Adam Ruins Everything – Why Cat Videos Rule the Internet (Everyday Ruins) | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Cat Videos Rule the Internet (Everyday Ruins) | truTV

We all know cat videos
rule the Internet, but have you ever wondered why?
We all know cat videos In America, more households
have dogs than cats, but online,
we’re all feline fanatics. It’s because cats’ lack
of visible emotion allows us to see what we want, so we can project
all of our feelings onto them, like confusion or hunger or grumpiness
at our annoying co-worker John, who keeps stealing our pens
and then not returning them, as though I don’t need pens. I mean, I do need to write.
I am a writer. We have to write scripts.
I must have pens! [ Breathes deeply ] Cats aren’t the only animals
[ Breathes deeply ] who hold humans hostage
with their mysterious mugs. For example, in Uganda,
chickens go viral. To members
of Ugandan farming communities, the familiarity
of chickens and goats makes them more relatable
and intriguing than cats. So, while we’re passing around
our cat videos, they’re busy laughing
at chickens in sneakers. [ Chuckling ]
And I mean, they got a point. Look at that dumb chicken. Chickens don’t need shoes. What? Is that chicken
gonna go play basketball? You can’t dribble without hands,
chicken! [ Chuckling ]
Oh, man, Ugandans are right — that chicken’s hilarious. ♪♪

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  1. ENOUGH TEASERS. Make a new episode!

  2. I should've watched a cat video instead

  3. I see what you did there nazi scumbags. I see what you did.

  4. Why did the Ugandan chicken cross the road?

    To get to Kenya.

  5. Dont horrible adult cosplay of super hero character and kinder egg unboxing rules it?

  6. Dear Adam Ruins Everything, your videos are good and well structured so they always keep me interested. But it would be nice if you could provide links to your sources in the videos' description instead of vague names and dates that are hard to actually find. Sincerly, a fan.

  7. Guys sub for sub sub to me and reply to this comment and I’ll sub back

  8. Adam Ruins Everything Ideas:

    1. Adam Ruins Abstinence
    2. Adam Ruins Dinosaurs – How the Jurassic Park Movies and Even some Dinosaur Games give us Wrong Information on Dinosaurs, like Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, T-Rex, even Mosasaur and Others that Hollywood says looks one way, while in reality they look different form the movie counterparts.

  9. Cat videos used to be popular back in 2007-2010… It's kinda irrelevant now

  10. I miss the old Adam ruins everything when it's longer and it's featuring other people

  11. You need to try fried cat's leg. That's delicious.

  12. I ruins everything.

  13. I love you Adam! I love everything you ruin! There is nothing you could possibly ruin that would annoy me! You tell me the truth which is better than lies!

  14. Isn't that the same for most animals, like dogs?

  15. See I thought he’d bring up that parasite making us love cats

  16. Why did the chicken cross the road

    To get to the other side

    Does anyone actually get this joke besides me?

  17. #NotificationSquad

  18. Why did the Ugandan chicken cross the road?
    It knew da wae

  19. No panda rules the earth.

  20. not gonna like the chicken picture did make me laugh

  21. Wow. This is as funny as a fart joke.

  22. This used to be a good show.

  23. Great, now I'm going to look up a chicken video!

  24. Adam are you okay

  25. I genuinely dont enjoy cat videos.

  26. It's not simply because they're cute and have mysterious faces. It's because cat people are more likely to be bored indoors and online while people with dogs are more likely to be out of the house. Plus it's family friendly content that takes minimal effort to produce with zero question to copyright. And with the way youtube's recommendation algorithm works if you watch one then a hundred more pop up.

  27. He kinda ruined the chicken picture at the end there

  28. Someone point me to Ugandan Chicken YouTube, please

  29. The jokes in this are…

    Executed poorly

  30. I had a roomate that would still my pens…he even searched my purse for it. I used them for inking.

  31. you are stupid..most of them have cats or had cats as pets that's why those people like cat videos..

  32. My country funniest country

  33. I love cat clips I would like to see some chicken clips to

  34. why the chicken wear sneakers? to run across the road faster.

  35. What happened to the podcast?

  36. So…………cats are experts on Occlumency? Perhaps Harry should have turned to Crookshanks instead of Snape.

  37. I thought you were going to talk about toxoplasma gondii.

  38. That was a roster though. ?

  39. I miss the old adam ruins everything where adam wasnt in it

  40. This is literallythe best channel ever. I would do anything to meet Adam Conover.

  41. Please do Adam ruins TruTv

  42. Dog owners go outside with their dogs and have adventures with exercise. Cat owners stay home with their cats and post videos.

  43. For me Adam doesnt ruin nothing i can rub THE TRUTH to teachers FACE's

  44. Screw cats, birbs is where it’s at now!

  45. This was just plain annoying

  46. Adam maybe that chicken will go to play soccer

  47. Cats are the reason I live

  48. I now demand links to this chicken in shoes.

  49. False : There are more cat owners in the United States then Dog owners .
    Also more cats .

  50. [watches cat video on youtube]
    Why was this documented?

  51. I wonder if Ugandan persons have seen the video of a chicken running around in blue pants. But it get the reason, though personally birds are a little more interesting; look up birds of paradise.

  52. Okay, so what's getting ruined here? With this factoid stuff and the leftist political bent on the more recent episodes, this show jumped the shark a while ago.

  53. 0:57 he be bullying a chicken

  54. Because the internet is full of losers who actually think cats are cute.

  55. Now explain pimple popping videos

  56. Lol I want to see the chicken videos now

  57. Also who remembers the hamster video craze?

  58. Does Uganda have any dank chicken memes over there

  59. Cats are actually a more popular pet than dogs in the US but okay. . .

  60. Or is it because cats secretly took over the US and use these videos to placate us?

  61. Excuse me! Uganda! I'm Ugandan and that example does not hold any water! We also watch an insane amount of cat videos. Do better Adam

  62. I M U S T H A V E P E N S

  63. …great now some idiot is going to try and put those shoes on a cat and get kilt

  64. This show was great while it lasted, but now they are severely running out of ideas

  65. Ugandans love chicken, they love UGANDAN KNUKLES

  66. dOn'T bULLy ThE cHiCKeN! >:^(

  67. Adam do me a favor and ruin “magnetic therapy”. There are too many scams selling “magnetized water” and selling dumb products like “therapeutic magnetic bracelets”. I know their fake and it’s sad how people buy into it. Also, it’ll make a great video 🙂

  68. Ugandan chicken is a dead meme.

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  71. It's not that cats don't have visible emotions, it's that they have more-or-less kept the natural body language of their wild ancestors, while dogs have adopted much of the body language of their human masters.

  72. Dont mention uganda

  73. Uganda wins the internet.

  74. Memes run the internet actualyy

  75. Wa did de sheken cros da roode

    To get away from this stupid joke

  76. Thank you Adam for ruining my life! I'm now addicted to chicken videos!

  77. Dogs understand our emotions..cats dont..beyond happy or sad..BUT to sense how it affects them as in if we're in a good mood they are more likely to get treats and affection aka it'll benefit them..they think it has to do with the fact dogs have been around for 30,000 years while cats have been around only 10,000..interesting fact..a place in Europe is doing a thing where they only breed the most submissive foxes and the more generations theyve done it the more they look like dogs..cats are the more popular pet than dogs interestingly enough tho while max is the most registered dog dogs are assured in their role as predator while cats are not since they can be predator and prey hence the 50/50 of the belly rub lol..big animal person as you can see ? I have a black dauchaun cockerspaniel named max(well) and a black cat named briar (rose)❤

  78. There's no rule that says a chicken CAN'T play basketball…

  79. Cats might rule the internet, but dogs rule my heart.

  80. What was ruined in this video?

  81. i feel the same way curse you pen stealers


  83. garfield-where is my lasagna jon
    jon-i stole another one of my coworkers pens

  84. Next up the worlds president will be a cat

  85. Pen is one of the magical thing in this world.

    Look at it. If you leave your pen on the desk. I guarantee in just 20 seconds it can magically disappear
    And you'll find it inside your co-worker / classmate bag XD

  86. That was very mean against chickens

  87. Coming on next: Adam ruins Adam Ruins Everything

  88. Did he just assume the chicken would play basketball ball because stereotypically blacks play it and also have the stereotype of loving chicken ??

    Or am i just to high to be interneting today?

  89. I have a cat and I have a dog too. ??

  90. Not necessarily, I'm subscribed to three dog channels but not a single cat channel.

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