Animals Frozen Alive, Crudely Gassed at Petco, PetSmart Supplier Mill

Animals Frozen Alive, Crudely Gassed at Petco, PetSmart Supplier Mill

Frozen alive, ripped to shreds, thrown around, gassed by the dozens. This is what PETA US found when an eyewitness went inside an animal mill that supplies Petco and PetSmart stores. Thousands of animals were crammed into bins or wire floored cages before eventually being shipped to pet stores throughout the eastern United States. Petco, PetSmart, and other stores returned unwanted, sick, and injured animals back to the dealer. Including this sick guinea pig named Elvis by the eyewitness. A few days later, Elvis was dead. Cats were allowed to roam freely in a warehouse, panicking the small prey animals being housed there. Cats knocked over bins and attacked dozens of small animals, leaving the floor spattered with blood. This hamster was bitten by one of the cats but was denied any veterinary care finally dying alone on the floor. Animals were dumped by the dozens into a cooler smeared with feces and gassed en masse. Other live animals were crammed into zipper bags and frozen to death, including these new born rats. PETA US’ eyewitness tried to comfort some of the sick and injured animals. But there are thousands of animals suffering at this one supplier alone. And millions more in pet stores around the world. The best way to help these victims of the pet trade is to refuse to shop for anything at Petco, PetSmart, or any other pet store that sells live animals. Go to to tell Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores that you won’t be buying anything from them, not even supplies, until they stop selling animals. And if you want to give a loving home to a small animal, there are many awaiting adoption in shelters across the country. Thank you.

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  1. Stupid people that are making them suffer

  2. oh my god this is probably where my guinea pig came from :0 when I got my 2 guinea pigs they had every sickness a guinea pig could get according t my vet. we got home with them and I had done my research and I saw that they had puss around their eyes so we took them to a great exotic animal vet. we had to pay $1,000 to get them completely well again. one of them sadly died of old age a few months ago, but the other one is still going strong but thats only because I WAS THE ONE that was educated about these animals. I got the guinea pigs in 2014.

  3. I'm planning on getting a hamster and I don't know where to go if I can't head to these pet stores. I know I don't want a sick and dying pet right away, I don't even have enough money to afford to pay the vet for surgeries and treatments that dying pets need. I just want a healthy and happy hamster that didn't come from a cruel and horrible slaughterhouse like this. We need to stop this, and we need to help these very beautiful creatures. I just want to make animals happy…


  5. I have my ? from petco it die

  6. That frickin messed up let them live in the wild

  7. No wonder why my fish always die

  8. I can’t believe it… but I.. I got my Guinea pig from there and he is doing very well in a health and in looks.. but the next place you must check peta is pet supplies plus

  9. This is horribel but still, they need to be frozen alive tho snakes need food.

  10. Why was the animals in the freezers

  11. They should stop this madness

  12. i want to punch petsmart in the face i'm soo mad and sad i hate petsmart i just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh want to kill them

  13. Wait so your are trying to shut down all pet store?

  14. Who could honestly do this for a living, sick bastards

  15. I actually think that the petco in my area treats pets greatly, I've actually been to their animal mills, and they didn't have any! Which is good. They only have the animals in their shopes, then they get new ones when they sell out.

    Unless… they've changed….

  16. I wish I was apart PETA… 🙁

  17. Why is our species so stupid ….ugh humans

  18. i love animals and about 5 seconds in i burst into tears no animal should be treated like this…..


  20. I stop shopping at Petco and PetSmart.

  21. Let's get them and put them in freezers

  22. I went to petco a year ago before watching this and I was about to buy this beautiful black and white hamstwr until I saw that the hamster had something wrong with its eye so we bought it and went home. I ahowed my mom and ahe said to go take it to the vet and they said that the hamster had a disease and the hamster was blind on one eye. Thankfully shes still alive and I called here panther she is my baby

  23. Earth will be better off without humans. I sound crazy but it's true

  24. Oh poor souls, in my country from Europe they don't have the right to commercialize dog and cats and for the small animals like bunnies or guinea pigs they need to have just 6 to 7 in total per shop and no more and if they aren't bought they need to send them to adoption society, and if the customer say that he or she buy the animals for reptile dinner the shop can't sell him that animals plus they need to report the customer to animals protection because it is not allowed to buy live animals for that, it considered to be animals abused and you can make 6 month to 2 years prison just for the tentative.

  25. This is so god damn awful, I can NOT support stories like this anymore

  26. This is why I fear WWIII with animals are going to evolve like the ones that are extinct and kill us for some reason ;-;

  27. F**k these motherf****s that thing this sh*t is OK GO DIE IN A HOLE FILLED WITH THE RATH OF T GAY sorry for my language

  28. The problem is is that is $100 to get an animal in the rescue

  29. Now it’s time to reload my gun and kill all those f words people who are killing these cute animals

  30. That’s what I call humanity

  31. This is so cruel!!

  32. Why fuck are they even killing animals in the first place

  33. i can’t look at the images but this is so interesting. am i insane.

  34. 0:28 NOT the Guinea Pigs why u wanna Return them

  35. Why has pet smart not got sue or stop there company?!?!?!?

  36. Poor animals they shouldn't do that to those poor cute adorable animals they are innocent, what did they ever do to u ? So I think that should not be aleigle ??????????

  37. Fu** the people who do that at pestmart and Petco shouldn't do that plus these animals dont know better so these animals should be free and shouldn't be fed to stupid God Danm snakes , snakes are not innocent they kill adorable animals and they are not friendly stupid God danm people

  38. This is why America sucks

  39. I'm not sure if I should like this or not….I don't understand y people can't just do their job

  40. What the hell is wrong with these douchebags

  41. they store animals in small plastic bins in the store itself with no water or food

  42. need an update on the abuse

  43. Who else is tired of the "oh look it's peta we can make fun of them!" And "you're just a stupid vegan!" ?

  44. All the petsmart store's and petco disliked this

  45. Don't they freeze and or kill mice for snake food? I mean this place is messed up but Isn't that why they freeze mice?


  47. The fact that we are beating our own kind makes me want to die.

  48. Nigga I don’t support this but I gotta feed my cat

  49. How is my snake supposed to eat if the mice can't be gassed

  50. Oml why petco ur terrible!! Oml

  51. This is evil good have mercy on them.

  52. my question is why is this allowed

  53. We got my hamster from pet smart and she has a lot of social things wrong with her and she trust no one but me and when she hears mens voices she runs and hides but if she hears a womans voice she runs to them it is very weird

  54. I got my PET mice from Petco I got 3 of them but the youngest one died from a heart attack I miss him but he's in a better place now


  56. Both these stores should be banned

  57. hey bolto lets got to pet- nvm

    Bolto is my dog btw

  58. My local pet stores give the fish mice ferrets and much more loving caring homes if they need vet care there like a 911 call to the vet

  59. Every one on these comments is the reason the rest of the world is laughing at us. Since the beginning of time we eat animals, the only way for PETA to make a difference is to change all of religion for the world to listine. PETA is a scam it's says it non profit but depends on your donations. That is a pure Oxymoron.


  61. I really want to help stopping this from happenening. I wish I could take all the animals and help them have a healthy and decent lifetime. this cant keep happening

  62. Reminds me of hitler

  63. What in the …. Omg sad .. Glad I didn't get my baby boy bunny at one of those places ..

  64. Omg ): im crying

  65. I live in the uk which is good because we don’t have any pet shops like this our mane one is Petsathome

  66. you guys need to call the gosh dang police what the heck!

  67. My poor Guinea pigs ??

  68. I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew I was being paid for torturing animals

  69. These bastards should be burnt alive

  70. Im crying poot animals ??


  72. Thats just sick.

  73. There’s this pet store in the UK that sells live animals but the care the give to them is heartwarming and I asked and they got their animals from country farms or rescuer centers! ?

  74. Petco and petsmart needs to bankrupt.

  75. Poor guinea pigs and bunnies i am ok with a hamster tho

  76. These idiots piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  77. Thats why i never to petsmart. If i was there gonna yell at the boss, pets are like humans. You don't put baby's in a bag, then you don't do pets in a bag. I really wanna yell at every worker that do that. There workers to that give love to them, vut if you do that. Boss do something in your life to save pets.

  78. How would they feel frozen alive in small cages tossed around ???

  79. wow i hope all the workers suffer in hell

  80. Im confused on why we shouldn't but the aninals to give them a hone?

  81. Idk what to do!! I go to pet smart to buy crickets and there is no other place I can go!!!!

  82. I hate people .God did not create us to torture, he created us to love.

  83. The fact that there people don’t have the respect for a living thing is just… I have No words for how upset ? I am seeing this video because my cat came from petco and she had trusting problems the first 3 weeks we had her so that just proves how bad the treat there animals And get this when she finally trust you she gets attached as if she can’t live without you! And I’m sorry if I ranting but as a 11 year old girl I love/animals with all my hurt so for them to be treated this way is cruel and a I write this I am in tears ? just thinking about those poor animals….. PERIODT

  84. I’ve always bought treats for my dog in Petco, but now knowing the sick truth, I will refuse to buy from them.

  85. That's stupid why not save the ones in Petco before there abused compared to the ones already at a shelter who had a home then got abused in rather save them from Petco this video was just plain out retarded

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