Adoption Day!! – The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers PETS – Ep 15 FINALE

Adoption Day!! – The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers PETS – Ep 15 FINALE

Look how sad she is… I know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh god. They’re throwing up on the floor. I don’t know you, get out of here! I think my sim has had it. Look at her face! Look at all these animals! I think she’s had it. I think she can’t take care of all of these animals anymore on her own. Aw, Lizzy’s curled up so cute with her though! As much as it pains her she thinks she might have to have some people adopt her animals. This is a sad day. With that being said welcome back to the last episode of The Sims 4 raising YouTubers as pets series. I said in the previous episode that this was most likely gonna be the last episode and I appreciate all of your guys’s suggestions, however a lot of you are on board with me ending this series, but then starting a new Sims 4 YouTuber series, which I’m totally for like I said last episode, I’m totally for not having the raising YouTuber series end completely. I just need a little bit of a break, and I think the next time it comes back it probably won’t be pets, but yeah I think you guys can sense that, uh, I’m kind of running out of ideas. And you guys didn’t really have too many ideas that I’d be able to continue with unless I started over as a whole new series concept. So I think it’s time to say goodbye. For now. Just- just for now. My face is my goodness. One eye is bulging! But anyway like I said, I did have an idea for this last episode and I think you guys are gonna like it because a lot of you suggested it in the comments. And that is to have each of the YouTube pets be adopted by their actual Sim YouTube character. I haven’t had an episode where they have met each other, and I think it’s going to be adorable. :3 And I think the best way to go about this is to try and set up some type of adoption area… Welcome to the brand-new adoption/pet shop! All of the dogs are on this side and all of the cats are on this side, and we are going to have an adoption extravaganza! It doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys. Oh, wow you just took their ball, and then walked away. That’s pretty mean. They don’t have anything in there to play with except for those balls. Put away? No, no, no, what are you doing? Don’t worry guys, your new owners will be here shortly. Oh my god. This is gonna be so cute. Oh this gonna be so cute! Seapeekay meets Seapeekay! And Scott meets Scott! Oh my god. It’s so cute. Oh Wait pick- pick yourselves up yes pick- pick up. He’s doing it, YES! Ohh my goodness. Oh god that didn’t last long. No, no, no pick- pick him up. You’re gonna- you’re gonna adopt him. Yes. Oh, yay!! Yay, oh my god. Stop picking them up then putting them immediately down. Okay, okay, okay, okay, good. No, don’t put- don’t put him down now bring him over here. I know! I’ll leash them! Leash ’em, there we go. Yes. Now take him out of the pen. YES! There we go! Now we know how to take animals out of the pens. Oh no. He’s- He’s running away he’s running away! Scott! Scott your- your other Scott is running away! Leash him up and go home. I need to start getting rid of animals because my stuff keeps lagging real bad. Yayyy! Congratulations on your new adoption. Squee, what are you doing? Squee you’re not looking so good. Goodbye Scott enjoy you as a dog! He’s the worst, just like you, enjoy each other. Yes, goodbye. Oh, this is so sad. Alright, Seapeekay. Why are you feeling flirty? That’s weird. Take your fox. I thought I told you to leash him. All right for some reason they keep glitching out so let’s teleport you here, and you here. See, the game starting to break. It knows it’s time to end. Goodbye Seapeekay and Seapeekay fox. Enjoy your new lives together! Yes, yes, goodbye. Goodbye, where’s Lauren? She doesn’t even care about her animals really, but she’s like, “Yes. I am so happy. I’m gonna be alone again!” “I can’t wait for the silence!” Bye Seapeekay! Bye! and fox Seapeekay! We will miss you guys, but bye! All right, who’s next? Next up we got Vixella looking super cute as always, and Cupquake. Cupquake go pet your cat version. She’s like “oh, hey me!” oh so cuuuute! Oh yay Vixella’s going in on her own! Wow she – is she going up to her actual dog? I didn’t even tell her to do that. She is! See you guys are meant to be! No Cupquake, you’re- you’re in the wrong one. Oh look, and she wants to go see she wants to go with you. You guys are soul mates. Vixella take your dog there we go there we go what’s happening Cupquake go back to your cat okay Vixella. Now, take your dog. Go, take her! Take her! You guys are gonna be happy together cuz you’re the same person! Yes, go go go. Go bye Vixella. Bye! Oh Goodbye, this is so sad. Pick her up and then bring her home. Oh, they were snuggling! By Cupquake and other Cupquake enjoy each other’s company! Aww, this is so cute, but so sad. Oh, she’s running. Oh, she’s running with her new cat. yeah-ha Oh, yeah! Oh yay Joey’s here, Joey go get your dog. He has been one of the smartest! Yes go in there! Joel don’t you dare try to escape. How cute! Oooooh :3 This is so cute! Alright leash ’em up take em’ he’s yours. Bye, Joey dog. Oop there goes Vixella. Bye! Bye guys be happy together yay! See everybody, adoption is the answer. Uh, I just want to point out this horrifying mess over here I- I wanted to try and move some of the youtubers and their pets to a different family, and I got this… What is this? Wha- Why is Vixella just the only dog here?? Okay… Next up? It looks like Lizzie and Joel are here for their pets. Lizzie come get your kitty. Yaaay! Aww! LDShadowlady just became friends with LDShadow. Okay now take her! stop cuddling her take her home where you can cuddle her as much as you want. No take her home stop nuzzling her. It’s okay. Yes there we go. Yaaaay! LDShadowlady Adopted LD- WHY is there a cheetah in here?? Sick cheetah, you’re gonna make all my animals sick! What are you doing in here, please don’t eat anybody. Bye Lizzie enjoy Lizzie! Here give the cheetah a wellness treat Lauren. In the meantime Joel come get your dog. Who are you- are you playing with Yammy? Oh did you heal the cheetah? You healed the cheetah good job Lauren! Whoa I forgot I gave him a dinosaur outfit! I forgot I gave some of them outfits. You look so weird he looks like a lizard. Bye lizard Joel. Oh wait Joel Joel… Joel Your dog can’t walk through gates. Oh, you just pulled him right through the gate. Oh my god, why do we why do we have all these dirty random animals?! Why?? I’m just mopping up after them. Bye Joel and lizard Joel dog. Byeee! By the way Joel has a problem with running away, just thought you should know make sure you don’t let him outside without a leash. Cleaning up pee, as always. Scott why are you back? Scott go home and take care of your own dog. Yammy and Oli are here, though, yay! Yammy go get cat Yammy. Where is she oh there she is she’s sleeping. Wake her up. And of course trash panda Oli is in his demon cave. Oh, he looks so sad though. Don’t worry you’re gonna be adopted. Yay get Yammy oh my god. They’re so matching! Pick her up! Pick her up and take her! Yes. Oh my god. You guys are so cute! Yes, yaaay! Yammy just became friends with Yammy! Perfect! Enjoy your pet! Oli go claim your trash panda demon. See if uh he hisses at him. Oli what are you doing Oli. Human Oli? Go get- he’s like. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I want this thing. Seems evil.” come on Oli’s you must uh become friends. There we go. Oh you didn’t oh- negative? What? There we go! Yay Oh look it! Yay! Lizzie’s back! Lizzie you can’t adopt the other animals. No. They’re not for you. Bye Oli you were the greatest trash panda ever! Got all the youtubers just hanging out still. Oh my god, Joey He’s still glitching out from last season so the last three pets I have I never made YouTube like sim human versions of them because they weren’t in my first raising youtuber series But that’s kind of a sad ending so I think what I’m gonna do so I don’t have to make three more Youtubers just for one episode is I’m going to find some from the gallery that Maybe you guys made Oh no she’s so tired and there’s no bed. It’s almost over Lauren you almost made it. Alright, so we need Gloom.. Here we go number one voted. There we go nice super tight spandex pants Cassie! And we have Stacyplays and then we need Aphmau. There we go. Yayy! Aphmau’s coming in first, let’s get her to get her dog. See it’s a happy ending for everybody. oh How cute! All right now Take her! Yes! Oh god her dress disappeared. There we go. Bye Aphmau I know you were only in a couple episodes, but you cute! Happy ending! Alright Where’s Stacy? Stacy come over here. Come see your beagle. Oh. Oh my god, you guys have matching shirts How cute is that? Take her There we go Okay, you can leave go go goodbye Lauren’s passed out back there. It’s like “This was a real rough day for me guys” “Emotionally and physically draining.” Oh there she goes bye Stacy Bye There we go yaAaAy This is so cute Get her, pick her up you already got your jogging pants on. You’re you’re ready girl. Go take her Oh, it’s gonna be so sad and quiet. Who is this random cat get out of here Uhh, I’m just mopping up gross pet stuff. Oh Lauren Lauren. They’re all gone. They all got adopted. Oh my god This is so sad it’s all so empty and quiet and- but you know what they all went to really good homes now if you want you can go live with Bobby and Dexter like in real life. I don’t know what random cat this is but we are not responsible for finding it at home. Yeah, I think that’s gonna be it for the Sims for raising youtubers as pets series Look how sad she is I know I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh god. They’re just throwing up on the floor I don’t know you get out of here. It’s probably time to move on to another sim series. I have another one in the works that I’m not gonna shout out in this video BUT, if you follow me on Twitter you may already know what series I’m talking about and I am super super super excited for that new series. It’s not a raising youtuber one I’m gonna I’m gonna take a break with that for a little bit until One of my other series ends later on but it is not gone forever Just this version is gonna be ending, so sad. I know I’m sorry Sorry, everybody. As always if you made it this far in the video And if you really really really want me to bring back raising youtubers in some capacity Make sure to leave a like before you go You can also leave comments below letting me know in what way I can bring back raising youtubers. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions about bringing it back as a vampire series Which I don’t want to do right now because I have the creepypasta series, which is all about vampires And it would just be too repetitive, but that’s a possibility we also got the alien option You also have I saw one option of Freezing them or take care of them as elderly people that might kind of be funny And I could maybe keep it as like a regular lifespan and see who out lives everybody Hopefully they wouldn’t all die at the same time when their lifespan is over I don’t know. If you have any other good ideas for future raising youtuber series Or you like one of the ones that I said make sure to let me know in the comments below It really does help me and will help bring it back sooner if I get a really good idea But it might be a little bit Subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and especially if you’re interested to see what the new series That’s coming out is the new Sims series that I’m super excited about guys and as always I will z you guys soon Also, if you never see the Lauren sim again it’s because this stray cat ended up eating her like I don’t know why this cat is hanging out in here and Throwing up all over my yeah all over my store or you might want to get out of here I think this I think this is a zombie cat goodbye my YouTube animals and good luck alright bye

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