7 Useful Pet Gadgets You MUST Have

7 Useful Pet Gadgets You MUST Have

Have you ever worried about your cats when you’re at work are on vacation Are they eating regularly? Are they drinking enough? Cats are not just our pets but also beloved family members so naturally their health management is critical to us That’s why we built Bistro The ultimate health monitoring solution for your beloved pets Bistro is a smart feeder that keeps an eye on your furry friends when they’re home alone Since cats cannot speak for themselves Bistro does it for them If any change in her appetite occurs. Please try will notify you immediately By using cutting-edge cat facial recognition technology Bistro always knows exactly which cat is feeding With the powerful Bistro app you can easily check your Kitty’s diet history and Watch her live while she’s having her lunch all from the palm of your hand you Can also share your cats most adorable moments with friends Subscribe to their posts and meet cat lovers from around the world through bistros online community What’s more Bistro suggests healthier food options to help keep your cats in shape based on our powerful analytic platform We’re on our way to the vets, but at least me and my sister are comfortable in our cat in the bag cozy comfort carriers Like lots of cats Sisson be hated our carriers They scared us we were trapped, but now mom just dresses us in our bags No, we can’t get out because she is just the collar so it’s good and snug And our bags are roomy so we can stretch and move most of all we can see and be with mom That makes us feel safe Mom likes that we’re easier to carry than those clunky heavy crates And she even gives us her medicine and trips our nails Mom make sure we won’t fly off the seat if she has to stop fast Hey, we’re not pack animals so mom doesn’t pack us up like luggage she carries us instead Introducing weeklies new dual doggy gel rope leash The handles built-in coupler allows you to walk two dogs at the same time without the tangling the best part is wigs these newly patented Gel handle technology that packs lots of soft. Gel inside every handle This leash is perfect for long tracks or a quick walk around the block Walk your dog day or night in safety with our highly visible reflective leaves Give your dog the freedom they want with a comfort of a gel handle the dual doggy Gel rope leash is now available for all dog breeds and sizes Pick one up at your local pet store today, but to place your dog in The Rocketeer pack Before putting your dog in the pack measure your pets waist circumference and adjust the tummy strap to fit around the belly First put the harness on your dog and adjust to your pet size, so it’s nice in snack When connecting the harnesses under strap be sure to pull your dog’s tail through the designated opening Place your dog against The Rocketeer pack connecting the harnesses back velcro to the car seat While supporting your dog’s bottom pull the tummy strap across your dog’s tummy and connect to the side hook The tummy strap should already be pre measured for your dog’s size before doing this step Still support your dog’s bottom pull their tail from the designated tail hole in the rear support strap pull the dog up Pull the overhead strap loop towards the center of the zukul pet hook with the dog’s head between the straps Pull the top webbing strap until snug make sure the excess webbing is tucked into the Rocketeer pack limbs Double check to be sure all connections and the car anchors are secure and your dog is snug and comfortable a Proper fit would allow three fingers to slide behind the center buckle with no excess slack Please be sure to visit Zoo go pet calm and read all tips and warning labels before putting your dog in the pack Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the Rocketeer pack

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  1. Who on earth would actually use that dog seatbelt contraption??!

  2. 8:21 that dog looks so miserable

  3. I do not really like the last tool, is not really comfy for dogs, this tool needs something to support the dog's body, something like a pillow or cushion.

  4. It's amazing how cats actually land on their feet ☺️?☺️

  5. OML u know the dog car seat. I saw that on shark tank!

  6. The rocketeer pack is very scary and looks like a torture device. it’s very complex and looks tight and overall uncomfortable on the dog.?

  7. I didn’t know digging a hole was “easy installment”

  8. Wow those are cool

  9. Aww a dodgy car seet so cute I want one

  10. Rocketeer. Cruel.

  11. If I can't get my dog in his harness there's no chance for The Rocketeer they always show these well trained dogs but if your dog is not that well-trained I want to see you do it to a regular untrained dog now that would be entertainment


  13. Please tell me the Rockateer has been banned, never seen anything so ridiculous and harmful, physically and psychologically. Just wish the dog had pooped while hanging there, revenge on the human was needed ?

  14. Are you serious? A cat in a bag?!???

  15. The last one: poor dog?????


  17. what happens to the cats that jump into your yard and cannot get out, imagine the pain of that!!

  18. This was really helpfull thanks

  19. That last one was a waste of time

  20. 3:14 momo ☹️?

  21. What the heck is wrong with the people who made rocketeer? IT’ LOOKS LIKE UR DOG IS SUFFERING

  22. Why would you make that dog sit in that car with that stupid thing on it will hurt the dog and the car thing for the cat ANIMAL ABUSE

  23. ZuGoPet: that dog looks "doped up"…. he could not put up with all of that trauma

  24. The dog is like
    Kill me.

  25. That thumbnail is just straight up animal abuse abuse

  26. I can see the uncomfortableness in the dogs face.Dogs don't like being positioned that way and its just dangling in the air.People shouldn't just make things because it looks cute but to make sure that it comfortable and safe for the dog.

  27. I think common sense fell asleep.

  28. You'r like choking the poor dog

  29. I am not trying to be rude or anything but…

    Wtf who puts the poor dog in something like that. Dogs don't like sitting on there tail. ???

  30. Omg…why must tie them up in the car like that. He so scared…this is abuse. Just make them sit comfortably on the seat shd be fine. Omg..why make business like this by abusing animals…no one shd buy this

  31. Rocketeer dog harness is so cruel. Dog looks sedated.

  32. It can’t be good for the cat to fall down like that on the wall

  33. do not need this how dumb can people be? well you see

  34. Couldent the cat just jump off a tree?

  35. That dog seat belt looks terrible I think it's hurting some dogs

  36. Everyone else is talking about the last one, which I also hate, but the cat bag sounds so fake! No cat would like that!

  37. MOMO the evil cat will kill at all cost!


  39. I have the FURminator and I was carefully combing my baby puppy who is ONLY 2 WEEKS OLD and he has so so so so so much fur and I was being so gentle on him and it got stuck in his sink and killed him and plus I looked at these hacks and dang these are violent

  40. seeing the dog strapped in like that makes me uncomfortable and sad I feel so bad for the dog

  41. The dog in the last one looks scared like that’s animal abuse like come on

  42. I don't even have a dog or cat what am I doing here…


  44. Wtf were they thinking when they designed the last one ? That is sooo cruel to put a dog in that, they wouldnt feel safe because they wouldnt be able to support themselves with their feet and would more that likely end up having a panic attack, and what if you got in an accident ?? It would take waaaay to much time to get them out…

  45. I almost got a panic attack watching that dog being so much tied and protected. In case we have to save him fast that would be a big problem. Let him free.

  46. I Buyed the furminator one,MY DOG LOST ALL OF HIS FUR!!!!

  47. 7th One Is Terrible! But Da Dog Is Cute ^w^

  48. I think it is cruel to put your dog in that position. So unnatural such strain on its back., it's legs just dangling, poor thing.

  49. The rocketeer is just more dangerous than the dog being on a leash . If the car crashes and somehow their stuck ,it’s going to be harder to take the dog out

  50. The last one, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  51. I have a FURminator no joke it works perfectly on cats and dogs!

  52. 1) Underground dog kennel, seems to me he only went in there being dropped in and stayed long enough to find the treats.

    2) Wireless Cat feeder?? You don't want your pets exposed to so much EMF nor should you seek it out for yourself but that is just my opinion to avoid any tech that includes the word smart.

    3) Dog hoisted in seatbelt. No. That is not normal nor natural.
    A novelty purchase to avoid, think of the hassle too on a hot or cold day. Much more extensive then buckling up a child!
    Consider buying your dog something he/she wants with that money instead.

  53. 3:14 that cats name is MOMO

  54. 8:03 that dog is saying “get me out the dumm thing”

  55. The last one looked cute but it was like torrtrue that dog clearly hated it

  56. That last thing sure hell is a lot to go through just to take a dog somewhere

  57. the last one is just pure dog abuse and who would hang their dog like a doll

    not me for sure

  58. Make a Hamster one! PLEASE!

  59. 99% of the comments… disagreeing with the rocketeer dog harness. 1%… this comment

  60. I am a pet lover but my parents could not buy me a pet

  61. for the people, whos saying the last one is dumb and mean it not dumb or mean its DANGEROUS the dogs back is probably hurting. Its legs are probably getting SO tired of hanging out like that. And its all together uncomfortable.

  62. First hack!! Perfect for my dog! I have a 2 month old dachshund and he’s already climbing stairs. I know ye’s not supposed to but he does not care at all.

  63. I need 6:09 I got a Jew puppy and I already had a dog. Bailey is my first dog and ozzy is my second. Ozzy is crazy and energetic while bailey is absolutely calm and lazy. She would lay on my bed for hours and literally never come down. Except for treats and walks. Ozzy hasn’t been on a walk yet. Sooo…. yeah. I NEED IT

  64. The rocket thing… the dog is NOT a teddy bear.

  65. Why would you name your cat after a monster named momo

  66. fuc*ing rlly?

  67. THAT Rocketeer dog probs had the hello darkness my old friend playing when he's in that seat belt [ o W o ]

  68. For the first one. What if you need to mow the lawn? You would have to use scissors to get the grass around the DogDen. Also, why is it only raised 3 inches? What if you get more than 3 inches of rain? The DogDen would flood and what if your dog was inside and did not know how to swim. It could die. It is also not easy installation because you have to dig a hole. Too many things wrong with it for me to buy it.

  69. I'm sorry but when they said "cutting edge cat facial recognition software" (@3:09) I literally died laughing…. I don't know why that is so funny to me ? ? ? ?

  70. the last one tho… like 1 you are like just hanging the dog like a rag doll 2 when the puppy is up like that some of them get sick form begin up in the air and 3 they are squeezing the air outtta the poor dog!

  71. the last one is terrible and the last cat´s one cause the cats are soficating in there even if they have their head out it´s terrible, horrible and I woudl never, ever consider to buy this things to my pets.????

  72. At 3:13 is said momo

  73. last one so hard to put one

  74. I don’t like the harness dog thing or the cat fences thing .. if it wants to go let it go .. it will come back . If not then keep it inside. No need to discourage the poor cat

  75. The dog was not smiling when he got his fur taken out. He looked pretty sad.

  76. The Rocketeer is horrible looking. Pets not made to just hand in air. How did these product pass health standards? It has be hard on dogs back! ÑO NO I hope people don't actually uses this. Poor doggies ??

  77. My dog is scared of everything so he probably wouldn’t use any of these

  78. Poor dog at the end

  79. The dog is literally shaking of that rocketeer thing

  80. Can tell you right now that poor puppy had been sedated to make that ad. My Spunky would have been so skirmish and bitten my fingers in panic and self protection. Animal cruelty! . I don’t believe any puppy or adult dog would ever again want to go for a ride.

  81. In the third ad one of the cats is named momo

  82. I used to have something like the roccateer but it had a box so u put your dog in the box keep in mind that the box had no lid

  83. Poor dogs and cats! ?

  84. The last thing looks like the dog was choking

  85. بامزهبود???

  86. R.i.p the dig in the end my dog wil die if he was in That so dont buy it

  87. Rockateer pack! dear lord…pause this video at 8:20 and tell me what that dog is thinking, I go for "fuck my life"

  88. Amazing Video


  89. The dog in the Rocketeer Pack looked, well, miserable. I may not be reading him well, but who would use that when there are seat belt options and booster seats (for smaller dogs). Yikes!

  90. In the First Thing the Cat can distreu there paws

  91. The Cat in Bag can make them cant breath !!!!!

  92. And you want to kill your Dog with ZuGoPet !!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Hate last one

    ? thanks for reading. To the end ?

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