Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Why is it that a bill
banning abortions after a woman has been pregnant
for six weeks, is not a return to the dark ages?
What’s your answer? –My answer is something
called science. Human life exists at conception.
It ought to be protected. Now, back to my question to you.
You purport to be an objective journalist. The BBC purports to be an
objective down-the-middle-network. It obviously is not,
it never has been and you as a journalist
are proceeding to call one side of the political aisle
ignorant, barbaric and sending us back to the dark ages. Why don’t you just say
that you’re on the left. Is this so hard for you? Why can’t you just be honest?
It’s a serious question. –Mr Shapiro, if you only knew how
ridiculous that statement is you wouldn’t have said it. I just asked you a question. –And I asked you a question and you
failed to answer a single one of mine. Frankly I find this whole
thing a waste of time. If you want to read the book
and critique the book, why don’t you read and
critique the book. If you want to critique me, you can
think whatever you want of me. Frankly I don’t care.
I don’t frankly give a damn what you think of me since
I’ve never heard of you. –And I’ve never heard of you
until I briefed myself on this but that’s not the issue.
You have a new book out … –Then why the hell are you
interviewing me, sir? –It’s an interesting book but my
point is your book claims that society –Well it would be nice if you
would quote it from time to time –I’ve done so several times
and I’m about to do so again if you would let me just
finish the question. –Now frankly I don’t think. Your book claims that society
is turning its back –Honestly, honestly sir –on judeo-christian values. What are those values that
it’s turning its back on? –I’m not inclined to continue
an interview with a person as badly motivated as you,
as an interviewer so I think we’re done here.
I appreciate your time. –All right well thank you
for your time and for showing that
anger is not part of American political discourse. Now, Mr Shapiro,
we’ll say goodbye.

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  1. in what way did he destroy Shapiro…?

  2. Ah typical…taking a clip out of context. Watch the whole interview and you'll see what set Shapiro off…a leftist "journalist" pushing his viewpoint.

  3. What makes me both laugh and cry about this is that Ben destroys himself by going ad-hominem and stops letting the dude say a thing

  4. the plan is to get you all not not be interest through hate and not watch politic and not give two dimes but three. so they can pass any bill they want while your out partying and eating processed foods. its working

  5. Anyone here who comments watch the whole thing? Or just right up comments immediately when you find somewhere you can hang your believe on, ignoring that this is just a video that is cut to support its title

  6. I side with shapiro on this one.

  7. When you have to doctor the video to get your way.

  8. Ben Shapiro. Coward.

  9. Facts don't care about your feelings Ben

  10. I don’t know why Andrew Neil went on a Shapiro discrediting mission because his questions were all of a negative connotation. Perhaps he thought Shapiro was stealing some of his conservative thunder so to speak. I’m looking at this as a neutral party.

  11. Ben was really off his game in this one, geez

  12. Neil didn't even have to 'destroy' Ben, he did it to himself

  13. BBC interviewer is a joke, destroyed?! In what? Tell me what?!

  14. How exactly was ben "destroyed"? Im not really following, all i see is him leaving an interview. And in the comments, the left and liberals just degrading him with no actual reason or facts on why he is what they are claiming.

  15. I feel very sorry for any who watches this! I really do. 😔😨

  16. Don’t see how destroyed him?

  17. When did he destroy him?

  18. Tbh, Neil doesn't look like he gives a damn

  19. Shapiro's voice sounds like he got his balls cut off when he was 6

  20. LOL. No one destroyed Ben Shapiro here. It's all in your misguided minds.

  21. Ben has a lot of fallacies in his arhuments

  22. exactly where was destruction

  23. so…if you're a conservative mr neil why are you being a contrarian with another conservative??? for sport? entertaiment. clearly divisive. get real

  24. Poorly titled!! There was nothing shown to back up the tile of this clip

  25. I think you got the names the wrong way round. Ben upstaged the BBC it should say

  26. I am very suprised Ben didn't call him Anti Semitic.

  27. I saw no debate Lmaoo all I saw was an interview that somehow got heated

  28. Dating with Shapiro: DEATH.

  29. He didn’t destroy him

  30. Reading through the comments reminds me of that old dane cook joke about a black guy in a fight.

  31. This is taken so far out of context and clipped so specifically skipping around the actual interview it’s not even funny

  32. Racist Ben runs when someone smarter outwits him

  33. Still priceless in 2019

  34. You know, it’s a shame that Ben acted like a liberal and let feeling overtake him.

  35. If calling Andrew Neil a leftist doesn't make you reconsider whether you've been pulled too far to the right, you're probably too far to the right.

  36. That guy is stupid

  37. Ben ur right u can’t talk 2 a idot !!!

  38. He was obviously brought on the show to talk about his book but as usual the establishment went off topic and talked about something else entirely because they don't want the truth to come out.
    Name calling and derogatory comments only show a lack of intelligence and smugness. The full 16 minute interview is also available here on YouTube will show that Ben actually outclassed the BBC toffs from every angle.

  39. Also he wasn’t triggered and emotional. It’s that he’s contempt with himself enough to be a big boy and make his own decisions. If he doesn’t want to waste his time going back and forth with someone who won’t stay on topic and answer his questions, he has no problem leaving and he doesn’t care what people think about him. Hey… it’s called confidence. But what do I know? I guess I’m just the same as him right🤭

  40. Ben Shapiro is gay

  41. ben is a fuckin clown forreal way to keep ya credibility BENJAMIN

  42. Try saying "bill banning abortion" 15 times fast.

  43. Look at those dislikes though. Andrew Nelly failed to answer the one question he was asked.

  44. Guess Shapiro can't beat the shame wizard

  45. Just answer the question Ben, what ARE the Judeo-Christian values?

  46. shapiro, the perfect representation of how those who blather about democracy with such arrogance are totalitarian

  47. This TITLE is so misleading. Perhaps my definition of "destroys" needs to be revisited???

  48. Ben was absolutely right! He's a lefty

  49. I dont see how he destroyed anything

  50. Shapiro is hostile, rude, interrupts the interviewer, plays victim that he is not allowed to be the interviewer, and in short he is grandiose. What he shows is that he cannot tolerate discussion, while he broadly terms 'the left' as a monolithic group, for example. Rhetoric, juvenile name calling, tantrums. Who but other angry people seeking an authoritarian to blindly follow would give him a minute?

  51. i honestly don’t get why my cousin supports ben
    he overly details things more than it has to

  52. Neil destroyed himself. Nobody else. I used to think the BBC was great, until I realized that Monty Python's Flying Circus was perhaps the most politically astute crew they ever assembled

  53. yo ben was so rude!

  54. the only one who can win an argument against ben is himself 🤦🏽‍♀️ bens clownery in this

  55. What does destroyed mean? I'm very confused. All they did was talk about a book. And some questions about it… for almost two minutes long…

  56. He didn't win but know one is getting destroyed lol

  57. This is the trap where the interviewer is ready with written questions that have been put by many haters …
    Shapiro lost because hes not prepared for this one , obviously

  58. He misunderstood Niel with college kids

  59. Shapiro is hilarious. I'm cringing for him in this interview. He's a bit of a brat really. He may triumph against weaker opposition because he relies on being a bit of a filibuster motor-mouth, but it's pretty easy to unhinge him when he's up against extremely intelligent, calm debaters who let him rant but keep bringing him back to the original question.

  60. This dude is a sped

  61. But facts don’t care about your feelings 🤔

  62. Cliiiiiiickbaaaaiiitt

  63. He didn’t even get owned lmfao the only ones saying he did are the ones who support abortion, and those are the people that are everything wrong with society

  64. Ben answered questions, Neil didn't. It was a waste of Ben's time and now mine. Oh well.

  65. i still don't see how he got destroyed

  66. I'm really confused. What just happened

  67. what a leftist spin on the truth. totally deceptive title.

  68. 1:27 Some calling quitting an interview.. Gamers call it ragequitting.

  69. shapiro was not destroyed here lmao..

  70. Click bait. Ben Shapiro is a smart dude go watch his time with jo Rogan on JRE podcast.

  71. Mandark if he was real

  72. Lol Ben wasn’t owned at all?
    Ben put this guy on his knees

  73. Ben destroyed…I should have known this was clickbait.

  74. I love how every time the guy is about to remotely get something going Ben just overreacts and cuts him off with that high-pitched buzzing trying to infuriate him like the annoying little mosquito that he is.

  75. There is not enough info in this clip to make a comment either way. What came before?

  76. Andrew : Speak up Sonny I'm an anonymous old man you know .

    Ben : Anufdkrdidkdkifrkodsldmjrtjgoglnwnshsfafavdjfkgogmgkg

  77. Idk man, i havent seen the full interview, but it seems that a lot was kept out. Yea aighty tho

  78. Wouldn't say Ben was "destroyed" but definitely not his best showing.

  79. Funny that when Shapiro does answer a question he rattles it off in 2 seconds and seamlessly adds his own bad faith question to turn an interview into a debate. Fail.

  80. where's the full interview, you just posted the spicy bits

  81. I mean take a look at Oprah when she brings along compelling authors. She knows dam well to do her homework before the interview because anybody with bloody common sense knows they don't want to be seen as unprofessional or ignorant in the sense of being disrespectful. Remember this, in order to come to a cooperative conclusion, one must first study the opposition's point of view as if they were the opposition. That my friends requires one to not take anything personal, hence Ben Shapiros Facts over Feelings, in order to understand completely.

  82. It's sad how many ppl think Ben Shapiro lost this just because the title said so….did we even watch the same video lol?

  83. Ben Shapiro talks fast with big words to fabricate intelligence

  84. Seriously? Destroyed Ben Shapiro? Must be opposite day. These titles kill me.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Destroyed how? All he did was berate Shapiro. There was no conversation. No discussion. No exchanges of ideas or arguments. It was Neil scolding Shapiro. That's all it was.

  86. Ben Shapiro was not destroyed.

  87. Didn’t get owned at all!!

  88. It's like a debate vs parent.

  89. This video is proof that the meme about why playing chess with a chicken is impossible a true.

  90. "Human life exists at conception, it ought to be protected". How many orphans have you adopted, Ben?

  91. Makes me dislike..

  92. This comment section is wayyyy better than the boomer comment sections on the “socialist destroyed” or “Ben Shapiro destroyed”

  93. Ben Shapiro, although I'm a fan, loves to talk about science. Yet… he's religious 🤔

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