Active Dogs – Top 10 Dog Breeds To Match Your Active Lifestyle

Active Dogs – Top 10 Dog Breeds To Match Your Active Lifestyle

These dogs were bred to follow horses, then fire trucks. Suffice it to say, they’ll be happy to match your pace on your morning run. America’s favorite dog breed. These highly active dogs are easily trained and down for whatever activity you have planned. Russell terriers are tiny, but their energy is limitless. The high-energy boxer wants more than a walk, he wants a challenge. They like to play games and explore new places. If you like to run in cold weather, your husky will never make you go alone. Good luck keeping up with this high-energy ball of speed, Weimaraners are extremely fast. Golden retrievers love to run, play and be outside. Their youthful energy lasts well into their golden years. Border collies are known for their strength and endurance, making them the perfect playmate for an active owner. These herding dogs need tons of exercise and are always ready for an adventure. Also known as the miniature collie, this working breed was born to keep moving.

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