Adopting a Kitten? – Simon’s Cat | CARE 101

Adopting a Kitten? – Simon’s Cat | CARE 101

If you think you’re adopting a kitten an animal shelter to be your first port is called They have lots of kittens and cats all looking for a loving home by adopting a kitten from an animal shelter you can help alleviate the pressure on animal Shelters and Also, give a kitten a second chance of a good life However kittens do post on challenges, and they require a lot of attention and play You also need to consider the financial implications of food and vet bills So you may be wondering whether to get one kitten or two? It’s worth bearing in mind that cats are actually solitary as a species, and they don’t need the companionship of other cats But if you are thinking of getting more than one kitten is worth getting two kittens from the same litter so a sibling pair They’re much more likely to get along if you have more than one kitten It’s important to remember to give them enough resources themselves So a litter tray water bowl food bowl all spaced out around the house this will help to avoid any competition or conflict between the kittens As part of responsible pet ownership we would recommend that kittens are needed vaccinated and microchipped Neutering is best done before the age of four months this ensures that they don’t have any unwanted pregnancies as well as avoiding problems such as cancers or injuries caused by roaming for vaccinations we recommend getting and vaccinated from eight to nine weeks for the first [vaccination] and Then the second one about 12 weeks onwards Microchipping can be done at any age however. It’s often combined with first or second vaccination and can also be done whilst passes being neutered One of the benefits of microchipping a kitten is they’re much more likely to be reunited with their owner should they [ever] become lost Chosen to be a lot of fun [and] are a great [addition] to any half now

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  1. Cats and especially Kitten DO need the companionship of other cats. There are plenty of studies who prove that cats are very social and that they need a buddy to communicate and play with, cleaning each other and so on… they hunt alone and they got a strong sense for their territory, but they also prefer to live in groups, even if they don't live in packs.

  2. I have 2 kittens

  3. My family got a kitten from a family friend's litter while we still had an older cat. They didn't get along – the older would pin the younger down and bite his neck.

  4. Если так рано кастрировать кота, потом у него будет куча проблем со здоровьем, т.к. мочеполовая система еще недоразвита. Надо подождать до полового созревания. Придется, конечно, потерпеть немного некоторый дискомфорт, но это лучше, чем больной котейка.

  5. We found a nearly dead half-wild-kitten in december. The vet gave her a 10% chance to survive, but she did it. After a few months hiding and hissing she became a friendly, cuddly and healthy cat and is now a part of our family. 🙂

  6. i wish i could get a cat. since living on my own with a low budget its hard to get an apartment that will allow pets. i always loved cats. they are always so lively…even the old ones never cease to amuse.

  7. You need to find another "cat expert". This one is just repeating the same old tired c**p… cats are NOT a "solitary species", they just don't fit the "pack or pride" stereotype that some people still think is what animal societies are like.

    I suggest the book "The tribe of tiger" as a starting point.

    I was hoping for something useful, but the first comment from the so-called 'expert' was a complete turn-off.

  8. This video is missing English subtitles despite its description says they're available.

  9. уминя есть кот робик

  10. my two cats came from an animal shelter near Alicante, Spain. My cats and me, we live 2700 km away from Alicante. And I am happy to have them 🙂

  11. I adopted my cat from a shelter. Best decision ever.

  12. You ahould also consider that cats don't like humans, are lazy, and kind of suck. get a dog.

  13. I really wish I could get a cat but my siblings are allergic

  14. Hmm. A Fresh Step cat litter ad plays before this video. "Victory is ours, Mr Kitty." It's almost like they planned it!!

  15. My fav cartoon so far!

  16. Top ten anime battles

  17. congratulations on another funny but informative video. btw atb what age should kittens go outside?

  18. Cats should not be held alone. they are solitary hunters but live in groups. Please dont spread something like that. to hold a Kitten alone is almost to consider animal cruelty. it also doesnt have to be same litter. Kitten usually Looks for Contacts and will socialize. Matching temperament matters.
    a kitten held alone will suffer depressions and will develope unsocial psychological disorders and suffer and cry when it is left alone when the human works .

  19. From Argentina! I love your Simns s cat. We have two cats a persian and a siames and we adopted three from de street. Thank you , we enjoy your stories a lot.

  20. Very surprised to hear that cats don't need another feline companion. At my age(55), I don't think my next cat will be a kitten or a 6 month-2 year old like my cat I have now might have been. I'll probably try getting one between 4-7 years old. Good video and good tips.

  21. 3:20 Callum Adam's(tic tac/head) song's back ground music.

  22. Having had cats & Kittens since I was a child, this was hilarious to watch. Typical cat interaction!

  23. One important info missing here: vet costs can get increasingly high as a cat gets older.
    I recommend saving up to 2000$ for the case that the cat needs intensive care or an operation. You don't want to lose your cat knowing you could have saved her for another few years.

  24. 0:50 Такая прелесть. У меня младший кот точь-в-точь такой по расцветке. Прям ностальгия, когда он был котенком ))))))))))

  25. I have two kittens, they're brothers, and they are perfectly fine with sharing litter boxes and having food bowls near each other

  26. The video at the end is still a classic!

  27. cats are not solitary! We make them solitary by having only one as a kitten. Cats DO enjoy the company of other cats, especially if they were brought up together, they keep each other company, groom each other and play together. they only seem solitary because they are territorial and have a different sense of boundaries than humans.

  28. i have 15 now. and i love them!

  29. You should've talked more about adopting an older cat. They have a hard time competing with the cute kittens at the shelter when people choose which cat to adopt. But they are far less likely to wreak havoc in your home, scratch less and you know exactly what its character is like.

  30. In Switzerland it is compulsory law to buy two kittens/cats.

  31. I love cats but I would like to adopt Nicky 😉

  32. Adoro i gatti ma purtroppo vanno seguiti ed io non ho più tempo. Perché fa tutto quel rumore il gattino del cartone animato? Non è mica un cavallo!

  33. If you can, get more than one. A single cat can develop mental problems and make more of a mess and/or break things.

  34. Also, my gf who works at a Vet clinic, was appalled at your advice to neuter so early on. That's not healthy for the kittens. Give them, especially males, a few more months. 6-9 months is ideal.

  35. Kitten/Cats should never be hold alone!

  36. Simon the Cat is cute

  37. Actually, cats are very social and love the company of other cats. It may take awhile for cats to become acquainted and like one another, just as with humans. Love and patience are key. And please don't use the term "owned" — living beings owning other living beings should be a crime wherever it occurs. Cats are beloved family members and we are their guardians, never their "owners".

  38. Cats are not loners. They are single-hunters.
    Gerade Kitten sollten mindestens zu zweit gehalten werden da Katzen sehr soziale Tiere sind und keines Falls Einzelgänger sondern Einzeljäger. Leider hält sich dieser Mythos von "Einzelgängern" noch sehr stark verbreitet.

  39. House cats are very, very social and are often in need of feline companionship. I don't know where a vet or animal care professional comes off with the line 'are solitary'. They are absolutely NOT. They're not descended from solitary cats, they're descended from pack/family based cats. Two kittens will always be better than 1 alone.

  40. I would have liked to see a tip about how to introduce a new kitten into a cat household. I have three cats and the recent arrival of a kitten led to me having to rehome it! My three were NOT happy.

  41. My two cats squabble. They are half sisters.

  42. Always adopt a critter!! LETS CLEAR THE SHELTERS!!!!

  43. I've always had MUCH better luck with two or more cats than just one. I've had cats for 50 years, BTW…..

  44. i love your Videos and your cat?❤

  45. I've had almost than twenty in my twenty nine years of life. The thing is, every cat I have adopted were once street cats and kittens.

  46. ??اشتقتلكك موووت اشتقتللللكك

  47. I completely disagree that cats are solitary creatures. It is true that they are solitary hunters because their prey is small and they do not need help for that, but cats are incredibly social creatures that need a lot of social interaction. If you deny a cat that, they become solitary and withdraw into themselves, but who wouldn't.

    There is a lot of evidence to this out there. I'm sorry you didn't look further into this before implying that cats should be adopted on their own.

  48. por favor não maltrate os animais ………….criciuma_sc

  49. when I was younger I saw my kitten being born and trust me kittens are something that will change your life for the better but they are alot of hard work but it is still amazing to own such a cute animal if their is anyone who wants to adopt a kitten I would say do it

  50. why are there german subtitles? i like this

  51. Hi I have two cats and in the past nine years 2 of my cats have DIED

  52. I have two kittens.. I didn't asked for them but I got them anyway. Best mistake my cat had ever made

  53. This makes me so sad. Cats are actually NOT solitary animals … Kittens need a friend in the same age to learn social skills. If they don't they'll have a hard time living with other cats and they will miss out on the benefits of social contact. This very often leads to behavioral issues such as attacking of their human, destroying furniture or depression.

  54. Kittens are the best!
    As well as the other cats, as well 🙂

  55. She is wrong about cats not needing companionship. They 'DO' need friends,though they are also solitary animals.

  56. 2:34 is like me and my little sister we fight about food a lot

  57. I want to adopt older cats so I can give them a few more years and a happy ending in a nice warm home


  59. a few years ago, my aunt had an outdoor cat that had a litter of kittens and my mom decided to get one so we got a little girl and we named her peanut for a while until one morning she got under my mom's feet and my mom yelled out 'Peaches' instead and soon decided to go with that. It wasn't until maybe a week later that we decided to get her a playmate and went back to my aunt's to get her brother whom we've named Maxwell. They were such precious little babies and my mom had some faux fur that Peaches used to 'nurse' and it was just the cutest thing x3 They're now big, fat cats that still like to play and look out the window from time to time. Max does that little chatter when he sees something that catches his interest and it's adorable x3 Meanwhile, my nana has pretty much some strays staying around her yard and this year at least 4 mommas had a litter this year. They're still really little but hopefully one day they'll find a new home when they get older :3

  60. I already got 1 🙂

  61. Cities here are tarting to implement a "Finders Keepers" rule, where if you find a lost animal, you can keep it without even contacting animal control! I think it's horrid. Owners searching and going to shelters to find Fido, who has a microchip, but the finder never gets them checked? That's wrong! And who knows if the "finder" didn't take the pet out of the yard? That happens here a LOT!

  62. I wonder if you dont tattoo cats in UK? In Denmark we give them ear stamps, that give them a specific serial number, which makes it easy for strangers to identify and look up the cat in our register.. That way strangers dont have to get the cat to the vet and get it scanned in order to return it.

  63. Short answer: get an older cat from a shelter. They get ignored a lot, so no one buys them, leaving them trapped. Besides, kittens are a PAIN!

  64. Did you just say to mircochip your cats?!?

  65. sorry but thats bullshit, cats are just hunting alone, but their want friends like we do! sorry for that language

  66. I got two female kittens from the same litter last year. They have separate litter trays, and food and water bowls in separate rooms. They're both vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.

    They got on wonderfully up until they were about 10 months old, but now they avoid each other as much as possible, and hiss, spit, and swipe at each other if they get anywhere near each other. I don't know what went wrong!

  67. No advice for adopting a kitten when you already have a full-grown/older cat?

    (and in my case – no advice for a cat that's used to dogs and guinea pigs rather than other cats?)

  68. I would suggest adopting two kittens. They need the possibility to properly play, and it's really hard to make sure of that if you only have one kitten.

  69. its not true cats are solitary animals. they need a friend in their home

  70. I completely disagree with saying cats are solitary creatures, I have been involved in cat rescue all my life and it is rare to find a cat that truly doesn't like being around other cats. All cats are different of course and evaluation of how to home a cat and how many should be made on a case by case basis. I have always had a multicat house hold and when we home kittens we always home in pairs, especially when the owners are out at work. Nothing was mentioned about cat adoption with children and how you need to teach your children not to pull tails or tease the kittens as they will undoubtedly do when trying to play

  71. Humans are overpopulated at 7.5 billion. Human babies should be sterilized. Mainly females…If you have a problem with THAT why are you doing it to cats?

  72. Why do you americans microchip your cats? Have you ever implanted such a chip under your own skin?If you want the ability to track the cat, use the collar and put a gps tracker there.

  73. Should I adopt a rhino?!??!/11/1/!?/!/!/!?!?1/1??!?!?!

  74. Some work needs doing on those subtitles, I think!

  75. I wish I could get a kitten, but my house is already full with my cat and a chihuahua. But trust me: they’d love to have some new kitten(s) around. The house just isn’t big enough for more.

  76. The animation at the end is an exact replica of my kitten and cat

  77. I swear I thought. I lost my kitten only to find him napping under the couch

  78. Cats are actually quite social, some cats get upset when they’re alone. They’re not all solitary. A handful of cats are better living on their own, but a lot enjoy having another cat around if they’re introduced properly.

  79. We tried three shelters for kittens and couldn’t find any. Then we started looking at ads to buy kittens and had one after another be all sold by the time we answered the ad (within hours, sometimes). It took us three months to find our two. I honestly am starting to think this idea of crammed shelters full of kittens is a myth in some parts of the world.

  80. I want to make love to Nicky the cat expert. She's beautiful.

  81. Adopted animals or those who were born in the street and taken home will be always thankful!!!!

  82. So its not important to buy two kittens!? Wow thts a relief cause that would definitely require more resources.

  83. PLEASE PUT SIMON'S CAT OUT ON DVD 's !!!! ✌️??

  84. 0:18 Simon's cat in real life!

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