All About My Cats, Coco and Eloise!

All About My Cats, Coco and Eloise!

I might be known for the revolving door of kittens that come through my life But a lot of people don’t know I actually have two of my own cats as well So I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Koko and Eloise My forever cats and tell you the story of how I rescued them as kittens and decided to adopt them forever Before I get started, I just want to thank RedBubble who sent me a bunch of awesome cat stuff for my house recently I couldn’t believe how many designs they have from independent artists including a bunch that looked just like my cat’s Koko and Eloise How cute is that? Coco is a special cat because she’s the first kitten I ever rescued and she’s the reason I became inspired to save kittens I was living in Philadelphia at the time and I was working for an organization that organized summer programs for children with autism So we were doing a group trip to a public park while I was sitting on a park bench I looked into a tree and saw the most peculiar thing one little eye peering back at me I squinted and said Is that a kitten she was about 15 feet high in this tree just a little black bean with one eye Crusted shut from an infection. I couldn’t understand how on earth she had gotten there Anyway, I was already a massive animal lover I’d been vegan for six or seven years by this point and I had no idea how to care for a kitten I just knew that I wanted to help her. So I started to try to climb up this tree somehow I made it to the top I shimmied out onto the branch picked up the kitten put her in my shirt and made it back down So that’s how she got her name because I plucked her from a tree just like a coconut at the end of the workday I brought her home and she became friends with my roommates cat Kind of eventually she grew to fit right in and just like that She became my cat Coco taught me a lot about how to take care of a kitten So after that, I started rescuing other kittens that I would find on the street in the first year I just saved kittens that I found outside after that people started calling me asking for help with kittens and I eventually Started working with animal shelters to help kittens that were coming into them But for the first several years of Coco’s life, she was my only cat I never adopted a second cat until years later when we found Eloise Eloise came to me in bad shape I was living in North Carolina and rescuing tons of kittens when I got a call from one of my friends that a kid needed my help She’d been found in the middle of the road totally blind emaciated and struggling to breathe with a severe upper respiratory infection I came to pick her up and could not believe my eyes. She looked absolutely horrible But she was purring and kneading so trusting of us. She was covered in fleas Her ears were crusted with mites She couldn’t see a thing because her eyes were so inflamed but there she was just happy to be receiving love for several weeks I’d nursed her back to health Eventually, she regained vision in one eye and the other eye healed as well as it could but it never regained vision Regardless she was a happy kitten. So once she was healthy and ready to go I found her an adopter, but then a few weeks later I got a call the adopter felt like she was too hyper and wanted to return her to me She came back to the house a slightly bigger girl, but still the same sweet kitten She was so confused about why she was moving around so much Coco greeted her right away almost welcoming her back into our lives And that was what I knew that she would be a great fit as a forever friend for me and Coco I felt like she’d been let down and I never wanted anyone to be able to let her down again So that’s how Eloise became a part of my family Eloise did keep her blind eye for a few years But as it started to change and deteriorate I determined that it would be best to have the eye removed Eloise had a successful a nucleation surgery and since then she’s lived happily as a one-eyed cat Some of Coco’s favorite things are stuffed frogs She likes to hunt them then carry them around and make this funny sound to let me know. She’s caught her prey She only does it with toy frogs. So we collect a lot of toy frogs Coco loves snuggling She sleeps with me almost every single night. She is an awesome little spoon Coco also loves hosting She loves guests and acts like she is part of every party. She sits at the table for dinner She goes around from lap to lap with my friends basically make sure that everybody is giving her proper attention at all times and one of the funniest things about Coco is that she loves Aggressive Lovins Coco loves things like getting her butt smacked Getting her back scratched or even this little thing that I like to call baby alien face She’s a true freak. She’s basically down for any kind of affection. Some of Eloise’s favorite. Things are Looking at birds and squirrels out the window. She spends almost all day looking out the window from her big cat tree She loves climbing to high up areas She loves a good perch whether it’s the top of a shelf or the top of a cat tree She really just likes to be high up. She also likes perching on my shoulder One of her favorite things ever is being held on one side of my body and then perching up on my shoulder She chooses really funny times to do this So sometimes you can catch me trying to put on makeup or trying to get ready for the day With a cat perched on my shoulder and one of the funniest things she does is that she loves knocking stuff off the table Espcially fruits and vegetabels *R.I.P blueberry* *thud* *aww,look!a strawberry* *nevermind* So that’s a little intro to Coco and Eloise, I hope you can see why I love them so much Remember that adopting a cat or kitten is a lifetime commitment and that cats are part of the family Even though my Fosters might come and go to new adopters Coco and Eloise are exactly where they belong right here at home

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  1. My mommy loves you and give me a kitten 🐱

  2. People say that black cats are unlucky but I say that black cats are cute and they actually gave good luck

  3. My cat, black panther, Freddie Mercury has been my only boy for three years and I am really…REALLY wanting another one so bad. Lol

  4. 3:36
    It kinda looks like brightheart

  5. Eloise's story is nearly identical to one of my cat's story. His name is Luca and he looked exactly as bad. My neighbors at the time saw someone throw him out of a truck in the snow and they got him and took him to us. He was extremely underweight, infection in both of his eyes, awful earmites and fleas, and an upper respiratory infection and worms. It was too late in the day to take him to the vet and I was afraid he wouldn't make the night so I made him a bed in my living room and slept next to him. He made it and one of his eyes had to be removed and he lacks a "proper" voice but his half-meows are so cute. That night that I cared for him and slept with him made us bond to be very close and he's my teddy bear who is fat and happy now.

  6. Turns out black cats can also give good luck. They just give bad luck because they are kind of jerks lol.

  7. This made me cry ❤️❤️awwww love them

  8. I have a half blind cat to

  9. Cats are the best animal ever

  10. bro my cat always knocks things down then gets confused about how it fell

  11. Cute black kitty I have a black cat a bit

  12. it’s so cute that u have 1 black and 1 white cat 😭💕 they’re the yin yang kitties

  13. These two are a perfect pair; they clearly love each other very much. It's so nice to hear the story of how you began doing kitten rescue, and thank you for doing it, Kitten Lady.

  14. Black cats are the sweetest 🥰 💖

  15. Coco's a kinky bastard

  16. They sound like my cats. 😀

  17. Coco looks just like our boy, Captain Morgan! I’m a big advocate for black cats.

  18. I just think it's precious thats it's the one eyed cat's hobby to look out the window all the time

  19. How do we know that the earth is not flat? If it was, cats would have knocked everything off by now.

  20. Oh how much I adore this kind of lovable people.
    I have also 32 rescued cats too 😸 and the family is getting even bigger ,yet my family are gonna kick me out soon for it 😅😸

  21. You're such a loving soul.

  22. My name is Louise and I was a hyper kitten (still can't stay still as a grown up) and I had infections often. I think your cat is my spirit animal. XD

    Coco and Elouise are adorable.

    I love the work you do. I'd love to volunteer at an animal shelter or do conservation but my town is in a rural area and the seaside (but no wildlife centers here) and I can't drive. Ah well. I hope to move and when I do I'll look. I'm sick of working in charity shops as a volunteer but I'm sick of being useless. I need something that involves more interesting work.

  23. My kitty likes her lips scratched 😆
    And her belly waddle squeezed before she eats 😂😂

  24. your soul is much more beautiful than you… and you are gorgeous xD

  25. I live in Filadelfia

  26. Both kitties so pretty

  27. When Eloise was knocking fruits and veggies off the table I was at the table eating breakfast and cracking up 😹😹😹😹😸😸😸

  28. I have four gorgeous black cats one of which has one eye called Odin

  29. I wish you kept Chloe

  30. Eloise is a shoulder cat!

  31. I can't believe someone looked at Eloise and was like "nah, I'm good, you can have her back".

  32. I have a question not being rood. Why did you remove the eye? What it a infection or something? I just wanna know.. you don’t have to tell me if it’s personal cause I’ll totally understand or you don’t have to tell me because your not comfortable I don’t mind

  33. I rescued a kitten then started to watch ur videos witch helped a lot as this was the first time I have had a cat unfortunately my cat had a fight with another cat and lost his eye

  34. My cat is black and he is sooo sweet and I have found sooo many intresting things with midnight

  35. They're such cute kitties 😍😍 I love cats and got two of my own sister's from the same litter a tuxedo cat named Dorey and a black cat named Dot (spotty dot) they don't get along anymore which is sad 😂😭 Dorey is technically my cat where as dot is my older sister but my sister can't take her with her to her boyfriends as he has three cats but they do plan on getting their own place and taking Dot with them we got them a few years ago when I was twelve (I'm not eighteen) I've loved animals since I was I don't even know how old that's how long it's been and I've always wanted to be a vet but due to my learning disability and me being on IPP for most classes at school I wouldn't be able to it be hard and nearly impossible but that hasn't taken my love for animals away

  36. I used to have a black cat named coco! I dont really remember that much about him bc I was really young, but loved him so much.

  37. You have found your calling this is what you are born to do

  38. coco & eloise!!!!! Dawwwwwwww

  39. I too love animals…and the reason why i became vegan too….😍😍

  40. Omgosh! Bless your heart woman!! Your truly are an angel sent from high above to help those in need!!

  41. It reminds me of Edgar and Maya from pewdiepie

  42. They are so cute!!!😍😍😍

  43. I have a cat just like coco 🖤😻

  44. Sadly i dont get that life time lucury if cat love i had to give my cat to my grandmother bc my dad didnt like her and im still really reallly really really sad from this and this happened a year ago i wish she was here with me doing the stuff she does like sleep with me and getting pet and sitting in my lap i beg you people save as many cats as you can and help them give them a good home not one that will not care for them and made the same mistake i did by not caring enough for your cat only thing this text can do is inspire so do the right thing im poor so i cant get what she really needed help the poor cats in need plz dont be a jerk and walk away save them and keep what you wanna keep and give the others who really wants them

  45. poor Eloise… for a kitten to suffer so much is horrible.

  46. I’m looking for a cat to take over the road. I feed three farm cats, but they aren’t looking to be indoor pets.

  47. Coco is just like my cat Harper.she is a gray big strong cat and she loves hunting and bringing us her prey

  48. thank you for taking care of these angels

  49. I think if people adopt any pet it is for a lifetime. They are not like furniture you tidy out but like children. Once you have them, you have them. People, if you want a cat consider how old they get and if you are not sure you will be a home for their whole life, don't get one. Please

  50. Ying and yang🥺💕

  51. This was so touching… literally sobbed from Eloise's story. The kneading part got me.. although I wasn't able to look at the screen most of the time, I still cried. Coco is simply adorable and gorgeous too~ so happy they were rescued and now, happy

  52. I had a cat(tabby cat) and he was the best, his name was tomus the one eye cat. And he loved me and I loved him back with lots of love, and he had one eye like ur cat. And he died of being electried and died and I miss he a lot😪. Also I love ur cats so mush and they are really pretty.😸😸😸

  53. I may actually get angry if one Halloween you haven’t made Eloise a one eyed pirate

  54. When I was 14, I adopted my kitten Duchess from an ex. She was born April 22, 2015. I adopted her when she was 7-8 weeks old. I know it’s a little young, but I loved and cared for her 24/7. The second night I had her, she just gave me this look from her bed, and I let her sleep with me. Best decision ever. Long story short, she loved and trusted me, always trying to cuddle, purring, making cute noises… she had a kitten-like meow instead of an adult one. On September 12th of this year, a week before my 19th birthday, she passed away. A car hit her. She was so young..too young (She was indoor/outdoor cat.) I had never been so broken in my life. I raised this kitten, I loved her so much… it was the equivalent to if my mom had lost me. I felt like I lost a child. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. I miss her so much… her nickname was Lil’ Angel and she’s certainly living up to it now…

  55. Tbh you should have names them Ying and yang haha that would be so perfect.

  56. We love cats. We currently have a 14 year old cat that we have had since he was a kitten. He's a grumpy cat nowadays but we love him. We also just adopted 3 cats on Black Friday! One black cat who's name is Dora. The shelter had originally named her Theodora. But we just stuck with dora. We got 5 month old fraternal twins. One is a tuxedo cat and the other is a soft orange cat. They were too young to be called a "bounded pair" but the woman who helped us told us that they were. It was very noticeable. It was a very tough decision, but we have no regrets at all

  57. Eloise story made me cry I feel I felt so bad for her when I saw her in the back condition in those pictures go on amazing person and a roll model to me I hope on that I can help save cats like you

  58. They’re like ☯️

  59. I have 9 cats now😂✌️

  60. 3:44
    Best. Picture. Ever.

  61. "She's too hyper"
    Oh you are so not ready for any pets. I'd say get a fish but honestly, I don't think you'd be able to care for one.
    My cat was only 4-5 weeks when I found him. The size of my palm, packed with energy. My family had to keep their eyes on the ground, cause he was tiny and just all over the place. And he's still here, 8 months later. Big boy, still packed with energy.

  62. Your white cat is just like mine, its a type of virus that does something with the sinuses and puts pressure behind the eyes which can cause them to bulge out.

  63. The most blessed cats in the world! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. With my cat Cheif, He is a tabby cat with green eyes and you would find him near a window, resting by a window, behind my tv, or my fireplace lol

  65. I is a 8week old kitten and I only had her for 6 hours until I had to take her to the vet and she stayed there overnight and in the morning she had to have a life saving operation and her name was also bluebell

  66. Omg i have two cats, pepino (a brown and white cat) its just like Coco, he loves rough petties and sits at a chair at the table when we have dinner. My other cat is completly white with blue eyes, he is deaf and doesnt see very well. he likes when you carry him like a baby and if you dont pet him he will throw everything he can find on your night stand.

  67. A kitten, that’s hyper?…WHAT!?! Who would’ve known :O

  68. My cat William is blind on one eye and he hunts rats and birds and he brings them as thank you presents lol i love him

  69. 1:04 you can't say no to that face

  70. You’re the best!

  71. I have a cat like coco her name is ally she was liveing in a ally but she ran away for a month we got a chip in her so we checked if it was her and it was my baby is back home with me 🙂

  72. I'm loving those broken window blinds. Classic sign of cat tv viewing!

  73. Is it Coco it Koko?

  74. I also have a one-eye cat, she's so sweet.

  75. My black cat is called Candice and her brother from another mother Gramps because he is just like an old man, just cute!

  76. Wow I have a female cat Eva and she carries a toy frog and makes a noise and leaves it in front of me and my wife. My two other boys love each other as they are related. one is black and the other is grey. Merlin and Figaro. Figaro is technically Merlins Uncle but I classify them as brothers. They love to sleep on their daddy and Merlin is only 6 months old and he loves to snuggle with daddy. Wherever I sleep he goes sometimes both like to culddle on my lap. Eva is an old grumpy girl but a sweet heart as well. She loves to give be head boops all the time and comforts mommy when she is having a hard day.

  77. I'm so glad you kept Eloise. She needed someone who was ok with her being a cat. Thank you for rescuing Coco too. Why would someone abandon a baby to fend for itself 😔

  78. Kitten Lady. You're dead cool and inspirational.

  79. hah! it's already 2020 and only 405 dislikes

  80. my cats name is also Coco

  81. Coco looked out to meet you. Eloise, without yet having an eye to see, reached out to you. Even blind, they know you have the Good Woman Energy.

  82. How do i do a tnr in the area of 1130 heck ave in Neptune NJ

  83. Will cats already in the household take a kitten you are fostering under their wings? I have a cat right now and may foster over the summer but idk if my current cat would possibly take a kitten under her wing

  84. Your roommate cat looks like my cat Molly lol ^^

  85. “She likes getting her butt slapped…..she’s a true freak” that’s not a cat that’s a PUSSY

  86. I used to have black and white cats too. Sadly, my black baby passed away not even at five years old. It's very hard since I took care of him ever since he was a little (one month old) baby. It's been ten days and it's really sad, the only thing that makes me feel better is that he's not suffering anymore.. just wanted to say this, if you have any animal, please give it a tight hug. You don't know what day could be it's last 💔

  87. Love your fur babies, I'm a huge cat lover person. It's truly mind boggling, cant believe people are so cruel, so indifferent, to helpless babies in great need of help. I loved this video it made me very teary, and also happy because you have a beautiful caring nature and I'm so glad to see that you took care of these babies and adopted them yourself. I would adopt them all if I could, but then again we don't have strays over here. So moving for sure. Thanks for sharing the story behind Coco, Eloise and your story too. You are doing a wonderful job, the world needs more people like you. Love your babies. Any colour for me will do, not superstitious at all.😻😻😻😻

  88. Every video I watch of yours just makes me so HAPPY. God bless you son much. Every person, everywhere should watch you and model themselves after you cuz sweety you are just so incredible. Love you and Jesus Christ bless you always.

  89. I found your videos a couple of years ago and they inspired me to foster kittens. It was difficult getting my parents to agree and it took a lot of patience, but last year my mom brought me two little feral kittens. Since then, I've fostered six more feral kittens from a local feral cat colony. With a litter I had just before school started this year I was going to give one of them (my favorite) to my best friends older sister, and the other two to my grandparents, but my friend's dad changed his mind and sent him back and my grandma sent one of them back because she was "too much to handle". So now we have two more cats because by the time we got them back they were too old to re-home and they wouldn't have bonded to their owners right. Because of this, I'm determined never to foster fail again because it discourages my mom and it makes her not want to foster any more kittens. Thank you so much kitten lady!

  90. Do you introduce them to the fosters? How do they react if you do?

  91. They are both absolutely gorgeous! I thought you had three cats ??? Xxxx

  92. A hyper kitten. Hmm, sounds a lot like our kitten 🤭

  93. Poor Eloise! She's been through a lot! Then she gets returned because they didn't think a kitten would be hyper (like wtf). I'm glad she's in good hands now though. She must feel very lucky to get to live with the person who saved her.

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