Akita Inu Facts

Akita Inu Facts

Best Breed Ever! Akita Inu
The Akita Inu is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world
This is a big dog whose ancestors hunted elk, wild boar, and even bears!
Historically, only Japan’s royal nobility was allowed to have them
Helen Keller brought the first one to the United States in 1937.
In Japan, a statue of the Akita Inu symbolizes good health
They are known to be clean, hardy, and strong “Are Akita Inus for me?
– They are solemn, dignified, and dominant – They have a thick double coat that sheds
twice a year – They are known to be territorial, so you
must train early – They have a medium energy level
– They typically live to about 12 years old”

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  1. the statue is for akita inu dog whos named hacki there a film about him he waited for his owner in the train station till he comes back from music classes and one day he didnt come back and Hacki waited for 10 years in the same place so this is false a big juicy dislike

  2. Do one on Cane Coro's

  3. When I Saw The Picture Of Hachiko I Cry 😭

  4. I have an Japanese Akita called Kiki


  6. Wrong the statue for Akita is hachi who waited years for his master to come back

  7. Poorly researched vid…

  8. If you are going to make a factual video, you need to get the facts right. In the UK the Akita is seperated into 2 breeds. The American Akita, and the Japanese Akita Inu.

  9. Don't Brought them to a Country With hot climate they are only used to a Cold/Warn weather

  10. That dog is Hachi from the movie Hachiko

  11. I am scared of Akita's from a experience from when I was younger, but the whole time I watched this I was 'awwwwing'

  12. Shiba inu fakt pls

  13. To all Akita Inu lovers: I would love to have an Akita!!!!! I've had and trained dogs before, but I am also a hardcore cat person and I have 2 (soon 3) kitties. Is it hard to train your Akita to share his/her territory with other animals (cats AND dogs). I know that any dog can be trained to get along with other animals, but is it really hard? Should I just reconsider and get an "easier" to train dog breed?

  14. I have an akita but she is really special (every akita is special hihi) because she is smaller than a normal akita and she is a longcoat. She is very lazy and stubborn. that's just what i like an akita's.

  15. 🐕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. do a schnauzer video please!!!

  17. We also have an male akita inu called tarou. we love him. 🙂

  18. these all facks are from dogs 101

  19. and a have akita inu they are NOT medium level of activity and they are perfect family pet if you start early:)

  20. Those dogs are American Akita, not Akita Inu. They are different dogs



  23. inhave japenesse akita

  24. whenever I see an Akita dog I used to remember Hachiko the true to life story dog in Japan😥😫😢😢😢😢

  25. Not a single Akita Inu was shown in this video!Do your study before you upload a video !!!

  26. In Japan, Hachiko bronze statue in front of the Shibuya station represents loyalty… and It's there to never forget about him. and we pray for him to rest in peace when we see the statue… That is not just a random akita statue for health… this video is inaccurate…

  27. this akita is so cute

  28. The statue in Japan is of Hachiko.

  29. Those Akitas in the video are the American version of akita. Here in Finland, the Akita is separated into two different breed. American Akita and one and only original Japanese Akita

  30. Now imagine an Akita-Husky crossbreed…

  31. You are no expert, there are so many Errors here, lol
    You mix American Akira and Akita Inu
    1:14 -> Thats the statue of Hachiko the Akita Inu, dog who waited 10 years for his master at the train station, it is a symbol of Loyalty
    1:25 -> Thats Shiba inu, completely different breed.

  32. I just got an American Akita and he is the cutest thing ever…. everywhere we take him people are always talking to us about him and wanting to know more of this breed since they are rarely seen here….. Great video by the way…..

  33. 0:24 hachi hype

  34. 1:24 Isn't that a shiba inu?

  35. i have a normal akita inu

  36. Japanese akita 's are very cute than American akita. .. although all akitas are cute but japenese ones are cute
    …. even hachiko was very cute and faithful and I fell very bad for him
    I wish that he is living a better life with his owner Mr. uneno they both are together now in heaven

  37. boxer shepherds plz

  38. 1:25 the"HARDY"picture is a shiba inu,not akita.

  39. i have a japanese akita

  40. did you know akitas can hunt bears

  41. motherfucking Chinese eat them

  42. Man,they are expensive

  43. I am thinking of getting one,or maybe even 2 for cuter puppies

  44. I hate people who dont Know the difference between American and japanese akitas

  45. is this small doge?

  46. Could you do a Cane Corso vid? They’re very underrated but really interesting dogs

  47. Lol I would recommend to do some research first before doing a fact video to avoid hate from us dog lovers! And by the way at 1:25 that is a shiba inu not a akita!

  48. I got my Akita here watching this with me… oh and BTW those are American Akitas.

  49. Best videos ever
    Best person ever
    Best dogs ever
    And your right Best breed ever

  50. the japanese akitas are more preferred.

  51. I love Akita Breed want to own one…….

  52. belgian sheepdog plz

  53. Make Kintamani dog video please

  54. dont give fake one!

  55. Dislike because there is not a single Akita Inu.

  56. That statue is not for good health,it's In honour of the Dogs loyalty to his master (shibuya station) the story before just saying any old rubbish

  57. who watched this video after watchong hachi a dogs tale

  58. Do Shiba Inu please?!

  59. I can 't Good english

  60. i have akita inu

  61. You could have even put about Hachiko

  62. Please dont confuse akita inus(japanese akita) with american akitas,
    or (in other words) dont mix akita inus(japanese akita) and american akitas together.

  63. This title is misleading. This is not the “Akita Inu” which means the Japanese Akita breed but the American breed. There is a difference.

  64. What is the price

  65. Akita Inu where fighting dogs for over 300 years and why dod Americans have such a hard time admitting this. its all in the breed history available from the Kennel Association of Japan

  66. Nice music background

  67. There is no Akita Inu in video except the Hachiko photography and statue…. The American Akita is in video which is not recognized internationally as same breed as Akita Inu. American Akita is deviated too far from Akita Inu. American Akitas are also nice dogs but it is like cross breed between Honda and Cadillac and still called a Honda…

  68. One for indian pariah as well.

  69. Belgian malinois please!!!

  70. What no mention of Hackiko or how Akitas come in two varieties?


  72. what about Caucasian shepard? 😀

  73. I luv dis kind of dog akita inu..

  74. Next do the Siberian husky plz

  75. Science tells us The American Akita is of the same geno type as the Japanese Akita. After WW2 Akitas from Japan were cross bred with the modern German Shepard, even mastiff. Even after 500 years the goal of this mighty dog is the same…. ALPHA dominance. The American bear vs the Japanese wolf, lol. Look at pics of Emperor TAISHOs black Akitas and you will see that this dog has achieved what it was created for 500 years ago, a warrior dog unlike any other.

  76. Researching dogs has never been so satisfying

  77. Stop lying!!! This is an AMERICAN Akita – mixed with a Mastiff, new foundland and more. Nice dog but NOT AN AKITA INU!

  78. First of all the statue was built after hachiko’s death and in second, those are not pure japanese akita inus

  79. Akita inu is gerat breed

  80. plz do a rottweiler

  81. I want an akita so bad

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