why is the water turning brown?! Sup Youtube! Today I’m going to fill my bath tub with Crocodiles. Let’s do this! ahh! There you go. I got some crocs in my [bag]. Hey [everybody] J. Here with me from free Press TV. [why] we’re Gonna [Caiman] I’m using a snaggletooth now the reason it [is] called Snaggletooth is because his teeth snag on things when they swim by I don’t really know where he’s headed out to crocs today. I got my crocs and we have Mr. Snaggletooth I mean, I’m totally fine when they’re cause his mouth it was [taped] up Look at his eyeball, it is staring at me wait. I have never touched anything crocodile looking before He actually loves people. Oh Whoa [alright] guys. I’m here with snack juice and the croc boy stare at me like [the] new comes from South America, but once I got here because no Sarakin alligator he comes from Florida. [oh] God Okay, I think he’s trying to swim by can’t swim that’s tick tock and you can swim wonderful Oh my gosh, you ready to ditch it. I’m holding two alligator everybody look at that If you’ve never seen an alligator club stop before here look at it check that out Whoo [whoa] okay? By the way [all] right jay. Can you [look] Timmy? Why he’s one page right now well? He’s not going crazy, but he’s going to nice big pools of waters the right temperature. He’s never been with project My crotch you’re kind of scary for all This is an American alligator [and] this [one’s] from South Avenue, South America, and that’s a dwarf game And I get about eight feet long Oh, I know that doesn’t sound very important, but they kind of short stout, and they’re really cool I mean, I look like a dinosaur. [I] know the eyeball is somet [frightening]. Look at that now look at my boss Who’s is going to comment down below? [hey] [dudes], [if] [I] [won] your shirt is dead. Oh My God honestly these are exceptional ones They’re really both very tame, but they really are invasive species So these would never be ever be let loose in California getting an [all-out] man. Can you imagine this [guy] 15 [arm] now? I can’t imagine that was that scary you got his name tick tock for recent. Oh This is the Crocodile kissing challenge I’ve never used a crocodile before So these guys like crocodile at all alligators. Don’t like it. Okay. There’s a fourth thing kind of almost overlap They don’t have a problem each other at all wow Matter Factors there’s snapping Turtles little more simple after you pull this guy out Maybe we’ll bring some to health and just for a kicker like a surprise. I saw water turning brown [oh] [marvelous] baby potato baby, hahaha oh no Sp. Let’s go beg you to poop oh We may have to do the next thing outside there. Well there we go wait all day and relaxing the tub and do okay They thought was a swimming pool. You guys what’s over the cracks The Cracker Cookie Egg like it. Oh Comment down below would you swim with Crocodiles alligators [Keenan] time to down below [where] the bathtub challenge goes wrong all right [be] serious [guys] [Tik-tok], actually poop you can see all these brown speckles that is poop that is my dirt. That is not my place Don’t be blaming one come on this come clean my house. Come on. See you know. I’m Sorry look on him. Here’s the honest. It’s real cool. Okay. We’re not kidding [okay]? I don’t [milestone] [in] poop for for take hot all right [Jabba] the hutt agent said you can’t go on that some water Maybe be home It’s a three pounder frog oh My God he comes african you can believe that he can spend two years underground two years two years underground [chill] underground And that’s why you so much he believes no child should go to bed without a full stomach [I] don’t know why he thinks that but he got [value] and yy-you can see by his legs. He’s not very good at jump Chrissy he wants a school in California. Oh Whoa cam job are wrong? Alright guys. They’re going crazy right now. I think you’re trying to escape We’re trying to get those tapes out of your mouth with [that], okay wow Nothing is math die on two cups everywhere you can stay with me. You’re in we’re best friends now. What’s your favorite song? Me, too You want to sing it together? [all] my life goes. There’s a series of doors in my face suddenly [got] sucked into all right comment down below um Just comment down below. This is analogous my first time touching and alligators so cool Let’s go get it. Whoa these are my best friends. Oh, gosh, you guys doing okay? If you ever have a chance to swim with reptiles do it doing it like you you need to grow a costume alright guys Thank you for watching today’s Math challenge because thanks to my buddy jade for prehistoric head to give you for uh You know helping me out providing these cool reptiles. So amazing always fun. Always gone checking out the description below [uh] Yeah, if you want me to put some more animals in my bathtub comment down below see this video They get out license more until they stop they go [oh]

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