8 youngster from 1st clutch

8 youngster from 1st clutch

so these are my first clutch of young birds, this young bird is jos thone- van loon it’s mother van loon it’s father is jos thone this one the red paul sion cross to jan aarden crested this one de smeth matthys cross to cattrysse it has a little pol Bostijn the black checked this one is stichelbaut cross to jan aarden with a little ko van dommelen and silvere toye so far they are healthy and strong these two here are paul sion cross to janssen big birds the parents also are big birds i’m expecting to have yellow color but there’s none, both looks like their mother these two are stichelbaut cross to janssen with a little bit of silvere toye big birds also hope they perform well i’m excited to test them so far i have eight young birds so i need twelve more for those asking why i have too many to race because they are test birds as much as possible i wanted to know which bird will perform well so that no time is wasted my plan is to get four youngsters on each pair but the first breeding didn’t go well it is short of youngsters so we’ll see how that is our update for today next time is the second clutch thank you for watching

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  1. Idol dumarami na subscriber mo upload ka lagi

  2. ganda po ng mga inakay nio idol sana magpag champion mo sila 🙂

  3. Wag nyo sir pahawakan baka maging panot ang buhok

  4. ang ganda ng mga inakay mo sir ah. Happy flying..

  5. Giftbird bossing hehe😁✌✌✌
    Nice bird bossing

  6. Nice idol . gaganda

  7. Gaganda at mukhang healthy tlga sila😊

  8. Màlapit na nating masubukan mga yan sir

  9. Gaganda ng off color mo idol

  10. Parang galling sa Descheemaecker Breeding Center yan Sir?

  11. Ipagpatuloy mo lang yan sir Good luck sa race sir. 👍👌

  12. Quality birds….

  13. Ayos idol yb plng astig n

  14. Ilang weeks palang po yan sir ??

  15. Ang gaganda ng y.b mo boss sana dumulo lahat 🙂

  16. Good birds 😊 Happy Flying

  17. konting panahon nlng lilipad na mga pang dervy mo, good luck boss

  18. Lapit nayan sir 👍

  19. Kitang kita pagkahealthy nila idol sana magsipagpalo sila sa south aabangan namin yan

  20. kuya pahieng po kalapati po kase mahilig ako yan kahit 6 po

  21. Nice young birds 👍

  22. Ganda po ng ibon mo, sana next video mga breeders naman hehe

  23. sna mag karon km d2 sa samar.

  24. Idol pashout raffy at ruel cawaling ng roxas oriental mindoro RPFC & BRPC

  25. sir may 1month npo Yan?

  26. Sir pa shoutout nmn sa nxt video

  27. Idol Peng isa idol lagi kitang napapanood ehh

  28. Gagandang ibon sir

  29. Bilhin koyan 3000,500 bosss

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