Alicia Online – Historia

Alicia Online – Historia

History of Alicia Online September 2005 Please, change the translation if it’s bad. This is where the idea of the game began. But this version of Alicia never saw the light of the day. as a proof we have only this one screenshot, which the creative director, Bujung Kim shared with us. November 2007 a lot has happened this year. Alicia was named “Project Alice” and it was quite a different project than today. This game has elements of combat and difficulties during the race such as dragon or thunderbolt, but we had a wings. Horses could also cross the river, not just fly above it. otherwise, horses had limited amount of energy, without it, they didn’t want to respond to rider’s commands. Energy could be restored by eating apples and carrots from a racetrack But also when horse hit the wall, it can got a small amount of energy back. But gliding or other skills horses could get from exploring racetracks in “adventure mode” or buy them in shop. But first, we needed a horse. there were plans to get a horse, you had to tame it first through playing in minigame called “rodeo” But we never saw this minigame, maybe developers doesn’t even started working on it. Racetracks was a lot bigger than current ones. Game has at least 2 modes “race” and “adventure”. Developers said, that they don’t want to add breeding or fostering horses. But soon they changed their mind, because on the one of pictures we can see a little foal. There were other options about which we don’t know much. They were deleted anyway. Some of models from 2007 is still hidden in game files. For example little bats or never used magic spell “flower seed”. as far as I know, Project Alice hasn’t never got to the players’ hands. But supposedly first CBT was in first half of 2008. November 2009 Probably Project Alice CBT was not as successful as the developers expected. or it won’t happen at all. So they decided to do drastic changes in gameplay and graphics. They abandoned all made things like race courses, options and some of the models. even game concept has changed. after making all these changes, the first CBT took place. these tests were focused mainly on racing and
improving this system. Players had just 5 maps available. About 10k people took part in the tests. the feedback was very good, players liked the feeling while racing and the fact that server stability was really good. Alicia was getting more like the version we all know now. But still, there were a few differences worth mentioning. several functions were missing, like breeding, ranking or ranch management. the interface was also different. Horse care, races and even our ranch cat was different. During races you can notice, that spell bar was orange, not blue. Additionally, three spells had different look – shackles, wand and phoenix. just before opening CBT, developers has signed a contract with Japanese game publishers for over 776 000 000 $ to release the game in Japan It was one of the biggest game transactions in these years. February 2010 the first Alicia players meeting took place. main attraction of course there was racing. 40 players were divided into groups, and the best of them were rewarded. April 2010 Second CBT took place. things like breeding and new animations of caring of horses have been added this part of tests focused mainly on horses and interactions with them. Now care options looked almost like current ones. Breeding interface and animations were slightly different, but the mechanics remained the same. During these CBT, developers made the contest,
in which participants could win Ipad or Ipod Nano. The lottery also took place among players taking part in tests between 6pm and 9pm Also these tests were very successful, people fell in love with new features . Developers were full of energy now. In july devs shared with us a film showing how Alicia was created. They also opened the veil the mystery and said, that they want to add dynamic camera during races and new racetracks. November 2010 In this year another contest took place. “Wish, Design, Make”, which was made to stimulate the creativity of players. everyone could enter the selected part of the contest. the competition was divided into 3 parts. Wish – the participants had to give suggestions and new ideas for new game features. Design – They must create concept graphic of new outfit for Alicia. The best idea was to be added to the game during “Open party”. The price for 2nd place was 780 $, and for 3rd was 390 $ Make – players had the task to make themed papercuts. Best work was awarded with a digital camera Olympus PEN-EP2. this is what the best work looked like Developers signed a contract with IU – famous singer, they wanted her to promote their game. Because of upcoming “Open party”, they wanted as many people as possible to hear about the Alicia. IU promoted the game on many levels: Through a photo shoot, making a game trailer, singing endign song, advertising food kits in fast food “Lotteria” or taking part in “Open party” festival. Horse riding practice and getting ready for recording game trailer and ending song. Game trailer was ready in February 2011. January 2011 Photo shoot
IU photos and recordings were used in various promo arts and to make screensaver. (download link in the description) Screensaver was made during stability tests, when everyone could play for 8 hours. February 2011 an interview was held with the developers for the Korean gaming site “GameMeca” They asked one of creators, why developing Alicia took over 5 years. He responded, that they worked really long about concept of this game and they had so much ideas Like riding on other animals like tigers or hunting for monsters. IU taking part in “Open party” festival to celebrate OBT. This festival was to gain even more players thank to famous IU and other known celebrities and many of contests with prizes. in the room where the festival took place arrived over 250 people but also those who couldn’t come, could watch festival stream on the official game website. From this moment, the game looked more and more similar to the version you know today. OBT ended after 24 days.
official game premiere took place on march 31. Devs finally planned to release the game in Japan and China, apparently they even had a Japanese translation ready. planned release date of the Japan version was the second half of 2011. One of devs said, that he want to port the game to consoles. But Alicia was never released outside of Korea. Maybe because of earthquake series in springtime, so creators thought this is not a good time to release a game. Sadly, devs have never mentioned releasing the game in another country again. March 2011 IU promoting game in popular fast food “Lotteria”. Themed cups and papercuts were added to food kits. The first two characters are named Chloe and Leo. Moreover, Alicia reached 440 k players and 25 k people logged into game in the same time. Over 1 milion horses were raised and every day about 50 k foals were born. April 2011 on April Fools’ Day devs showed to us new “ways” to play Alicia. For example using an xbox camera or our own phone. May 2011 The first cup competition took place due to repeated requests from players. 256 players were drawn and divided into two groups of advancement. Game master had the opportunity of watching the competitions from every players’ perspective Switching a camera between them. First place was awarded with 780 $, 2nd with 390 $, 3rd and 4th with 260 $ and 140 $. Places from 5th to 8th earned about 85 $ In addition to money awards, players could win e.g. themed mouse pads. Second similar competitions took place in July this year. June 2011 Now you can play in Alicia with game pad. Every month contests were organized or new updates was made. This way, game gradually received ranking, pets, new clothing, racetracks, new horse coats, items, options etc. The game tried to keep players. February 2012 Developers asked a players to vote, what do they want to be in new, big game update. They had options such as new racetracks, history of Alicia world, hunting, changing our character look, dyeing, the town, new race modes, decorating ranch or selling things back. March 2012 First attempts to make big update. probably this move resulted from a constantly decreasing number of players. There was no breath of freshness in the game, and game was just boring. Except that, for about a year, IU haven’t promoted game. And big number of players were playing and following the game because of her. But for unknown reasons, devs deletet this project and decided to use finally made models and things in Alicia 2.0 Or maybe that’s how Alicia 2.0 would look like if it had a chance to develop more? October 2012 Finally Alicia 2.0 was out and players could test it. They also could play in 1.0 at the same time. on this occasion, the creators prepared a small app on our phone. little Chloe who wave, dance and smile to us. Developers thought the game was not good enough, so they wanted to give us even more. Maybe even introduce this version in other countries. opinions were divided, but looking closer, most of them were negative. Of course, the town and two new horse breeds – shire and donkeys were awesome. But it’s nothing compared to a series of bad choices that devs made. Complicated and not very clear interface, awkward training horse mechanics and waiting for foal to born for all day long were just tip of the iceberg. By devs decisions, players were forced to play endlessly, grind training cards and money to develop even a little bit. Alicia 2.0 received a lot of negative feedback, so devs deleted this version permanently after planned closure of tests. After Alicia 2.0, in 1.0 version wasn’t any updates or contests. Probably devs doesn’t had much money to develop this version more. January 2014 In the beginning of January, one of Game masters said by accident, that game soon will be closed. He confirmed it again on the game website, and then players started to spread rumors. Game developers denied this misleading information, saying it was just an error. But players were still concerned. Soon after this, devs announced the end of Alicia Online service February 13. They probably didn’t want to hide the sad truth that came to light anyway. Creators were getting ready for this step for a long time. On the beginning of 2013, they gave us opportunity to earn a lot of money during races. and all real-money items and clothes have changed currency to free. They wanted to give us a chance to enjoy easy earning, good horses and beautiful clothing While it was still possible. What was the exact reason of closing the game? There were several of them, and a couple more about which we don’t know anything. Most important – the game didn’t earn enough to support itself, because of small amount of players. Maybe if they could release it in Japan, the game still could work till today? Players were disappointed or even deceived after playing Alicia 2.0. They were waiting so long for an update that could make their game better and more interesting They didn’t wanted a completly new game with new options. Creators wanted to try to do mobile games. They noticed, that Alicia will never meet the players’ expectations. At the end of the game, the number of players was 1 183 560. And number of raised horses was 10 822 237 December 2014 Alicia Online returned. currently as a private server in many languages, with regular updates and completely free access. The game was restored by a person, who in 2013 started translating it to an English and Russian. Now Alicia Online is even better game. Items and functions from olden times are regularly added to it, but new ones are also created. Alicia had ups and downs. Maybe because of misused money, unnecessary promotion thanks to IU or bad ideas in gameplay. however, I think it has such an interesting story that it was worth sharing it with you. I know that here and there may be chronological errors or not very accurate dates. But that’s because of lack of easy access to information due to the language that I completely don’t understand. It was a pleasure to share my knowledge of the Alicia’s history with you Please, read the description box if you want to know more about sth or need specific links (Of course in Korean) At the end, a series of Alicia’s concept arts

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