Adults Review Toys // Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Adults Review Toys // Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

– Hi, Keith. Do you want to dance? – [Toy] Hi, Keith. Do you want to dance? (upbeat music) – I bought my coworker a toy. Is that weird? Do you not normally play with toys? – I really appreciate
cute stuffed animals. Anything animal honestly
is kind of my go to. – Look at this present. – I’m so excited. (laughs) – Do you want it? – Yes. – Wait. – Sarah. No, please. (laughs) Oh my God. Unwrapping presents is one
of my favorite things to do. – It’s pets. (laughs) – So this is the
Cleverkeet Little Live Pet. – This is so… – Should we open him? – Yes. Of course. (upbeat music) – Get the (beep) out of here Cleverkeet. – Be nice to him, Sarah. – I, Chantel, promise to always take good care of my Cleverkeet. Feed him slash her as much as needed. Dance to music and laugh
at silly jokes together. – Those are all your
favorite things, Chantel. – Those are my favorite things. (laughs) – It says to unclamp him. You’re free Cleverkeet. (laughing) – Oh. Put him right
here. Put him right here. – Cleverkeet! – He’s driving. This is the smartest child I’ve ever had. – Smartest child? (laughing) – [Toy] I think I’m about to
start watching TV. (whistles) – I thought he was going to say start… – He wants to watch TV? (bird whistles) – How did you put him on here? – I (beep) it up. – (laughs) Oh my God. – Wait. There we go. – Oh no. – What if I just broke this immediately? – Part of me just wants to name him Keith. – Okay. This will be Keith the Parakeet. – Keith the Parakeet. – Parakeith. – I want to see him dance. I think this is where he dances. (whistles) – I think you have to play music. – He’s got his own jams. Play Blank Space. – I don’t think it works like that. (laughing) – [Toy] You’re so awesome. (gasp) – Who do you think is the
man who voices this bird? – I don’t think it’s a man. – We could see him swing. (whistles) Is he broken? – [Toy] Wee. – No. – [Toy] I love the swing. – He’s just getting momentum. – Oh my God! (whistles) – You just shut him up like that. (laughing) – Like I get why it has to be… Cause that’s like the… – (laughs) Sarah! – He’s fine. I’m fine. I’m good. – (laughs) Hi, Keith.
Do you want to dance? – [Toy] Hi, Keith. Do you want to dance? – Are you listening to me? – Are you haunted? By
the soul of a dead bird. – The bad thing is he starts
recording you without… (bird laughs) (bird whispers) (laughing) – So I know when I was a kid, if I would get a new toy, it would be playing with
it maybe for a week. This would be a solid week. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a solid nine. – What would push it over
the edge for you to a ten? – If if had a little bit
more clever responses. – Well, to be fair we only played with it for about ten minutes. (laughing) – This bird is gorgeous. – This bird is gorgeous. – This bird is gorgeous. – I’ve never seen a bird
so gorgeous in my life. (laughing) (elevator music) – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh yeah. Mhm. You don’t know the half of it. (elevator music)

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  1. I thought they were going to review 'Adult Toys' I was wayyyyyy off.

  2. Its like a furbee only a bird. I mean. I would say that its definitely better for anyone to play with this bird than watch TV for sure.

  3. soo… this is the cutest thing ever

  4. Sara is so mean to shontelle

  5. My 9 year old sister said its stupid when the commercial came on today

  6. LOL I'm dying. the sound the bird makes when she drops it at 2:10 😂

  7. this is so cute….

  8. sara is cute bye :————-)

  9. Omg hearing my name is so weird when its somewhere other than my everyday life ^-^

  10. i agree its a 9 but i would love it even more if it was soft and fuzzy

  11. 2:26 OMG the bird screams when Sara throws it 😂

  12. "this is the smartest child I've ever had"

  13. Wait, it screams when you drop it? Freaky.

  14. Oh course Sara is in this video XDXD


  16. Please please please review Chubby Puppies! I love seeing people's reactions to the way they move.

  17. awwww they named it Keith =)

  18. when they bleeped sara at 1:35 i thought they were censoring what cleverkeet was saying and i died.

  19. Voiced by Gilbert Godfrey it sounds like

  20. I would totally buy that toy.

  21. this is the most amazing toy i've ever seen

  22. sara smiles like sara doesn't care, she lives in a world so unaware..

  23. Omg every time they dropped it, it squawked and I know that's not cute but it made me laugh. I'm an adult and I want this toy because it's cute.

  24. 0:13 nope if i were in your shoes i would do that to. LOL

  25. I have one of these

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  27. get adults to play with choclate bar maker

  28. kill it with fire it's evil I tell you

  29. I'd like to see a Keith The Parakeet, voiced by Keith 😀

  30. more of this series omg

  31. I actually have a real parakeet, alot better than cleverkeet! haha

  32. i love this . do more of this

  33. is it just be or did cleverkeet scream bloody murder on bird drop #3..

  34. My name is Chantelle 💘

  35. i am crying right now, this is so funny

  36. I couldn't the bird to do a damn thing….help

  37. Pirate Vasilich like

  38. I love how the bird yells at them each time he's dropped!!!!!!

  39. Lol I got a cleverkeet for Christmas

  40. my last name is Keith

  41. this bird is so cute!!!

  42. Call this Sara's toy review

  43. Review littlest pet shops or my little pony. Those have been around FOREVER

  44. I love that it screams when it gets dropped. That's amazing.


  46. Keith the Parakeith

  47. My pet Captain, an actual parakeet, was being super chirpy while I was watching this

  48. I have a real parakeet and I still want this…cause I'm scared of my pet parakeet.

  49. I named my clever keep toy sky (female)

  50. I named my cleverkeet Sky (female)

  51. I'm fin scared ba cause his laugh doe

  52. Sara's like cute, pretty and hot all at the same time

  53. the bird drop made me laugh so hard because it squawked every time

  54. so do they get to keep the stuff?

  55. this is creepy as fuk

  56. My cousins live 3,000 miles away from me, so I only see them like every 2 years, and my little cousin didn't really care that we were there for a short period of time, and all the time she would play with this toy.

  57. this series needs to be watched by more people XD

  58. Did anyone else feel bad for the bird whenever they dropped it?

  59. I laughed too hard at Bird drop #3.

  60. "Are you hunted… by a soul of a dead bird!?"

  61. I laughed so hard every time the bird fell and made that satanic screeching sound

  62. Are you guys gonna do more videos like this?

  63. I have two parakeets

  64. Please!!!!!!! Bring back this

  65. My family has a lot of parrots and I know a lot about them so it's REEEEEAAAAAALY weird to watch this because the whole time I've been like "Why is he that color?" "That's the incorrect plumage for a parakeet." And I just can't stop. 😭

  66. how did u get clip thing off bird please help

  67. Is it sad that I watch BuzzFeed at midnight?

  68. I have that pink haired girls shirt.
    Got it from H&M for like 15 bucks a year or two ago.

    Sweet find.

  69. 1:35 I thought it was the parrot who cussed 😂

  70. Am I the only one who got creeped out by the bird, thinking that its actually possessed?

  71. Chantel is literally me, I mean "I love cute stuffed animals and any cute animals.", "opening presents is one of my favorite things to do." Also, I apologize if I didn't spell her name right.

  72. You should review the TY toys…they are adorable af…

  73. they should make the little live pet review thing a series

  74. you should do this again.

  75. my five year old cousin has that thing she said it was 25

  76. my five year old cousin has that thing she said it was 25

  77. Am I the only one who thought the noise that the the bird made when it fell was hilarious

  78. I have a real bird and I think it's less fun when they are real 😂


  80. this toy scared the life out of me

  81. I am TERRIFIED of that toy!

  82. I want it so frecklin bad

  83. I thought the date for this video said Oct 31 2016 and I was like ITS FROM THE FUTURE nope, just stupid.


  85. lol i have a cleverkeet

  86. I want Sara's soul.


  88. I have to say Chantel is my favorite from Buzzfeed!!

  89. Is it weird that while I was watching this I choked on Nutella?

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