Best Guard Dog Breeds – Top 10 Best Guard Dogs For Security

Best Guard Dog Breeds – Top 10 Best Guard Dogs For Security

Belgian Malinois At first look Belgian Malinois make it mistaken for a German Shepherd Actually, this breed is small and short-haired than German Shepherd at the same time Malinois is an excellent police and guard dog They are very bright alert loyal active and stubborn to raise your Malinois Puppy as an obedient guard dog give him consistent training from the puppyhood itself this intelligent breed learns tricks quickly Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback is a muscular Intelligent a little and independent dog that originally bred as a hunting dog in Africa They are very protective of their family and aloof with the strangers Rich packs also bark only when they found something unusual rich packs naturally have preached drive as they originally developed as hunting dogs But if they train well, they won’t make many problems in case of strangers rich packs may attack easily as they have strong protective instincts Bully bully Is a medium-sized herding dog that popular for its long kurta coat Originally bred in Hungary for hurting bully is intelligent courageous energetic faithful and loyal Bully is an alert breed and barked at anything that he found as unusual they also worry of strangers without proper socialization your dog can become too suspicious and meybod easily Comander Comander breed is originally bred as a livestock guard dog It is an excellent guard dog you can own this mop like looking breed is gentle independent and calm commanders are devoted to their family this exceptionally great guard dog has big muscular body a Fully grown male commander stands 64 to 69 centimeter in height and weigh up to 50 kilograms Rajyam Rottweiler is a muscular obedient fearless and alert dog Remember your body would listen to you only if he is properly trained Rottweilers would take action against anything that found as a threat to their family But is an owner what you need to make sure is your rotties territorial instincts are under control Okita Okita is one of the difficult breeds to raise This large breed is alert courageous dignified and loyal Akitas are very affectionate and respectful with a family Thankfully they won’t bark without a proper reason And they are naturally very suspicious of strangers and show no hesitation in taking action if needed German shepherd has a great reputation as a natural guard dog this dog is originally bred in Germany to achieved a port from the Unwavering loyalty and protective instincts German Shepherd is easy to train a dog This devoted breed will always alert you if something unusual happening around your home Being a large sized breed. They can also take down any intruder if needed Giant schnauzer Giant schnauzer is a large powerful intelligent and bold dog This breed is well known for working as a military dog in World War 1 and – like German Shepherd Giant schnauzers are easy to train Deep loyalty with the family and strong territorial instincts make giant schnauzer a great guard dog a fully grown male giant schnauzer measures 66 to 71 Centimeters in height and up to 48 kilograms in weight Dobermans Doberman breed is popular for being a great family military and guard dog. They are very energetic alert Intelligent loyal and obedient the Doberman who left alone won’t become so energetic or alert early consistent training and socialization is a must for Doberman the good news is they will learn quickly a Properly trained Davi becomes extremely loyal and won’t show over aggressiveness Boom Probably the best choice you could make if you are looking for a perfect guard dog with an Intimidating look and strong protective instincts bull mastiff can make a great guard dog This breed can also get along well with children if they well trained to be an obedient guard dog Bull mastiff demands enough attention from the owner You should take him as a part of the family otherwise the dog would become destructive a Well raised bull mastiff becomes extremely loyal to the family a fully grown male bull mastiff has it between 64 and 69 centimeter and weighed up to 59 kilograms

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