A chicken farm in Hungary – A Client Testimonial – Frisomat Steel Buildings

A chicken farm in Hungary – A Client Testimonial – Frisomat Steel Buildings

This broiler farm in Szabadegyháza was inaugurated at the beginning of this summer. The project included the reconstruction of old buildings and the construction of new sheds. What made this large project necessary? In 2007 we faced a problem in securing the flow of raw material; therefore we decided to assure safe supply of raw material from our own broiler farm. In 2007-2008 we looked for facilities fit for upgrading and available at affordable price. The key was the upgradability of existing facilities. One of the available facilities was this one, and there are three more farms. We submitted an application for grant for this project. The project was implemented in 2009-2010. The initial capacity of the farm was around 40.000; The initial capacity of the farm was around 40.000; after project implementation the chicken breeding capacity increased to 110.000-120.000. Several sheds were built here in the frame of a “greenfield project”. What were your criteria in selecting the type and form of the sheds? They key selection criteria were speed and ease of construction, and also the ease of cleaning of the sheds. Adequate conditions of chicken breeding were also included in the key criteria. Since the beginning of the summer you have completed several cycles of chicken breeding in the sheds. The owner and executive manager of the farm made a statement that this technology may offer as much as 10% saving in breeding costs. How do the actual figures compare to the expectations? The actual figures are nearly equal to the expectations. What items required special attention in achieving the expected results? Since this is a “greenfield project” and an entirely new technology, it required special attention to a number of conditions. The first breeding cycle was a “pilot run”, including the fine-tuning of process settings and the checking of joints and fastenings. Currently we are in a transition period towards the winter cycle. The settings are fine-tuned again, particularly the adequacy of ventilation and smooth operation of computer control. This is not your first project in Hungary or elsewhere. The construction of a shed of this type implies a variety of challenges. Yes, there are many challenges, including compliance with the existing standards of animal breeding, such as the ease of cleaning, fitness to house the process equipment, and, in the longer run, attendance-free operation. Our objective is to design, install and implement custom-built facilities that meet these criteria. Manufacturing to customer specifications takes place at the plant of the parent company in Belgium. In the frame of this project we completed the construction of 4000 square meters of buildings in full compliance with the customer’s process specifications. We have a highly innovative zinc-coated structure for animal breeding. This rugged structure is designed to withstand high stress. I would emphasize that the structure is treated to ensure adequate conditions for animal breeding. Frisomat offers an innovative solution: the raw materials are zinc-coated, therefore they require no aftercare and they perfectly resist the high humidity typical for the conditions in the sheds. Did the customer have special requirements? Yes, of course, they had special requirements, as usual. We had to resolve issues that emerged in the course of construction. Since this is a commercial product of our company made in large series, we know well every inch of the product. This gives us the advantage to respond to issues as they arise; we only need to select the appropriate solution in construction. Currently the local staff is cleaning the sheds. The design of sheds allows highly efficient cleaning. At the beginning I had some doubts regarding the efficiency of cleaning, but we have a professional staff to clean the broiler farms. When do you begin the next breeding cycle? It begins in two weeks from now. How many chickens will arrive at this shed? Around 115.000 chickens.

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