • Hey what’s that?
• I have a dead butterfly. Ooh, I got a butterfly. • What the? I bet I can fly. I bet I can fly. No, I can’t fly. That is a spikey. • What the? Oh crap. That’s not good. Those are some mean rodents. Those are some really mean rodents. What am I going to do? I’m gonna… Ooh, I have an idea. I’m going to beat ’em up ’cause I am big. Hey look! It’s.. It’s a vine! I could use something like this. I don’t know… Yes, yes! ♪♪♪ Ooh, that’s embarrassing… • Ha-ha Ha-ha! Hey boys! Maybe he’s in the forest. We saw him run into the forest, maybe. We’re still in doubt. • I’m following you boss. • Could be in here. I look left. I look right. Everywhere, I look around. • I’ll get those rascal rodents! I think I smell.. bunny. Yup, there he is. I smelt something. He is right around here. Oh, that’s a big log! ★! • Oh. Maybe he’s around here. Oh. It’s very dark in here. • Hey, Mr. Chinchilla. Get over there. Move it! Move it! That’s better. • Oh… I’m flying! • Ho-ho-ho, I showed that chinchilla. • Oh, what the—? What are you doing here? • What an ugly bird. I’ll kill you again. • I hope that I don’t get hit by a nut. That would suck. Ow! • There he is. The stupid rabbit. Look at me! I’m actually a flying squirrel! I am flying. • I wonder where that flying squirrel is. He can’t be behind me. • I will do something to him.
I don’t know what. I will attack him using my… My uh… I figure it out later. ♪♪♪ • Hey Mr. Flying Squirrel, look below! • Look down—oh! What? What? Tree. Ah, spikes, no— Grab on branch— Oh… That was a close one. Luckily… stick.
• Boo! • Uh oh. • I got you now, you little bastard. ♪♪♪ Ooh, what a nice summer day! I’m just standing here – oh, it’s a butterfly
I love butterflies. They’re so nice. And it’s nice having a nice flying squirrel kite. • What the f···! I’m a kite that— Ooh. Maybe I should make a silly face for no reason. ♪♪♪ • Copyright infringement ♪ We like to rip things off Names… This is the sound names make… Who can read all those things? Paulo… Diech… I’m terrible—sorry—at— Oh wait, there’s one I know. Timothy Vegdahl.
That’s my little brother. Yes! Hi Tim! You’re awesome. And there’s the most important name.
♪♪♪ • Hey! What the— Wait a second. There’s something back there.
I’m gonna back up. Hey! It looks like a flying squirrel! • What the heck? • I love to poo on flying squirrels.

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