All About the Largest Rodent, the capybara

All About the Largest Rodent, the capybara

Hi, Zakimals Here This is a capybara, the
largest rodent in the world, its closest relatives are guinea pigs but unlike guinea pigs the
capybara is massive and can grow to 1 metre in length, they live in the rainforests of
South America. They are a highly social animal that lives in groups of 10-20 individuals
but groups can be as large as 100. Water plays a major role in the lives of capybaras as
they often live around rivers, lakes and swamps. Capybaras can remain submerged for up to 5
minutes, they also have webbed feet and there eyes and nostrils are located at the top of
their head to keep them out of the water. They are also very capable out of water and
can run up to 22mph. Capybaras like other rodents have large teeth that nether stop
growing so need to be worn down constantly, they eat many grasses and aquatic plants,
they can eat 6-8 pounds or 2.7 to 3.6 kilograms of grass. They chew food side to side instead
of vertically which is a good way to eat tough plants. Capybaras have many natural predators
such as caimans, anacondas, harpy eagles and jaguars. Now you know lots about the giant
semi-aquatic rodents known as capybaras. Bye!!

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  1. By the way i meant to say 5 minutes, capybaras can stay submerged underwater for 5 minutes

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